February 2021 New Spa & Pool Products

5 L 221 Aq Vac Daddy Tile

What's new in spa and pool products this month? Take a look below!



5 L 221 Aq Vac Daddy Sm

Uuu 221 Aq Vac Daddy2 Sm

Product of the Month: VacDaddy

There's a new pool vacuum on the market which will revolutionize the industry β€” The VacDaddy, a powerful, portable pool vacuum. Pool professionals clean more pools in less time generating profits and maximizing income and efficiency.

The concept is simple. No one taught you to vacuum a carpet. Why should it be any different with your pool? The VacDaddy is simple. Plug it in and Just Vac It!

Whether you require carts with expensive marine batteries and trailer hitches or you carry pumps, filters and hoses poolside, it is no longer needed with The VacDaddy.

The VacDaddy needs no batteries. The transformer plugs into any 110 v. outlet. That current is converted to 24 v. DC ,which enables this lightweight vacuum to produce over 50 gallons of suction per minute. Attach to your pole and your vac head, plug it in and Just Vac It!

To learn more about the VacDaddy or to purchase using the company's special discounted launch promotion, or to see the Kickstarter campaign:

thevacdaddy.com | (888) 536-8186



Oow 221 Aq Pentair Sm

Pentair has launched the Pool Builder app for iOS and Android mobile devices, a connected solution to help pool builders manage the building process while improving communication with customers. A key feature is the accompanying outdoor mounted camera. The wireless camera provides a real-time view for both the builder and pool owner. This allows builders to closely monitor projects without needing to be onsite, and gives pool owners access to instantaneous snapshots and time-lapse videos. Additionally, a dealer-branded companion application, the Pool Concierge app, is available for builders. Pentair Pool Builder is currently available in the South Central, Southwest and Northeast regions, as well as in California and Florida.
pentair.com/poolbuilder | (800) 831-7133



Oox 221 Aq Rb Retail Sm

RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Pool & Spa software is excited to announce RB Smart Pay, blending its software and payment systems together into a single solution. RB Smart Pay is fully integrated into the RB Pool & Spa business software to make payments easy and more profitable. The combination of iNow software, payment and terminals eliminates mistakes caused by 'double entry,' the company says. Payments can be taken anywhere with WiFi hardware, and pool and spa businesses call one company for all software and payment support needs. Smart Pay helps eliminate confusion to help business run smoothly.
rbpoolandspa.com | (866) 933-909



Oor 221 Aq Cmp Sm

CMP is excited to announce the addition of two new AOP sanitizers, designed with added features using feedback from professionals. AOP technology combines UV and Ozone to produce Hydroxyl Radicals, or "hydroxyls." This can reduce chlorine dependency, killing contaminants and clarifying water. The new Del AOP products are NSF-certified and have been proven in testing to kill 99.9% of influent bacteria. These systems are easy for service professionals to install, operate and service. An innovative feedback system on the front displays the constantly monitored status of all sub-systems. It also notifies operators when it is time to change out internal components.
c-m-p.com | (800) 733-9060



Oou 221 Aq Jandy Sm

Jandy by Fluidra
Jandy's new TruGuard is a sanitizing solution for use in conjunction with a chlorine or bromine delivery device. This product utilizes an EPA-registered mineral solution to destroy harmful bacteria and algae growth while reducing chlorine usage, according to the company. Working alongside a pool's filtration system, TruGuard is directly plumbed into the pool pad and constructed using the same materials as Jandy's Never Lube valves for long-lasting reliability and dependable operation. Designed for inground pools ranging in sizes from 5,000 to 45,000 gallons, TruGuard automatically and continuously dispenses a regulated amount of mineral ions into pool water throughout the day for hassle-free maintenance. TruGuard requires a simple cartridge replacement every six months for uninterrupted purification.
fluidrausa.com | (800) 822-7933



Ooy 221 Aq Sr Smith Sm

S.R. Smith
S.R. Smith's premium-finish Destination Series now includes a Rocking Lounge Chair as well as a full-size range of rotomolded loungers, the R-Series. All Destination Series are Resin Transfer Molded (RTM), making the loungers lightweight, durable and highly color-customizable. These furnishings are available in nine UV-protected color options designed to complement today's pool palettes. The new R-Series is an entry-level lounger option featuring easy mobility, a simple fill/drain system and five UV-protected color options. Both new versions ship as either a single unit or a two-pack configuration.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387



Off 221 Aq Concrete Countertop Solutions Sm

Concrete Countertop Solutions
Concrete Countertop Solutions will be stocking and selling a new product from HIDE Skimmer Covers. HIDE covers are designed to have any surface material installed into the cover, enabling it to blend into the landscape for an uninterrupted outdoor space. HIDE's covers for skimmer boxes, access points and drain covers allow an upmarket finish and are compatible with nearly any decking material including concrete, stone and wood. Manufactured from marine-grade 316L stainless steel, HIDE covers are pool safe compliant, durable and resistant to deterioration from harsh UV exposure and corrosive pool chemicals.
concretecountertopsolutions.com | (570) 587-3799



Obb 221 Aq Water Tech Sm

Water Tech Corp
Water Tech Corp now offers the Pool Blaster Spa Vac Plus, a cordless, battery-powered hot tub and spa vacuum designed for cleaning tight spaces. The new Plus version includes a four-brush assembly and micro filter trap to help scrub and collect even the smallest dirt, debris and sand. Powered by 4C Cell batteries with a run time of up to 1.5 hours, this vacuum can quickly remove all debris, leaves, sand and algae from spas and hot tubs. This product is completely cordless and comes with a three-piece sectional pole.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800



Oov 221 Aq Jed Pool Tools Sm

JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools has added a new commercial-grade Pro-Series Telescoping Pole, designed specifically for service professionals in the field. This three-piece, click-cam system telescoping pole extends from 5 feet to 18 feet to meet the cleaning needs of most swimming pools. This product is made with extra-thick tubing strength and protected with an anodized finish to resist corrosion. The Pro-Series Telescoping Pole fits all standard accessories, including skimmer nets, brushes, vacs and more. Comes with a professional-grade handle for comfort and ease of use. Order early to be ready for next season.
jedpooltools.com | (570) 344-4137



Oot 221 Aq Fountain People Sm

Fountain People
Fountain People is pleased to offer the new LOTUS bronze escutcheon for pool professionals seeking to enhance the beauty of wall-mounted fountain nozzles. The LOTUS escutcheon provides a classic yet modern look with a dark bronze finish and hand-burnished details. This product is designed for use as a cover plate on hidden fountain nozzles and can be mounted on a wall or deck. Made in the U.S. and available for immediate shipment.
fountainpeople.com | (512) 393-1155


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