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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Water with Less Chlorine

DuPont™ Oxone® chlorine-free shock oxidizer has been widely used in swimming pools and spas since the 1970s. It uses the power of active oxygen to eliminate organic contaminants introduced by swimmers and the environment, such as perspiration, sunscreen, dust, pollen and urine, which can cause water to become dull or hazy.

Oxone® shock oxidizer is available as an easy-to-use, quick dissolving powder that goes to work immediately. Products containing Oxone® shock oxidizer quickly eliminate those contaminants from the water. As a result, pool sanitizers actually last longer and work better to help keep pool water safe.

Oxone® chlorine-free shock oxidizer as part of a total pool care solution delivers all of the oxidizing power of a chlorine shock, without over-chlorinating…leaving pool water that is sparkling clear, free of harsh chlorine smell, and allows for treatment in only 15 minutes before getting back in the pool.

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