September 2019 New Products

Oog 919 Aq Pentair Tile

What's new this month in the pool and spa industry? An APC, a solar pool heater, a pump and more ā€” check it all out below.




Oog 919 Aq Pentair Sm

The Prowler 920 robotic inground pool cleaner makes cleaning fast, easy and convenient. It operates independently from the pool's filtration system with a powerful, all-surface and high-speed scrubbing brush that doesn't require a booster pump, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly. A dual-level filtration system captures large and ultra-fine debris with a top-access basket for easy emptying. For all of these features plus smartphone control and a robust caddy for easy transport and storage, try the Prowler 930 (not pictured). | (800) 831-7133



Ooh 919 Aq Rola Chem Sm

Rola-Chem announces the next generation of ready-to-mount, fully integrated PRO Series 300 Systems. The six new systems feature the same board-mounted components as the previous generation with one important update: Each new system configuration now includes the new Rola-Chem PRO Series 300 feeder/pump(s). System installation is easy and intuitive. System operation requires just a power source, chemical tank and the space to hang the polypropylene panel that includes all operating components pre-mounted. Each system offers a 30-psi rating and versatile 18-foot suction lift. | (800) 549-4473



5 F 919 Aq Rb Pooland Spa Sm

RB Pool & Spa
RB Pool and Spa Software Point of Sale software now fully integrates job costing and job progress management with CRM, lead management, inventory, time clock, scheduling, proposals, contracts, purchase orders, receiving, accounts receivable and QuickBooks. This module enables builders to track the ongoing costs of construction work and the physical progress of the job. Controlling variance is easy with the side-by-side comparison of the bid versus the actual costs. User defined fields let you customize the job stage of each line item. Track sub-contractor costs along with your own labor, inventory and expenses. Call to schedule an online demo. | (866) 933-9099



Ooc 919 Aq Mist Cooling Sm

Mist Cooling
The retractable swimming pool brass anchors from Mist Cooling are designed for use with inground pool safety covers. The top of the anchor has a two-in-one octagon Allen wrench head hole and screwdriver slot for screwing the anchors in and out as needed. This type of anchoring system is used on most safety pool covers for residential and commercial swimming pools, the company says. Fits a 3/4-inch hole. Designed to work with concrete and paver decks. | (832) 588-6512



Ooe 919 Aq Neolith Sm

Neolith, a premium brand of Sintered Stone, offers New York - New York, a concrete-like surfacing material that is ideal for swimming pools, is 100% sustainable and is available in 1/8- and 1/4-inch thicknesses for flooring and cladding applications. Sintered stone is made from raw materials that are subjected to very high temperatures and pressure, replicating the process of natural stone creation over thousands of years in just a few hours. Inspired by New York City's energy, iconic avenues and skyscrapers, the product has distinctive gray tones and an on-trend, urban style suitable for all surfacing requirements. Incorporating a full body edge, it's highly realistic ā€” a special material that blends matte and shine particles to create a pleasing visual effect.



Oof 919 Aq Pentair Max E Pro Xfvs Sm

Pentair is pleased to announce its StaRite brand new MAX-E-PRO-XF VS 5HP commercial variable speed pool pump. This sophisticated, energy-saving pump is the ideal solution for commercial hotel, motel, apartment, condominium or HOA pools. The MAX-E-PROXF VS 5HP is designed to run on either single or three-phase power and has a built-in drive eliminating the need for an external drive. | (800) 831-7133



Ooa 919 Aq Roth Werke Gmb H Sm

Roth Werke GmbH
The Roth HelioPool Swimming Pool Absorber is for direct solar heating of swimming pools operating on the flow heater principle. The CoEx process used in manufacturing gives the absorber a two-layer material structure with unique characteristics. This results in a high level of stability and weather-resistance, guaranteeing durability. The material is frost-resistant and is strong enough that users can walk on it.



Oob 919 Aq Caribbean Spa Sm

Caribbean Spa
Caribbean Spa is pleased to announce its new Spa System Renew, a product designed to eliminate buildup inside spa plumbing. Spa System Renew is designed to be used as a once-per-season internal system cleaner. Ideal for spa opening season, this product restores the plumbing in the spa to its original condition. Product is applied directly into the spa water overnight ā€” then drain, rinse and degrease to clean the spa from inside the plumbing. Ideal for cleaning spas from the inside-out, where service techs can't reach. | (800) 333-0400


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