Automatic sanitizing is clearly the way of the future

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Www 710 AqThe natural evolution of any system, over time, is toward greater automation. Once we dumped chlorine into pools by hand, from a bucket, using a measuring cup (of course, some still do). More and more pool owners are coming to prefer equipment that will handle the task for them. Not only does it relieve the responsibility, but it does a better job.

That's just the way of the world.

Take a look at these recent product offerings from prominent manufacturers. There are salt chlorine machines, automatic chlorine and mineral feeders, UV lights and ozonators, all designed to give customers what they are really looking for - sparkling clear water that is easy to maintain.

Oxx 710 AqBioGuard Pool and Spa Products
(800) 859-7946 |
BioLab UV for BioGuard utilizes ultraviolet UV light technology for swimming pool sanitizing. This UV technology assists a primary sanitizer to provide an additional layer of protection against viruses, bacteria, cysts and protozoa. BioLab UV does not affect water balance and can reduce chloramines by up to 47 percent, the company says.

Oyy 710 AqCarefree Clearwater Ltd.
(800) 364-5710 |
Carefree Clearwater Ltd. manufactures water purification ion generators for pools, spas and decorative fountains that release copper and silver ions into the water, where they destroy bacteria and algae without affecting water balance. Features include a self-cleaning anode design, dual-fused circuitry, the ability to switch from 220v to 110v in the field and an easy-to-use ion test kit.

Ozz 710 AqChemilizer Products
(800) 234-7211 |
Chemilizer's CP33 is an adjustable liquid chemical injector used for chlorination and pH control; it injects a precise amount of chemical over a specific period of time. The CP33 does not use electricity. It runs off of water flow and can work with system flows from as low as 12 gallons per minute to virtually unlimited water flow.

Aaa 710 AqChemtrol
(800) 621-2279 |
Chemtrol manufactures microprocessor-based automated chemical controllers that monitor and control water chemistry. Features include ORP, PPM, pH, conductivity, LSI, heater, flow and pressure monitoring, full duplex remote operation, and automatic filter backwash.

Bbb 710 AqDel Ozone
(800) 676-1335 |
Del Ozone now includes Service Stickers with aftermarket spa ozonators, creating an opportunity for hot tub retailers. Apply one Service Sticker on the ozonator showing date of install, then in 12 months perform a three-point ozone inspection:

  1. Replace check valve
  2. Test ozone (See how at
  3. Inspect injector

Ddd 710 AqGreat American Merchandise & Events (GAME)
(888) 382-5988 |
GAME introduces Orca Whale, the latest addition to the company's family of fun, sunglass-wearing characters atop floating chlorinators and thermometers. The chlorinators hold 3-inch chlorine tabs for sanitizing swimming pools. They float with the character, so pool owners can enjoy hands-free pool care with a bit of whimsical charm. Features include a childproof lock, expandable basket and adjustable flow rate.

Eee 710 AqHayward Pool Products
(908) 351-5400 |
Hayward says its Sense and Dispense - Total Pool Chemistry dramatically reduces maintenance time, costs and water chemistry-related issues. Available on Pro Logic, Aqua Plus and Aqua Rite Pro, it automatically senses chlorine and pH levels, dispenses fresh chlorine and controls pH.

Vvv 710 AqJandy
(800) 822-7933 |
Jandy introduces the AquaPure Ei salt water chlorinator, which it says is the world's easiest to install. The Jandy AquaPure Ei installs in minutes with no pipe cutting, and incorporates premium features such as automatic polarity reversal, automatic input voltage detection, and solid titanium plates with precious-metal coating - all at an affordable price, the company adds.

Fff 710 AqKing Technology
(800) 222-0169 |
According to King Technology, the Pool Frog Mineral System is the perfect alternative for aboveground pools up to 25,000 gallons, as it cuts chlorine use up to 50* percent, making the pool less work. Pool Frog is easy on pool surfaces and equipment - there are no concerns for corrosion, scaling or bleaching, King says. *compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool

Ggg 710 Aq Mazzei Injector Corp.
(661) 363-6500 |
Mazzei has introduced a new line of injectors that are resistant to the affects of ozone. Made from specially formulated PVC, the new injectors are designed specifically for spa applications where UV and ozone can be problematic for plastic components. The patented injectors provide for greater ozone mass transfer efficiency, says Mazzei.

Uuu 710 AqNature2
(800) 822-7933 |
Nature2 announces the new Fusion line of combination sanitizers, featuring patented Nature2 minerals on one side and a chlorine feeder on the other. The Nature2 Fusion Soft uses a standard AquaPure salt cell, while the Nature2 Fusion Inground contains an erosion tab feeder.

Hhh 710 AqPentair Water Pool and Spa
(800) 831-7133 |
IntelliChlor automatic salt chlorine generators use common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs safely, effectively and automatically. Part of the Eco Select brand, IntelliChlor eliminates the need to buy, store and manually add products containing additives. In effect, fewer resources are used by eliminating production, packaging and transportation of chemical products, according to Pentair.

Iii 710 AqPioneer H2O Technologies
(877) 569-4377 |
Pioneer H2O Technologies, which introduced in 2000 The Genesis Device, an automatic bromine generator for spas, has unveiled the second generation of this technology. ISIS (Intelligent Spa Integrated Sanitation) is adaptable to a range of spa sizes - as small as 250 gallons up to swim spas as large as 3,000 gallons. It is microprocessor-controlled and easily retrofitted to any spa, Pioneer says.

Lll 710 AqSpa Sanitation
(877) 569-4377 |
Spa Sanitation introduces a three-stage, polypropylene- and carbon-based filter with a final filtration stage capable of clearing particles down to 0.5 microns, the company says. The filter connects to a garden hose and is used to fill a spa with water that's close to bottled-water quality, adds the company. Each filter is individually packaged in 4-color card hangers and available through HWP, Allied Innovations, Aquatic Parts Co. and Horizon Spa Parts.

Jjj 710 AqSpectraLight
(512) 961-1875 |
SpectraLight makes ultra-high-output ultraviolet disinfection systems for residential and commercial pools and spas. SpectraLight is designed to safely destroy all pool pathogens for clean, green and safe pools and spas. SpectraLight reduces chemical demand by 75 percent or more, the company says.

Mmm 710 AqThomsonTec
(800) 646-2224 |
The ThomsonTec copper silver ionization system uses ancient knowledge combined with modern technology to purify and sanitize pool and spa water, giving customers better results with fewer chemicals and less maintenance, the company says. Features include easy installation, quality construction, 10-year limited warranty, ETL listing and a reduction in chemical use of up to 90 percent, ThomsonTec says.

Kkk 710 AqWaterway Plastics
(805) 981-0262 |
The ClearWater In-Line Automatic Chlorinator is a safe and reliable product for pool sanitation, Waterway says. While regulating chlorine or bromine flow, ClearWater's durable flow valve dial also features a true 100-percent water shutoff to the chlorine chamber for total chlorine control. The valve is also very easy to read, sensitive and accurate, the company says.

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