In The News: March 31, 2011

New Website Promotes National Water Safety Month

photo of pool lifeguards giving safety lessons to childrenThe APSP and the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA), the American Red Cross and the World Waterpark Association (WWA) have teamed up to create a new website to promote National Water Safety Month. Builders, dealers and members of the public can go to for programs, activities and resources for National Water Safety Month, which runs throughout May.

Visitors to site can download safety tips, swimming rules, videos and posters. They can also browse Flickr group galleries and find other resources to help share water safety messages with the public. Social media pages for National Water Safety Month include Facebook (; Twitter (; Flickr (; and YouTube ( There's also an official blog at

"Our goal is to ensure that all children enjoy water recreation in waterparks, pools and aquatic centers in the safest manner possible," says Rick Root, CEO of the World Waterpark Association. "This May, we hope that parents and children will spend time on the new website learning how they can be safe in and around the water. What better way to start reaching people than through a new website and their favorite social networks."

APSP president and CEO Bill Weber also stressed the importance of spreading the word on safety, adding that it's a shared responsibility. "The safe use of swimming pools, hot tubs and other recreational water facilities is a priority for everyone," he said. "From companies that build and service pools and hot tubs, to the millions of adults and children who enjoy the fun benefits that recreational water provides, National Water Safety Month serves to focus on the importance of water safety for all."

Other national organizations, including the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) and the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) have pledged to encourage their members to get involved in water safety activities and programs throughout the month. Also on board this year is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and its Pool Safely campaign, which will be featured during Pool Safely Week, the second week of May.

Visit to learn more about the campaign, national water safety events, and what you can do to help others swim safely this summer.

Hot Tub Suit

A hot tub retailer in Farmington, N.M., is going to court over a spa contract. According to Scott Fouts, a principal of Happy Time Spas, a dispute over who has responsibility for ensuring proper electrical service in the home for a portable spa purchased from a retailer will be settled by the local judiciary.

In an email to AQUA dated March 23, Fouts outlined the case. "The customer states that I should have recognized that he had an inadequate electric supply and therefore should allow him out of the contract. My response has always been that I am not an electrician and have never pretended to be one."

Mr. Fouts and his attorney are looking for information about precedents or conventions that apply in these situations, and ask if anyone in the industry has a similar case either pending or in their company history.

Spas Going Global

photo of cargo shipLess than a decade ago, overseas spa sales were a mere footnote at the bottom of the balance sheet. Perhaps one in ten spas got a ride on a container ship. All the rest were purchased in the United States and Canada, and that's where most of the industry's efforts were focused.

Rather suddenly, however, the rest of the world has definitely decided it likes hot water. The overseas spa market share today is much larger - perhaps 60 to 65 percent of the total, depending on whom you ask.

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