Big Change At AQUA

Scott Webb Headshot

Scott WebbI'm delighted to tell you that AQUA is about to get better. We just hired Eric Herman, the former editor of WaterShapes, to join me and Barrett in putting together the magazine.

As most of you know, Eric has built a long and rather illustrious career in this business, and has a significant following in the pool and spa world. In addition to his 12 years at WaterShapes, he's written for a host of other backyard architectural magazines, both consumer and trade.

But that's not the point. We asked Eric to join us because he's a great writer, and he understands pool design and construction better than anybody else in the magazine business.

You're going to love his work in AQUA; it won't be hard to find, we're clearing out a special section which will have that look and feel which has come to be known as his signature style. Look for it in the next issue.

Scott Webb

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