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For today's pool and spa professionals, the key to continued success comes down to one word: efficiency.

Saving time on the job can open up a number of opportunities β€” the chance to sell more products or clean more pools, to look for new customers, or just to knock off a little early and relax.

For all those reasons and more, there's a growing market for software products specifically for pool and spa pros. Inventory management, service route generation, emailed invoices, appointment scheduling, lead tracking, customer records and more β€” like Swiss army knives, these programs can do a little of everything. For proof, check out our roundup of just some of the software programs on the market.



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RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Retail & Service Solutions software for pool and spa professionals announces a new advancement of the Mobile Live real time mobile application. Users can now accept payments within the Mobile Live application in the field directly from the customer's home. RB Mobile Live also offers users access to other important information from a cell phone or tablet. This includes sales orders, service schedules and customer information. In addition, technicians can clock in/out at the job site, send electronic door hangers and see in real time which jobs have been completed. Mobile live users can also complete physical inventory on the go directly from the warehouse with a built-in application scanner. Business owners and managers have access to view daily sales totals and tech schedules.
rbpoolandspa.com | (800) 966-9099



Pool Care Pro 617 Sm

PoolCarePRO is a fully developed application created specifically to support pool care service businesses. PoolCarePRO is a secured web application you can access from any internet-connected device β€” with no software to install, PoolCarePRO is immediately accessible online and allows you and your employees to do more from wherever you are.

Features include robust customer profiles, in which you can detail equipment, service history, repairs, gate codes, photos and more; emailed service notifications that go to customers upon job completion; automated monthly billing; remote recordkeeping and more. Pricing starts at $39.95 per month.

"Thank you, PCP! After 20 years and all the office work associated with the size of our business, I was reluctant to grow, knowing what it meant for us on the back end. With PCP, bring it on! We now have the time and resources with which to grow." β€” Tim Dooley, Dazzle Pools

PoolCarePRO.com | (480) 626-2176

"PoolCarePRO has helped our pool business's productivity tremendously. Our techs love the convenience of being mobile, our office staff loves the reliability of the program and our customers love the emails upon completion. Technology at its best."
β€” Arsenio Mendez, Sparkling Pools and Spa



SchedFAST, specifically developed for the swimming pool industry, will simplify your scheduling and invoicing tasks. This cloud-based software allows you to schedule an appointment, send an estimate or access your client files with the click of a button. The software schedules based on zip codes, which saves time and money by making your routes more efficient.

SchedFAST gives you the option to allow customers to schedule online, making staff more productive, which saves you money. Users have the ability to process credit cards directly through SchedFAST and send email invoices. Finally, this software integrates with QuickBooks, automatically generating all invoices that are created in SchedFAST. Allows unlimited users and unlimited computers. Call for a free month-long trial.
schedfast.today | (888) 754-1885



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Wise Software
Wise Software is excited to announce the Pool Program 8 - Enterprise, a simple and intuitive solution tailored to meet the needs of today's busy pool and spa retailers and service professionals.

The Enterprise edition boasts a fluid new user interface combined with the power of mobility to make your job easier and quicker whether in the store or out in the field. Keep your tech's route and work order assignments in sync with drag-and-drop functionality in real time with just one finger.

Other features include customizable water testing templates; equipment tracking; a scheduling feature that allows you to view your work order calendar by day, week or month; pool reports that can be emailed directly to your customers; a warranty-tracking feature; invoice management and more. Call for a free demo.
wisesoftwareinc.com | (661) 266-9181



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The Service Program
The Service Program Pool Service Software is an industry-leading QuickBooks add-on pool service software. The Service Program allows users to track routes, chemical usage and installed equipment, as well as view service notes and much more for each of your clients, even while you are in the field. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

What else can you do with The Service Program? Analyze route profitability, track chemical usage on a per-stop basis, create checklists to accompany routes or work tickets, print custom mailing lists based on subdivision or equipment and more. Finally, The Service Program is one of the most affordable pool service management software suites on the market, making it an ideal software solution for your mobile service business.
theserviceprogram.com | (866) 480-1879



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Zodiac Pool Products
Easily manage pool builds from anywhere at any time for improved productivity and increased profitability. ProEdge Build is a web-based lead, construction management, and accounting CRM software developed just for pool builders and renovators, allowing mobile access to job data and administration.

With ProEdge Build, pool professionals can create and track sales leads, manage all construction phases, share real-time job data and communications with subcontractors and customers, access report dashboards, online calendars and schedules and integrate with QuickBooks to expedite accounting processes.

With ProEdge Build, professionals can now focus on the job and bottom line, and leave the back-end office administration to ProEdge Build software. ProEdge Build is available via license subscription without purchasing any hardware or software. Free 30-day trials are available. Contact your Zodiac sales representative for more details or visit the site to learn more.
zodiacpremium.com | (800) 822-7933

"ProEdge Build was a very easy program to learn. When I'm talking to a customer I can pull up their account and answer any questions they may have. I also like that I can post the customer's pool equipment to see if they are still under warranty."
β€” Patty H.
Wildwood Pools



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Pool Pro Office
Are you tired of chasing project folders, erasing grease boards, moving cards on a wall or managing excel spreadsheets? If so, Pool Pro Office is the all-in-one solution for you. Pool Pro Office is premier project management software developed specifically for pool builders and service companies.

Pool Pro Office specializes in lead management, pricing, proposals, marketing, project scheduling in "The Ultimate Project Calendar," customer communications and more. Pool Pro Office also handles all your service and warranty needs, including routes, service calls and mobile service techs in the field.

In addition, Pool Pro Office is easy to use, easy to install (no costly setup fees) and can be customized to your business.

Pool Pro Office is affordable for both small and large organizations. Various purchasing options are available including monthly subscription, purchase or lease/purchase. The software offers unlimited projects, data, images and document storage and training.
poolprooffice.com | (321) 574-0358

"The Pool Pro Office team is a joy to work with! We have been using their swimming pool software for many years now for sales, construction and service. Their solution is crucial to our operation everyday and they've always been open to implementing new features and helping with any challenges we've faced. Highly recommended!"
β€” Fred Klapprodt, Klapprodt Pools



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Smart Service
Smart Service is a direct add-on to QuickBooks that adds scheduling, dispatching, routing, workforce monitoring and much more to the accounting software. This exclusive, real-time integration allows pool and spa companies to streamline every facet of their operation. Smart Service imports existing customers from QuickBooks, allowing users to schedule work for their current customers (as well as schedule new jobs for new customers).

Once scheduled, the job information gets sent directly to each technician's mobile device in the field. Techs can view customer information, service histories, and much more in the Smart Service mobile app. As they perform work, techs will add line items to work orders to reflect everything they do. When they finish the job, they'll collect a digital signature from the customer and send the completed work back to the office, where it becomes part of the company's service history.

smartservice.com |(888) 518-0818

"You can tell that whoever wrote Smart Service has a lot of knowledge about the service industry. They didn't leave anything out."
β€” Mike Annunziata
Empire Pools



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Evosus Business Management Software
Evosus is an all-in-one software program specifically designed for the pool and spa industry. To date, the company has helped more than 400 pool and spa dealers streamline daily procedures and grow their business.

Evosus Software includes point of sale, which has integrated payment processing for quick, easy sales; scheduling features that allow you to schedule service appointments and deliveries; real-time, multi-location inventory tracking; an integrated CRM to run pre-sale and post-sale marketing campaigns; employee management tools to help you track employee time; integrated accounting; and reporting functions to allow you to easily analyze year-over-year sales, cash flow and more.
evosus.com | (866) 235-5103

"We just finished our first inventory and we experienced something we never have before β€” accuracy. We were off pool cleaning trucks by $95.00 in our favor and $637 in the main warehouse in the positive. We have NEVER EVER been this close. I love Evosus."
β€” Nicole Ragel
Patio Pools & Spas


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