Feedback: A Few Words About The Meaning of Our Work

Sent this morning from Darren Kesler, general manager, ASP Co. of Dallas:

There are two types of pool guys/gals. Those who do it solely for the money, and those who truly love the swimming pool industry. It is easy to distinguish between the two. 

If you are in this solely for the money, then try and wrap your mind around this: ASP of Dallas and many others throughout this industry are actually providing a better quality of life for our customers. 

We envision family and friends gathered around the smell of barbecue on the grill — talking and laughing away the pressures of work. Someone like my old Uncle Don reaches into their pocket and tosses a handful of coins into the pool as kids scream with delight, diving to the bottom to retrieve their treasure. The phone/camera catches these wonderful episodes and holds them in our memories for generations to come. 

I try and paint this picture to all pool owners that have little kids, or grand kids. I ask them to reflect back to their childhood and the times spent hanging out at the local neighborhood swimming pool. It always brings a smile to their face. We count it a blessing to be able to help provide these memories and moments in peoples’ lives by the work we love to do. If you can ingrain that kind of love for the swimming pool industry into your mind and actions, money will follow but it will be only icing on the cake.

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