Pool Bob's Hydro-Eclectic Musings: PoolMan: The New Action Hero

4 L 422 Aq C3 Aloha Bob Pool Man Lg

DAD: “You have to help us, PoolMan! You’re our only hope. The big party is tomorrow and the pool is cold and the water is getting cloudy.”

POOLMAN: “I’ll be right over!”

DAD: “Wow, you weren’t kidding. You got here in a flash!”

MOM: “Amazing! Thank you for getting here so fast. Would you like something to drink?”

POOLMAN: “No thank you, ma’am. Let’s take a look at the pool.” 

BOY: “I hope you can fix the pool in time for my party. I’m going to be 9 years old tomorrow and all my friends are going to be here. It absolutely has to be the best day ever!”

POOLMAN: “Well my calibrated quick-check water-test fingernail says the pH is in range, but the chlorine is very low and the temperature is a chilly 71.3 degrees. And the alkalinity smells like it is only about 62-65 ppm. The water flow at the wall return inlet fittings appears weak, so let’s take a look at the equipment. Ah ha! Just as I thought. The filter pressure is high. I’ll just backwash… like so. Voila! The flow rates are back to normal and the heater is back on. I’ll just put a pinch of the proper proprietary perfect pool product in and... Presto! Clean and crystal clear water!”

GIRL: “Hurrah! That was amazing!”

POOLMAN: “From now on, everything will go swimmingly. You folks have a safe and fun party.”

DAD: “Thank you, PoolMan. You saved the day.”

POOLMAN: “And thank you, sir, for keeping your pool gates and fencing in good condition.”

BOY & GIRL: “PoolMan, you’re the best!”

POOLMAN: “Now, you kids always remember, no diving, no running, no loud noises and no horseplay.

MOM: “Thank you for your pool service!”

POOLMAN: “Just doing my job, ma’am. All in a day’s work. I’m off to another pool. Have a nice day. And awayyyyy!”

DAD: “Did you see him jump in his white truck and ride off into the sunset!? Did you see the IPSSA sticker on his toolbox and those 25# 3 inch tablet buckets? His boots were nicely polished, too.”

BOY: “I like the pool pole he carries like a spear and that foam kick-board he uses like a shield. And his flying red cape is actually a pool towel!”

MOM: “I like his deep voice, wavy hair and blue eyes.”

MY PRECIOUS: “Hey, You missed the turn into the restaurant! Pay attention. Were you daydreaming?”

POOL BOB: “Yeh, I guess so,” I said, pushing my prescription glasses back up on my nose. “I’m going to have to upgrade to swim goggles with ‘super-vision’ powers.”

MY PRECIOUS: “What was that, dear?”

POOL BOB: “Oh, nothing…”

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