Waterfront: September 2007 - Safety Turtle In The News; Holy Sandcastle, Aquaman!

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Safety Turtle In The News

High-profile TV spotlights spread awareness.

The Safety Turtle, by Terrapin Communications, was in the limelight this past summer, making its rounds on some of television's biggest networks and garnering some great press.

The Safety Turtle kicked off its media appearances on the June 1 edition of ABC's Good Morning America . However, a segment on the June 2 edition of CBS' The Early Show devoted to pool safety, in honor of the start of summer, not to mention the time of year when kiddie pools make their debut, really got the buzz going.

Consumer reporter Susan Koeppen explained to viewers: "Drowning is usually silent. Also, people think that drownings happen when a child is unsupervised . . . It can happen in the blink of an eye, so you need to always be so careful around water."

Among the products Koeppen highlighted during the segment was the Safety Turtle. During the demonstration, when a young girl's wrist, which was outfitted with the Safety Turtle wristband, was submerged in water, an alarm immediately sounded. "You have a home base and you put the alarm on your child's wrist," Koeppen said. "If he falls into the water, the alarm will go off. This is great for travel."

In mid-July, the Safety Turtle wristband and gate alarms were presented and demonstrated on CNN during a fourminute safety segment by CPSC water safety spokesperson MaryAnne Sieber, who mentions the Safety Turtle as "two layers of protection in one system."

Holy Sandcastle, Aquaman!

As part of Myrtle Beach's 2007 Sun Fun Festival, Team Sandtastic, a group of seven sand sculptors from Sarasota, Fla., created the world's tallest sandcastle, measuring 49 1/2 -feet tall. An independent surveyor from DDC Engineers confirmed the sandcastle is indeed taller than its record-holding predecessor, a mere 37.9 feet tall.

Mother nature, in the form of Tropical Storm Barry, knocked 6 1/2 feet off the top of the new record holder, but the folks in Myrtle Beach were still quite proud of the castle. "Even with a visit from Tropical Storm Barry, we've proven that Myrtle Beach is the sun and fun capital of the world," says mayor John Rhodes.

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