2014 Filtration Product Focus

Looking for a new filtration system? Take a look at these selections: 

Zodiac Pool ProductsZodiac Pool Productswww.zodiacpoolsystems.com(800) 822-7933

Jandy’s CV and CL Cartridge Filters set the benchmark in cartridge filtration, the company says. Loaded with user-friendly features, Jandy Pro Series Cartridge Filters optimize surface area and help provide clean, sparkling water. They are constructed of durable and corrosion-resistant materials for maximum durability and are available in 340-, 460- and 580-square-foot models.

PleatcoPleatcowww.pleatco.com(800) 886-5160

The new Pleatco Advanced filter cartridges have set a new standard in cartridge filtration for pools and spas, the company says. Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges center around a completely new, uniformly bonded filtration medium, driving exceptional cleaning performance.

PoolSkim USAPoolSkim USAwww.poolskimusa.com(630) 665-8790

The award-winning PoolSkim, an automatic pool skimmer, connects to the inlet return fitting and uses the power of water returning to the pool to create a venturi that draws all floating debris. Leaves, helicopter seeds, insects, grass clippings and pollen are drawn to the PoolSkim like a magnet and are collected in a sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag.


ECOsmarte’s Glasspack Media consists of finely crushed recycled glass that provides outstanding water clarity and quality, the company says. It uses one quarter the water for a backwash as sand, while delivering 2 to 5 mircon filtration, according to ECOsmarte. By switching from silica, it’s possible to save tens of thousands of gallons of water each year, the company adds. Glasspack Media is American repurpose technology certified to drinking water standards.

Easy Clean 6000Easy Clean 6000www.easyclean6000.com[email protected](612) 369-2903

Need to clean a dirty pool or spa filter? The Easy Clean 6000 can help. The product attaches to a garden hose and creates a high-pressure fan of water that drives into filter pleats for deep cleaning action. Cleaning takes less time with the Easy Clean 6000, meaning you save water, the company says.

FILBUR ManufacturingFILBUR Manufacturingwww.filburmfg.com(714) 670-8300

FILBUR has introduced the new DirtMaster icon, providing customers the assurance of Reemay Premium Filtration Media with its maximum dirt-holding capacity and flow for long life. The Dirtmaster Technology Promise, “Tested, Trusted, Proven” speaks to the rigorous testing, quality materials and more than 20 years of history behind the products.

Valterra ProductsValterra Productswww.valterra.com(800) 806-6159

Valterra Products offers the small cartridge filter and pump combo from Blue Devil. The pair, which includes the 25-square-foot B8377 cartridge filter with a 3/4 hp pump, is ideal for easy up-style pools and small splash pools, the company says. Cartridge filters are manufactured with strong, reliable ABS material, while the high-capacity cartridge elements are made of Reemay and have a precision engineered extruded core that provides extra strength and maximum flow. A skid pad with mounting hardware and a filter-to-pump union are included. Features a one-year warranty.

Hayward Commercial PoolHayward Commercial Poolwww.haywardcommercialpool.com(800) 657-2287

Hayward Commercial Pool’s next generation HCF Series Sand Filters resets the bar for quality and performance in the recreational water market, the company says. The new rapid-open/close, tool-free lid mechanism features industrial-grade yoke assembly and a massive 12-by-16-inch manway with two viewing windows that allow for visual inspection while filter is in operation. Non-corrosive glass-filled ABS legs allow for better serviceability, convenience in media loading and filter inspection. Finally, the introduction of new 34-inch model addresses the replacement market, the company adds. Five-year warranty included.

WaterwayWaterwaywww.waterwayplastics.com(805) 981-0262

Waterway’s Crystal Water Filters feature 2 1⁄2-inch internal piping, the largest in the industry, the company says. This minimizes restrictions and improves water flow for optimum filtration. For the Crystal Water Cartridge Filter, the four-cartridge design simplifies element removal and servicing. The curved vertical grids of the Crystal Water DE Filter give maximum filter surface area for more dirt capture. Both types extend the time between cleaning cycles. In addition, Waterway’s “Multi-Handle” lid design and easy-out filter grid pack makes servicing easy. The Crystal Water Filter’s sleek design is ideal for retro replacement of all existing filters. All Waterway products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Fiber ClearFiber Clearwww.fiberclear.net(800) 594-5120

Fiber Clear makes pure cellulose filtration media for D.E., cartridge and sand filters. The media filters debris down to 2 microns, including 4-micron algae spores, for excellent overall water clarity. It can be used as a replacement for D.E. or as a topcoat for sand filters, or an effective precoat for cartridge filters. For cartridge filters, Fiber Start and Fiber Blend are the perfect additions to any cartridge system, the company says, providing an extra fine layer of filtration, taking up where the cartridge material leaves off.

PentairPentairwww.pentairpool.com(800) 831-7133

Clean & Clear RP Cartridge Filters deliver top-of-the-line cartridge performance, trapping particles as small as 10 microns. Side entry design optimizes flow for greater efficiency than any other single-cartridge filter on the market, the company says, earning it Pentair’s Eco Select Brand designation. Clean & Clear filters also have an innovative quick-connect lock ring, providing a leak-proof seal and no-tool access for easy installation and simplified servicing.

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