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There are a few unconventional ways to catch a movie: drive-ins, boat-ins and even specialty brewpubs add novelty to the standard theater experience. Now, a pop-up cinema in Florida is the hot venue to beat.

Hot Tub Party & Cinema allows its guests to soak up the big screen in a whole new way. In a once-vacant Wynwood lot, Miami moviegoers can rent one of 20 inflatable hot tubs lined with glowing LED lights. Things kicked off with an opening screening of Scarface in August.

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Group ticket pricing includes towels and a bottle of champagne, with optional add-ons including food, beverages and the use of hookah. For the high-rollers, a VIP option offers bathrobes and access to a cabana.

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The price of potentially pruned skin is not cheap — a group of four can expect to pay $500 for access to a hot tub, while the VIP option runs $1,000 for a group of six. A $50 general admission ticket can keep you dry, but you'll enjoy the movie from either the bar or a couch. 

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