At Your Service: 2019 Auto Pool Cleaner Roundup

6 T 1019 Aq Hayward Tile

Automatic pool cleaners have a lot going for them: Not only do they make life easier for service technicians, they also put homeowners at ease because of their convenience and hassle-free features. They've become so popular that, according to our 2019 State of the Industry survey, 64% of pros have adopted them into their daily routine.

There are a plethora of APCs to choose from, and we've rounded up some of the best on today's market. If you haven't jumped on the APC bandwagon, you might just find the one that's right for you.



6 T 1019 Aq Hayward Sm

The new Hayward AquaVac 6 Series cleaners are reinventing the robotic cleaner category in more ways than one, the company says. Engineered with 18 hydrocyclones, the SpinTech filterless technology ensures constant suction power. HexaDrive adaptive traction expertly climbs and thoroughly scrubs walls with six rugged, variable-speed-driven rollers that grip any pool surface. And a unique TouchFree debris canister, with no filter or bags to clean, guarantees a mess-free clean. | (888) HAYWARD



6 U 1019 Aq Pentair Sm

Prowler robotic pool cleaners make cleaning fast, easy and convenient. The powerful scrubbing brushes at the heart of Prowler 910, 920 and 930 cleaners operate independently from the pool's filtration system, meaning they do not require a booster pump, so they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. A dual-level filtration system captures large and ultra-fine debris in a top-access basket that's easy to empty. For smartphone control and a robust transport/storage caddy, try the Prowler 930. | (800) 831-7133



6 X 1019 Aq Zodiac Sm

Zodiac Pool Systems
Designed to devour debris, the Polaris Quattro Sport boasts 4WD agility to aggressively climb walls and brush the waterline. Even acorns, leaves and pebbles don't stand a chance thanks to its extra-large intake. With dual-stage filtration, this cutting-edge, pressure-side cleaner collects both fine and large debris into an easy-clean canister with a transparent window. Powered by a booster pump, the Quattro Sport is ideal for all in-ground pool surfaces. | (800) 822-7933



6 R 1019 Aq Caretaker Sm

The new Caretaker Revolution 6-Port In-Floor Pool Cleaning Valve is now available. The company says the Revolution is durable, efficient and easy to service. The industry-exclusive shifting mechanism, or QuickFlow, maximizes the time of full cleaning pressure to each zone more efficiently than any hydraulic valve the company has tested. A new, one-piece gear cartridge also makes the valve easy to service. | 855-280-6465



6 S 1019 Aq Hammer Head Sm

Hammer-Head Patented Performance
Hammer-Head manual pool cleaners are battery-powered, rechargeable and completely portable, allowing the user to vacuum water features without the need for the filtration system, outside electrical power or water pressure. | (866) 887-7983



6 V 1019 Aq Red Leopard Sm

Red Leopard
Red Leopard's Orbit suction pool cleaner is now available in two different models: one with a hose and one without a hose, ideal for customers that are upgrading from a previous automatic pool cleaner. This one-piece, diaphragm-powered pool cleaner has no clips, nuts, bolts or hinges to corrode, split, wear or break. The unit's 18-inch-wide cleaning path includes a "ski-jump" ramp and an up-turned edge to move easily over drains, lights, stairs and ladders β€” plus it beats 360 times per minute, or over 170,000 times in eight hours. The flexible diaphragm and four suction ports ensure debris is collected both in the direction of travel and also on the side. Easily assembled and ready to go in minutes. | (800) 753-1233



6 Q 1019 Aq Aa Manufacturing Sm

A&A Manufacturing
Based out of Phoenix., Ariz., A&A Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of in-floor cleaning and circulation systems for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools, the company says. One of the items that makes A&A stand out from other systems is its exclusive use of venturi hydraulics. According to the company, it offers the only in-floor system that utilizes venturi technology in its cleaning heads. These venturi cleaning heads, with a QuikSkim venturi skimmer, create a powerful cleaning and circulation system while using a fraction of the water from the pump to do so. Perfect for use with variable-speed pumps, saving on energy costs to result in a maintenance-free pool. | (800) 851-8492



6 W 1019 Aq Water Tech Corp Sm

Water Tech Corp
Water Tech's improved Volt FX-4Li cordless, battery-operated vac is also rechargeable with new lithium powered batteries. It features a large 7.50-inch vacuum head, push button on/off switch and two reusable filter bags β€” for both fine and large debris. This vac cleans everything from leaves and sand to algae, making it perfect for spas, fountains and medium-sized, aboveground and inground pools. The improved Volt FX-4Li attaches to any standard telescopic pool pole and will run up to 45 minutes when fully charged. It comes with a two-year limited warranty. | (800) 298-8800



Aaa 1013 Aq Sm

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems
Paramount's patented nozzles are strategically placed in the pool floor, steps and benches. These in-floor nozzles pop up systematically to direct a powerful jet of water to sweep large debris and dirt into the pool's main drain, then retract flush with the pool floor, becoming virtually invisible. While cleaning, the system circulates the water for better chemical and heat distribution. Paramount makes systems for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools. | (800) 621-5886


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