Floating Pool Project One Step Closer to Opening

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The creators of +Pool are one step closer to bringing their idea to life. 

As previously reported on AQUA, +Pool is an ambitious project that seeks to create a floating swimming pool in New York’s East River. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign surpassed fundraising goals, the minds behind the project are ready to take the next step and bring the project to the testing phase.

+Pool isn’t just a pool floating in a river; it’s also an experimental filtration system. As the Kickstarter page describes it, the pool will function like “a giant strainer dropped into the river,” with the walls filtering the poor East River water and making it suitable for swimming. 

So the next phase? With a portion of the funds from the Kickstarter campaign, the three designers behind the project, Archie Lee Coates IV, Dong-Ping Wong and Jeff Franklin, have announced they are ready to begin construction on the Float Lab, a mini-version of the proposed pool. Measuring 35 feet by 35 feet and set to launch next year, this smaller pool will put the filtration idea to the test in the East River. 

According to the designers on their Kickstarter page: “The Lab will allow us to test a combination of different materials right in the East River and assess the water quality across 19 different parameters, ensuring clean and safe water for swimming across all standards.”

The full size +Pool is still set to open in 2016, assuming it meets its $15 million goal. To fuel donations, the +Pool designers have launched the “Tile by Tile” campaign, which enables donors to secure a tile with his/her name on it that will be used in the final project. For more information about Tile by Tile, click here

Plus Pool

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