Stay Fresh, Worry Less: 2024 Water Testing Product Focus

Ooz 619 Aq Pool Stain Drop Lg

In order to maintain well-balanced pool and spa water, it's imperative that service technicians have access to high-quality, easy-to-use water testing equipment. With an array of enhanced methods and technological systems at your disposal, you can give customers the confidence to enjoy their pools and spas this summer, knowing the water is clean and clear.



RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Water Lab Sync connects your point-of-sale software with industry-leading water testing software such as BioGuard ALEX Pro, LaMotte DataMate 10, and Home Port's The Wave. This powerful interface gives users the ability to look up past water test results directly from the POS software. It eliminates double-data entry into two systems and the need to interrupt your lab technician to view previous test results. View reports organized by your customer or employee to learn the profits earned and profits lost from water test printout sales. | (866) 933-9099





NC Brands
NC Brands offers a free test kit designed to test for phosphates in pool water. The custom test kit comes complete with a color chart, test tube vial and 100 tests for quick, accurate results. Qualifying dealers who purchase either Natural Chemistry or SeaKlear phosphate removers are eligible for the free test kit program, the company says. Simply send an email to [email protected] or go to the website to fill out an online order form. | (800) 753-1233





Home Port Computer
This water analysis software for pools and spas includes service scheduling and a sales order system complete with credit card processing. It integrates with the Wave Test Strip Scanner, as well as the LaMotte Spin Lab. This chemical treatment is completely flexible; it works with all chemical brands and sanitizing programs, and it can do database conversions from other systems, too. | (866) 275-0547





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools offers a 3-in-1 water testing kit that is packaged in a clear, re-sealable vinyl bag. This water testing kit allows users to check total chlorine, bromine and pH in pool and spa water. With instructions printed on the bag, this product is ideal to sell at the checkout counter or for service techs to provide to their clients for use between service calls. OTO and Phenol Red refills available for the reusable, re-sealable bag. | (570) 344-4137





The Stain Drop Stain Removal Verification Test Kit uses four topical (pool surface) tests using three proven stain-removing products to determine the correct product(s) to remove the pool stain. It allows pool professionals and pool owners to verify the correct treatment needed for a particular pool stain without the guesswork. Each S.R.V. Kit contains three packets of three powerful stain removers and six dosing pouches (for wall or deep water stains). The package comes complete with a detailed instructional booklet. | (800) 333-0400





Simple to set up and easy to use, the Oxeo VP measures the ORP and automatically adds an oxidizer to the pool water if it is below the defined limit value, guaranteeing efficient water treatment. The dosing pump lights up in various colors to alert you of your pool's ORP level. Once connected to our Vigipool app, you can monitor and dose your ORP and liquid from afar. | (424) 800-2191





Keto AI
Clyr, according to the company, has brought the pool industry's first four-in-one, pH/ORP/Temp/FCL RS-485 digital measurement probe at an affordable price. The sensor is quick to plumb in using standard PVC, and it hooks up to RS-485 networks to easily integrate into pool automation systems. | (979) 220-7979





LaMotte Company
The innovative WaterLink SpinTouch photometer designed to be used by retailers and service professionals measure 10 different tests in 60 seconds. All the test results can be viewed on the touchscreen display or transferred into the WaterLink Solutions PRO water analysis program. This is one of the most advanced systems for precise use of wet chemistry methods. Pool and spa analysts can achieve precision without time-consuming test and clean-up procedures, the company says. No vials to fill, no prep time and no guessing! | (800) 344-3100





WaterGuru says it S2 technology is the gold standard in the pool/spa industry for monitoring and maintaining healthy water; the technology used by thousands of physicians for their own pools! Home automation meets pool water through a mobile app connected to an in-skimmer device that measures water chemistry, temperature and pump flow. According to the company, nearly every leading hotel brand, many cities, schools, and country club pools, as well as hundreds of property management firms, protect swimmer health by using the advanced capabilities of the S2. | (844) 989-4878





Industrial Test Systems
Swim Check Fix Phosphate is an innovative and hassle-free solution designed to effectively remove phosphates and maintain crystal-clear water. With its easy-to-use phosphate removing tablets, Swim Check Fix Phosphate ensures a stress-free experience for pool owners, the company says. No liquids, no floc and no cloudy water. It's easy to use, just add it directly to the skimmer basket. It's affordable and long lasting. | (800) 747-9287





Watkins Wellness
FreshWater IQ is an in-line, self-monitoring salt system that tells the user what it needs to maintain clean, natural-feeling water. This patented smart monitoring technology, found only in combination with the FreshWater Salt System, according to Watkins Wellness, automatically tests water every hour and is more accurate and dependable than test strips. It then provides easy-to-follow recommendations on the spa's control panel to maintain clean, clear and balanced water. Relax knowing your spa will tell you how to keep your water feeling naturally fresh and ready to enjoy! Designed exclusively for Watkins Wellness hot tubs. | (760) 598-6464



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