Heat and Haute Couture: Fashion Model Poses in Sauna

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All photos courtesy Luca Meneghel

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Dsc7707 CopyVogue Portugal, a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine that covers topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food and music, recently ran a series of images where a fashion model boldly poses in an Estonian public sauna.

The sauna, which takes on a traditional swimming pool design, as it boasts blue and white tile, serves as an interesting backdrop for the photoshoot. The model has a number of outfit changes throughout the series, ranging from a simple blue sweater to an oversized pink coat to statement stilettos β€” thigh-high shoes that showcase an ombre sunset, embellished with palm trees spiraling up her leg. In one image, the model is entirely left out, giving the heels, perched atop a swimming pool ladder, time to shine.

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Dsc8244 CopyThe man behind the captivating photographs is Luca Meneghel, who is based in Bolzano, Italy, but whose photography allows him to travel the world for projects with New Balance, a footwear company, and popular magazines, like in this case, Vogue.

β€œThe idea behind this photoshoot was the old, modernistic and public sauna in Tallinn called β€˜kalma saun,’” says Meneghel in a statement to DesignBoom, β€œcombined with a pop of colorful clothing to create a surreal perspective on the fashion scene.” 

Photography: Luca Meneghel (@lucamene89); Model: Eve Rahuorg (@everahuorg); Stylist: Aija Kivi (@aijakivi); Makeup: Erle Taklai (@erletaklai); Hair: Ellu Arula (@hairbyellu)

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