RB Retail & Service Solutions

Monroeville, PA 15146

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RB Pool and Spa Software has the right software solution for your pool and spa business whether you operate multiple retail locations, one service route, or anything in between. Online Payments, Point of Sale, Mobile Application, Credit Cards in the Field, Inventory Look Up in the Store with iPad and so much more!

Leaders in Aqua

Since launch, RB has remained a leader in pool and spa industry software, offering a solution specific to your business. RB continues to proudly serve the pool and spa and chimney and hearth industries, and outdoor leisure companies. Our customers are our most valued asset, and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come!


Easy online installation followed by our specialized bootcamp training to get you up and running! Online Help Files, Live Webinars, and One on One Training.

Other services:

Easy online installation followed by our specialized bootcamp training to get you up and running!

3824 Northern Pike
Suite 600
Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone:(412) 829-8991
Toll Free:(866) 933-9099
Fax:(412) 829-0132

Point of Sale Business Management Software For Pool and Spa Professionals

RB Retail & Service Solutions offers features and benefits for pool and spa dealers like no other software! The high degree of visibility it provides for your business allows you to work faster and more efficiently while providing the information to make key business decisions. Features like Online Bill Pay, Mobile Live Application, Chip & Pin Credit Card Processing, and Integration with pool industry vendors are just a few of the advantages that RB Retail & Service Solutions offers. Regardless of your business size, you'll see an immediate return on your investment.

Leaders in Pool & Spa
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