Sweat Serenity: 2023 Saunas Product Focus

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Given the proven health benefits — and the customer's demonstrated readiness to invest in wellness products — incorporating saunas into your range of product offerings simply makes sense. Here, we take a look at the newest models and products from industry-leading manufacturers.





The Cilindro heater is the electric version of Finlandia's Legend wood-burning stove. A massive amount of stones are visible from the front, and water can be ladled from the top or splashed on the front to produce humidity. Cilindro can be used with the Xenio Digital Control or F2T wall control and FX contactor.
finlandiasauna.com | (800) 354-3342





The Pure Cube Hudson Sauna combines the new modern appeal with black metal exterior siding and Western Red Cedar Interior. This sauna model seduces you with its tempered glass front wall and door, embrace the heat of the Pure Cube Hudson sauna on wide two-level benches. Available with different options to meet your specific needs! The optional insulated walls and roof include 3-inch (8-centimeter) EPS Foam that is moisture resistant, meets LEED criteria, is 100% recyclable and has an R-Value of 11.25. The metal siding and trim is made with 28-gauge steel that is painted and has a 40-year warranty on the paint finish.
leisurecraft.com | (888) 923-9813





Nordic Sauna
Custom sauna and spa material kits for residential and commercial applications.
sauna.com | (800) 4-SAUNAS





Tylo Sauna
Newly released Reflection Sauna built in Sweden. Available in two sizes with a Wi-Fi controlled heater.
tylosauna.com | (800) 582-1517





Traditional sauna technology, combined with far-infrared, gives you the luxury of choice every time you sauna. At times, you might prefer to bask leisurely in the comfort of a traditional sauna. Other times, you may opt for a milder heat therapy provided by infrared. Finnleo InfraSaunas give you access to both heat technologies in one portable sauna kit, allowing you to benefit from one or the other depending on your current wellness mood or goal.
finnleo.com | (800) 346-6536



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