What Would You Do: GPS Tracking Software

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Gps Tracking

GPS tracking software lets business owners keep an eye on their service vehicles wherever they are to ensure the fleet is operating efficiently. How do you track your work vehicles? Industry pros share their insights:

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David Nelson
Nelson Pool & Spa Service | Napa, Calif.

“What GPS tracking system do you recommend?”




Andrew Williams
Williams Pool Care | Sacramento, Calif.

“I just started using One Step GPS. I tried it on one truck and liked it so much, I’m putting it on the others. In my opinion, it offers the most affordable pricing compared to the rest out there."



Denis J. Grenier
Pool Pro Restoration & Service | Lowell, Mass.

“I use Quartix GPS tracker. It helps us keep the guys a little more honest and tracks time spent on site for accurate billing. The auto insurance company loves the fact that we have it as well.”



Taylor Hamlin
Hamlin Pools | Pharr, Texas

“We’ve used Telogis GPS Fleet Management Software and it’s been great — not only to keep tabs on our employees, but it helps our schedulers identify where trucks are in case of an emergency call. It has also come in handy when our customer says our tech was at a home for 10 minutes and left. We can see that he was there for 40 minutes, etc."



Robert M.

“With Verizon Connect we are able to see when trucks are idling for no reason, when drivers are not taking direct routes and how long they are stopping for lunch. We address any issues to save us money. Most importantly, we are also able to give customers approximate [arrival] times by checking where vehicles currently are as well as see if drivers are driving poorly (ie: speeding, etc).”



Vandi Freeland
Paradise Pools of Naples | Naples, Fla.

“I use GPS TrackIt. Installation is in the dashboard, so the employees don’t play with it. You will be surprised at what you see. It lets us know when employees are speeding, take hard turns or if the truck is where it’s not supposed to be. Best investment ever.”



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