Sneak Peek: 2019 PSP Expo Products

4 Q 1118 Aq Pleatco Advanced Ultra Filter Cartridges Tile

It's always exciting to check out the new products at the PSP Expo. Can't wait for New Orleans? You don't have to. Here is your guide to the new and best-selling products hitting the 2019 show floor.



4 Q 1118 Aq Pleatco Advanced Ultra Filter Cartridges Sm

Pleatco continues to push the boundaries of filtration technology with the Pleatco Advanced Ultra, band-less filter cartridges driven by the revolutionary patent-pending technology of Pleatco Pure Pleat. Pure Pleat is a new feature that keeps the pleats of the cartridge rigid and evenly spaced to enhance flow dynamics and optimize performance. The flow is systematically distributed by evenly spaced rigid pleats with no bunching up, using the maximum available filtration fabric. Additionally, Pleatco Advanced Ultra delivers ultra long cycle times, requiring less maintenance than competitive cartridges. | Booth 1328



5 L 1119 Aq Pentair Commercial Sm

Pentair Commercial
Pentair offers products designed to save energy and money for aquatic facilities. The new WhisperFloXF VS 5HP Variable Speed Commercial Pool Pump runs on single or three-phase power and has built-in drive eliminating the need for an external drive. This versatile, energy-efficient, commercial pool pump is easy to use with an intuitive interface. NSF-approved BioShield UV System improves water and air quality and reduces chemical usage to lower operational costs. The new ETi 400 High Efficiency Commercial Heater provides a 400,000 BTU heater with a 96% thermal efficiency rating. The Acu Drive XS variable-speed drive saves up to 60% on pump electricity usage. | Booth 610



4 V 1119 Aq Cmp Sm

CMP Copper Scuppers create a whole new sense of style in a pool. Scuppers are similar to pool waterfalls but are made to be seen. Copper is a "living material" and patinas naturally over time, which produces a unique finish on every installation. Different styles create different experiences, such as the natural flow scupper that produces a bubbling, lively stream of water. CMP Scuppers include popular designs like Smooth Flow, Cannon, Radius and Wedge. | Booth 723



5 F 1119 Aq Jandy Sm

The all-new Jandy VS FloPro 2.7HP Variable-Speed Pump delivers high-performance in an ultra-compact pump that can save pool owners over $1,100 per year in energy costs and is noticeably quieter. Powered by a new variable-speed, energy-efficient motor with an impeller/diffuser design that yields a 20% improvement in hydraulic performance, 115V/230V dual-voltage capabilities and two auxiliary relay connections, the company's smallest pump accommodates large pool and spa designs with multiple features such as waterfalls, jets and in-floor cleaner and solar heating systems. | (800) 822-7933



5 O 1119 Aq Rb Retail And Service Solutions Sm

RB Retail & Service Solutions
Service technicians can now go mobile with RB Pool and Spa Software's Mobile Live Service program. Easily view scheduled jobs along with the customer's information, including equipment profile, job notes, directions and pictures on record. With RB Mobile Live, pool pros have immediate access to all updates done at the office, and the office is instantly updated with your work. Record pool or spa water test results, take payments at the job site, look up inventory and do physical inventory on your truck, all on your phone or tablet. The program even tracks hours with a time clock feature. | Booth 744



5 C 1119 Aq Hayward Sm

The new Hayward AquaVac 6 Series cleaners are reinventing the robotic cleaner category in more ways than one, the company says. Engineered with 18 hydrocyclones, the SpinTech filterless technology ensures constant suction power. HexaDrive adaptive traction expertly climbs and thoroughly scrubs walls with six rugged, variable-speed-driven rollers that grip any pool surface. And a unique TouchFree debris canister, with no filter or bags to clean, guarantees a mess-free clean. | (888) HAYWARD



5 R 1119 Aq Tara Manufacturing Sm

Tara Manufacturing
The new Tara Laser II is an automatic pool measuring device that uses two powerful lasers to scan the perimeter of a pool in as little as 3.5 minutes. In a single scan, the laser can measure 1,000-2,000 points, providing accuracy to within 1/4-inch. It is controlled via an app that works on iOS devices such as an iPad or iPhone. The app allows the user to level the laser, adjust the scan speed, monitor the scan and send the completed measurements and order information directly to Tara. It is so easy to use, one person can measure a pool quickly and accurately. | Booth 2040



5 H 1119 Aq Natural Chemistry Sm

Natural Chemistry
Pool Perfect Max is a revolutionary new maintenance offering from Natural Chemistry. Using its strongest retail blend of enzymes, phosphate removal and water clarification, just one capful treats 10,000 gallons of pool water each week. Pool Perfect Max reduces scrubbing of scum lines, frequency of filter cleanings and overall works to maintain crystal clear, sparkling water. | Booth 617



5 I 1118 Aq Speck Pumps Pool Products Inc Sm

The BADU SuperPro is a drop-in replacement design for the Hayward Super Pump and Pentair SuperFlo pumps. The pump is easily serviceable with a 4-bolt design and handle for carrying. It also comes with the company's patented lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user with a convenient way to easily remove the lid without needing tools. The BADU SuperPro is available with the following motors: Single-speed or two-speed motors (0.75 to 3.5 HP) and variable speed motors (1.1 THP, 1.65 THP and 2.7 THP). | Booth 1222



5 B 1119 Aq Haviland Sm

Haviland Pool & Spa has been packaging and producing swimming pool chemicals for the industry since 1968. The company offers several pool and spa brands, including the newly expanded Nature's Care product line, Clear Result, SpaPure, Caribbean Blue, ProTeam, Durachlor and Salt Support. Its product offerings include, but not limited to, chlorine, specialty enzymes, unique algaecides and other labor-saving chemistry. Stop by the Haviland booth and ask how the company can help your business earn more. Plus, meet John 'The Legend' Bokor and learn about the Legendary Pools YouTube series. | Booth 1838



Kkk 1113 Aq Sm

AQUASALT is produced using an evaporated food-grade salt process in the two newest and most technologically advanced salt plants in the U.S., which yield the highest purity salt possible, the company says. The product is available for pool and spa chlorine generators. Visit the booth to learn more. | Booth 215



5 E 1119 Aq Jacks Magic Sm

Jack's Magic Products
Exposure Magic is a new product designed to be an acid wash replacement for exposing new plaster finishes and restoring oxidized or scaled finishes. Exposure Magic reduces plaster dusting, streaking, mottling and hydration problems. There is no initial water chemistry roller coaster, so the number of revisits required for new pool startups can dramatically reduce. It produces a brighter, vibrant and more consistent finish for pools. | Booth 422



5 X 1119 Aq Z Poolform Sm

Z Poolform
Z Poolform is the next great innovation in forming cantilevered concrete pool coping, the company says. Made from rigid PVC and engineered for use with gunite, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, the Z Poolform system is easy to install and allows for an unprecedented selection of edge profiles and textures. Z Poolforms are reusable and are guaranteed to save you time and money on your next job. | Booth 2145



4 X 1119 Aq Dundalk Leisure Craft Sm

Dundalk LeisureCraft
The Premium Panoramic View Clear Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna from Dundalk LeisureCraft comes with an acrylic bubble back wall that allows users to see the beautiful view of their lake or landscape from inside the sauna. This unique and spacious sauna is made with 1 1/2-inch cedar boards and stainless steel hardware to ensure longevity. | Booth 1459



6 H 919 Aq Sm

Bullfrog Spas
Bullfrog Spas now offers an all-new, web-based product configurator called Design Studio. This digital application replaces Bullfrog's SpaDesign product configurator. Design Studio is a modern product configuration experience offering several features including live 3-D spa models that the site user can rotate a full 360 degrees to view from any angle and an instant MSRP quote on the customer-configured spa. Optimized for mobile viewing, it offers a smooth simple user interface while allowing the user to update the spa model, interior and exterior finishes. Additionally, users select and interchange their favorite JetPak jetted spa seats to create a personalized spa that is unique to them. | Booth 901



5 G 1119 Aq La Motte Company Sm

LaMotte Company
LaMotte Company recently received NSF/ANSI 50 certification level L1 on the WaterLink SpinTouch water analyzer. Designed for pool operators, service professionals and retailers, the WaterLink SpinTouch uses patented centrifugal fluidics photometry to measure up to 10 different tests in only 60 seconds. All test results can be viewed on the full-color touchscreen display or transferred into the LaMotte water analysis software program. | Booth 411



5 K 1119 Aq Pegasus Products Sm

Pegasus Products
Pegasus Products has been manufacturing quality vinyl liners since 1982. The company has a variety of exclusive custom patterns available. Visit its website to see the patterns in pools. | (908) 707-1122



Ook 1117 Aq Sm

Aqua Comb / Mi-Way
The Aqua Comb is a great tool to get dog hair and debris out of pool, spa and hot tub cartridge filters. When dirt accumulates on filter media, the water flow becomes restricted. The Aqua Comb attaches to a garden hose and has a powerful three-inch-wide spray and pic-comb to open pleats, which quickly and fully cleans a cartridge in three to five minutes using less water. A cleaner filter reduces the pump load, saving on your electric bill. Made in the U.S. | Booth 1340



4 U 1119 Aq Aquamatic Sm

Aquamatic Cover Systems
Aquamatic will have working displays of both its industry-unique, hydraulically-powered automatic pool and spa cover. The Hydramatic is the high-rated safety cover, and the HydraLux is the premier energy-saving device. Stop by and see why designers and architects worldwide specify our covers. | Booth 2043



5 Q 1119 Aq Spazazz Sm

Soak away stress in a luxurious, nature-inspired blend of the highest grade of natural healing salts, botanicals and vitamin infusion. The company's therapeutic soak was designed to be a feel-good skincare indulgence for full body relief. The powerful salt soak is best paired with a stressed-out body or perhaps one in need of a little self-love. Let Spazazz give your customers the dose of wellness they deserve. | Booth 2113



4 S 1119 Aq Anderson Manufacturing Company Sm

Anderson Manufacturing Company
The Leakalyzer rapid water loss sensor graphs water level changes in real time to help you determine if a pool is leaking in just 10-15 minutes. Leak detectors can use it to vet customer reported information, isolate problem areas and avoid callbacks. Service companies or inspectors can get ahead of leak problems by checking for water loss during weekly service calls or an inspection. After tests are complete, the data can be uploaded to a reporter program that creates professional and detailed PDF reports. | Booth 1150



4 P 1119 Aq Allied Innovations Sm

Spa Parts+ by Allied
Allied Innovations is proud to feature Spa Parts+ by Allied's new signature name. Since the acquisition of Spa Parts Plus by Allied Innovations was completed in January 2019, the new signature logo, Spa Parts+ by Allied, was created to value the synergy of both brands. With joint strengths, the company says it boasts a complete inventory including product brand offerings of control systems, keypads, pumps, jets, replacement parts and more for the warm water industry. Spa Parts+ by Allied is excited to introduce a newly-improved website, along with a 2020 catalog in the upcoming months to support the vision of becoming the global supplier of parts for hot tub professionals all around the world. | Booth 1501



5 P 1119 Aq Reno Sys Sm

RenoSys says it offers the most cost-effective way to renovate leaking, cracked and deteriorated commercial swimming pools and decks using its thick, reinforced 60 mil PVC membrane system that connects to the company's PVC or stainless steel gutter. This integrated system makes the pool look like new. Don't go through another season with pool patches or re-coating your pool's interior. In-house design assistance and manufacturing ensures worry-free installations. Made in the U.S. | Booth 1507



4 T 1119 Aq Aqua Creek Products Sm

Aqua Creek Products
The Mighty 400 Lift is a UL Certified, ADA-compliant lift designed to provide versatility and accessibility solutions with greater water draft of 12 inches and setbacks up to 44 inches. Additional features include an adjustable height seat pole and the best warranties in the industry with a five-year structural and five-year, pro-rated electronics warranty. The Mighty is also ideal for in-ground anchoring and created for adaptability. The Mighty Lift can be purchased with a pedestal for additional wall clearance or unusual gutter profiles. | Booth 1639



5 N 1119 Aq Ramuc Pool Coatings Sm

RAMUC Pool Coatings
RAMUC has an extensive line of proven products for beautifying and maintaining pools, aquatic fixtures and pool decks. It offers low-and high-build epoxy, acrylic chlorinated and synthetic rubber coatings formulated for the residential backyard pool or spa, commercial and resort pools, waterparks and fountains of any size. New to the company's product offering this year is Coping Paint Spray. Products are self-priming to save time and money. RAMUC says it provides exceptional customer support — including a free paint chip analysis, project assistance and complaint resolution. | Booth 511



4 R 1119 Aq Amish Country Gazebos Sm

Amish Country Gazebos
Amish Country Gazebos provides pre-cut modular poolside structures. The company ships gazebos, pergolas and pavilions directly to your jobsite anywhere in the U.S. — factory direct, no middlemen. | (800) 700-1777



5 W 1119 Aq Wellis Sm

Wellis has used the latest innovative technologies and high-quality materials to manufacture the new, 2019 Rio Grande. The spa, which combines both wellness and fitness, is equipped with a waterfall and laminar jets to create a relaxing atmosphere. Forty massage jets are responsible for the massage experience. This new model represents thousands of development, prototype and testing hours to provide an excellent experience for its users. | Booth 1423



5 A 1119 Aq Hammerhead Patented Performance Sm

Hammer-head Patented Performance
Hammer-Head manual pool cleaning machines are portable, rechargeable, battery-powered vacuums. Hammer-Head cleaning units can reduce swimming pool cleaning time by 50% or more and because they work independently from the filtration system, fewer filter cleanings are required. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, Hammer-Head units are perfect solutions for budget-conscious facility management or weekly pool-to-pool route work, the company says. | Booth 555



5 S 1119 Aq Tuff Spas Sm

Tuff Spas
Tuff Spas is a new concept in portable spas that offers dealers an opportunity to separate themselves from their competition in the very competitive "traditional portable spa market" by offering a new and different story to tell. Tuff Spas are a unique one-piece polymer spa that is lightweight, extremely durable, simple to maintain and affordable. The company's patented hard-top cover design offers an exclusive feature that is unmatched in the portable spa industry. | Booth 1701



4 O 1119 Aq Aladdin Equipment Sm

Aladdin Equipment
Aladdin Equipment Company created the first Go-Kit in 1993. A Go-Kit contains o-rings/gaskets and seal for a complete pump repair. The newest number is a Go-Kit 88 for the Jandy FloPro (FHPM). Viton available. | Booth 1304



5 U 1119 Aq Valterra Products Sm

Valterra Products / Blue Devil
The King-Fin Wall Brush by Blue Devil has 10 times the scrubbing force of a regular wall brush, the company says. The Dual Action gives users the same force on the forward and backward stroke. Use it with just one hand. Brush pools in half the time and half the effort. Available with poly bristles, nylon bristles and combo nylon/stainless steel bristles. | Booth 1931



Ott 812 Aq Sm

The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with "E-Z adjust" locking pieces for quick installation. For extra durability they use Tenara thread made by Gortex in high stress points. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing. | (908) 707-1122



4 Q 1119 Aq Alps Manufacturing Sm

Alps Manufacturing
The Blue Diffusions Printed Pool Step has a popular printed "water reflection" pattern carried by several vinyl liner manufacturers. Get that "all over print look" without the issues of traditional steel steps. Avoid top step loose fitting liners, wrinkles and homeowner complaints — while also getting the job done faster than vinyl over steel. Special design step skin, with the latest liner design, will be available to be installed over the step surface when liners are replaced in 10-plus years. | Booth 1433



5 T 1119 Aq Unicel Sm

Unicel offers a full line of replacement filter elements and D.E. grids made to exact OEM specifications. They include replacement pleated elements for all makes of pool and spa cartridge filter systems, replacement rectangular D.E. grids (center port, top port and offset top port), and replacement vertical D.E. grids for both up-flow and down-flow filter systems. The annual Unicel Replacement Guide is a comprehensive compendium of technical specs for equipment. | Booth 1734



5 M 1119 Aq Poly Planar Sm

The ME70BT Bluetooth IPX6 Marine Amplifier comes complete with a remote display keyboard, 100 meter Bluetooth range, phone/Android charging, a USB music player, AUX input, multiple EQ preset options and much more. | Booth 1740



4 W 1119 Aq Cover Pools Sm

The innovative T4 automatic pool cover system is engineered for pool builders who want a hassle-free system to install and maintain. As the only system designed to work with stainless-steel cable, T4 is now also available with traditional rope. Developed with an exclusive mechanism and motor built for superior durability, easy installation and maximum adjustability, T4 has a smaller footprint for seamless integration into your pool design. Featuring state-of-the-art Corr-Resist technology that provides a superior solution for fighting corrosion in all types of environments, T4 is the most advanced system offering pool owners with reliable peace of mind, the company says. | (800) 447-2838



Ouu 219 Aq Cardinal Systems Sm

Cardinal Systems
Cardinal Systems is proud to announce its full line of premium vinyl liners. Its liners are made to the highest quality standards at an affordable cost. | (570) 385-1244



5 J 1119 Aq Only Alpha Pool Products Sm

Only Alpha Pool Products
Simple shapes, simple installation and simple complete solution equals inground quality with choices, but at affordable prices. The Funtastic Pool has a 52-inch galvanized steel wall with a flat bottom, as well as 52-inch walk-in steps. | Booth 232 and 237



5 I 1119 Aq Npt Backyard App Sm

Homeowners can now design the pool of their dreams and select their favorite pool tile, pool finish, coping and hardscapes — then see it all in seconds, right in their own backyard through the "magic" of augmented reality with the NPT Backyard App. And when a pool is ready for a remodel, NPT Backyard can help envision an updated poolscape with the specific tile, pool finish and hardscapes products. Download the NPT Backyard App on your iPhone or iPad and begin. | (888) 476-7665



5 V 1119 Aq Waterway Plastics Sm

Waterway Plastics
Waterway introduces its Power Defender 1.40HP Dual Voltage 115V/230V Variable Speed Pumps with inground and aboveground versions. Both incorporate an advanced design and offer the same horsepower at either voltage, showing no drop in HP at 115V, the company says. Using Viton Seals provides superior performance against corrosion as well as energy savings of up to 90%. | Booth 2001



4 Y 1119 Aq Fafco Sm

CoolPV combines solar thermal and electric into one panel to enhance electricity output and heat swimming pools. CoolPV delivers up to four times the energy of standard solar modules in the form of both thermal energy and electricity. It is often referred to as hybrid or photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) technology. Water within the CoolPV thermal tubes cools the solar module, which increases its efficiency and produces more electricity. Heat pulled from the modules and absorbed from the sun is then used to heat the pool. CoolPV optimizes roof space by combining two energy-producing systems into one while maintaining rooftop aesthetics. | Booth 2419



5 D 1119 Aq In Sp Aration Sm

inSPAration Spa Fragrance
Just Soft Spa is a fragrance-free warm water moisturizer that softens both your skin and hair during your soak. Just Soft Spa keeps your water feeling soft and luxurious. Use along with your favorite inSPAration aromatherapy liquid or crystal to enhance every soak, making it a completely relaxing and reparative experience. Also available is the company's Swim Spa Rx, specially formulated for today's swim spa to keep your water enhanced, moisturized and fresh. Packed with vitamins, extracts and skin moisturizing boosters, Swim Spa Rx will enhance every workout or recovery session. | Booth 1613



4 Z 1119 Aq Fiberlite Umbrellas Sm

Fiberlite Umbrellas
Fiberlite Umbrellas' patented, all-fiberglass frame umbrellas are not only made to go by the pool or spa, but in the water as well. The fiberglass center pole will not fade, rust, corrode, oxidize or swell inside chlorinated or saltwater pools and is designed for both the backyard patio or commercial settings. Plus, the company's umbrellas stay rust-free with stainless-steel hardware and nylon connections. Patented in 1987, Fiberlite Umbrellas are handcrafted entirely in the U.S. and come with a 5-year warranty on the frame, pole and marine-grade fabric. Multiple diameter and color options available. Fiberlite Umbrellas also manufactures cabanas, pavilions and accessories. | Booth 2057


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