Shortage Update: Chlorine Plant Being Rebuilt, Due Spring 2022

Bio Lab Rebuild

There are several factors causing the chlorine shortage currently plaguing the pool and spa industry, but perhaps the largest is the loss of the BioLab chlorine plant in Lake Charles, La., as a result of Hurricane Laura last August. The company announced yesterday that the plant is being rebuilt and expected to come online in the spring of next year with additional capacity.

“We are actively working to rebuild our plant, which is a $170 million investment slated to be completed in spring of 2022, which will operate at 30% greater production capacity,” says BioLab President Jon Viner. “This means we will be well-positioned to rapidly address the shortage of pool disinfecting agents in North America. Until then, we’ve been able to secure alternate sources of raw materials and are still producing chlorine tablets that we will be supplying to our retailers throughout the season. Unfortunately, there may be times when retailers do not have adequate supply on the shelves. In those cases, we are encouraging pool owners to keep visiting their retailers for added solutions.”

To help keep pools sanitized through the shortage, the company recommends boosting chlorine performance wherever possible and protecting chlorine from conditions that may impact how long it can last. Frequent testing is more important than ever to ensure water is balanced so treatments are working as they should.

Alicia Stephens, the education manager for BioLab, says, “While the season is already well underway, we can still offer dealers, distributors and their staff ways to improve the customer experience and keep them recognized as the local experts at a time when consumers are actively looking for answers.” She adds, “We will keep finding creative ways to keep our network informed and ready to handle the ongoing challenges, so they can help everyone keep swimming this year.”

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