Take the Heat: 2022 Saunas Product Focus

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Seeking some much-needed rest and relaxation, consumers are turning toward the tried-and-true health benefits of saunas now as much as ever. Take a look at the latest in the growing category from industry-leading manufacturers.



Bathing Brands
Thermory Sauna Barrel Kits complement any backyard pool project. This barrel sauna uses thermally modified wood for greater durability and longevity, and is easily assembled: The installer is provided with precision, pre-milled materials and an intuitive and comprehensive construction process to ensure perfect results every time, the company says. Available in 10 sizes and configurations.
bathingbrands.com | (800) 957-2862





Nordic Sauna
Custom sauna and spa material kits for residential and commercial applications.
sauna.com | (800) 4-SAUNAS





An outdoor sauna provides a place for year-round entertainment, personal and family healthy living, and much needed relaxation. Finnleo offers a broad line of beautiful and durable outdoor saunas with endless customization options. The saunas’ simple modular construction makes it easy to assemble. Pair with Finnleo’s SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app for an easy way to live a healthier lifestyle. Turn the backyard into a wellness retreat to enjoy for years to come.
finnleo.com | (800) 346-6536





The Red Cedar Luna Sauna is a modern prefabricated sauna that can be assembled in four to six hours. This product comes with many additional options and accessories to customize the outdoor sauna experience.
leisurecraft.com | (888) 923-9813





TheraSauna far-infrared health saunas are handcrafted, furniture-grade and made in the heartland of the United States. The advanced technology of the TheraMitter ceramic heaters allows them to emit far-infrared wavelengths in a much more concentrated pattern, due to their unique concave shape. The Stable Heat System consistently produces far-infrared heat at a steady rate and provides many health benefits, the company says. TheraSauna also uses the TouchView System to control sauna sessions with just a touch of the screen.
therasauna.com | (888) 729-7727





The Cilindro heater is the electric version of Finlandia’s Legend wood-burning stove. A massive amount of stones are visible from the front, and water can be ladled from the top or splashed on the front to produce humidity. Cilindro can be used with the Xenio Digital Control or F2T wall control and FX contactor.
finlandiasauna.com | (800) 354-3342



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