2022 SOI Hot Tub Report

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Each year, we start our hot tub section by asking survey respondents in the retail sector if they sell spas. The questions that follow reflect that pool of dealers.

While 2021 did not top the record-breaking year that was 2020, the hot tub industry reported another year of strong numbers: 71% of respondents saw an increase in sales. Dealers felt hindered by product shortages and price increases, which inevitably affected sales.

“Our hot tub sales would have increased dramatically, but we didn’t have additional hot tubs to sell,” reports one respondent.

Many companies continued to sell hot tubs before they even hit the showroom floor. Inventory preparedness certainly looks different, but spa retailers feel confident entering the 2022 season.

We invite you to read on for more of the state of the hot tub industry, both past and present conditions. 

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