Feedback: Worthy Exploration

[Re: Motor & Pump Explorations March issue]

Very good article regarding motor/pump efficiency and the somewhat ridiculous Title 20 requirements here in California. Also kudos for your sidebar description of what “service factor” means. I hope to see more technical article like this in the future. The pool industry needs more straightforward, excellently-written articles on very important topics such as this.

We are an electrical contractor that specializes in automation and control systems and do pool/spa equipment repairs and replacement, as well as box spa control/electrical repair. You may think this is an odd combination, but it’s not really, considering how complex pool automation has become over the years and that most pool service people in this area are pool water service companies. In general, they are not knowledgeable in heater repair, plumbing, electrical, etc. Yes, I understand that most repairs are done by these folks, but maybe it’s not best for the owner.

One last thing, for years we were members of the Modesto chapter of IPPSA, but we quit because most of the meetings were about pool water chemistry and not pool equipment — understandable, as all other members were pool service companies. How wonderful to see how much work they do for our industry. I am impressed.

Brad Arnold,  | Automated Equipment, Turlock, Calif.

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