The Way Forward

There were some big changes in the pool and spa industry in 2006. Mergers, acquisitions, companies going public and even a few going private. Legislation, standards and regulations pertaining to our industry were put forth and some were adopted. New topics for research were proposed and funded.

Here at AQUA Magazine, the change that stands out the most is probably the sale of our sister property, the AQUA Show, to Hanley Wood Exhibitions. There's also the return of the APSP Region III Southwest Pool & Spa Show. And there are the improvements, renovations and upgrades to the casinos and hotels along the boardwalk that will make the prospect of spending a January weekend in Atlantic City downright appealing. (I think it's called "keeping up with the Borgatas.")

I'm sure 2007 will reveal its share of changes — mostly progress, I hope, but some missteps are inevitable. So instead of setting lofty goals for my New Years' resolutions, I'm going to designate 2007 the year of measurable results. I think the industry would be wise to do the same.

I'm looking forward to the measurable results of Dr. Bruce Becker's NSPF-funded research that will look at the benefits of hot-water immersion in terms of such health markers as pulmonary function, metabolic rate, respiratory rate, body fat, blood pressure and cardiac measures.

I'm also optimistic about the measurable results of the public awareness campaigns being conducted by the Hot Tub Council and PR agency Gibbs & Soell. How many hot tub stories will we see in consumer magazines in 2007? How will editors in the consumer arena perceive hot tubs at the end of the year?

And the ongoing pool-surface research at CalPoly: What measurable results on pool-chemistry test kits and pool-surface durability will be published in 2007?

Perhaps most importantly, what about your business. When you set goals or make resolutions for 2007, make sure they are measurable so you'll know when you've succeeded.

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