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Rachael Pritz, Vice President, RB Retail & Service SolutionsRachael Pritz, Vice President, RB Retail & Service SolutionsThe following content is supported by one of our advertising partners. To learn more about sponsored content, click here.

Industry-specific software for pool and spa businesses offers benefits far beyond any “off-the-shelf” software — especially as our industry expands yet grapples with a tight-labor market. Adding business software designed specifically for our industry allows companies to quickly lighten daily workloads while giving management immediate access to information to make data-driven business strategy decisions to grow profits. Rachael Pritz, Vice President of RB Retail & Service Solutions, lends her expertise on the subject below. 

AQUA: Why is industry-specific software more beneficial to pool and spa business vs off-the-shelf software?

Rachael Pritz, RB Retail & Service Solutions: Fierce competition from online retailers and big-box stores, in addition to the challenge of being in a seasonal industry, has made it overwhelmingly necessary for pool and spa businesses to collect ALL business data in one system that can be accessed at ANY time. This includes everything from complete vendor integrations, an integrated billing and accounting system, the ability to build equipment profiles based on customer purchases, track pool and spa equipment by each customer, as well as having mobile capabilities that can improve efficiency, accuracy and save company expenses both

in the short and long term. Industry-specific software benefits management by providing real-time data immediately so pool and spa businesses can adjust and implement strategies based on market forces. RB Retail & Service Software provides a completely integrated business software solution that manages ALL business processes from sales and billing to purchasing, service and marketing — so pool and spa businesses can thrive as our industry expands and competition increases. 

AQUA: What industry-specific features do pool and spa businesses find most valuable in RB's software?

RP: Our clients routinely mention Vendor Integrations and Mobile Applications as being among the most valuable features in our industry-specific software. Our Water Lab Sync integration is particularly helpful during the busy summer months because it saves time and provides invaluable information to increase revenues and profits. Water Lab Sync connects with industry-leading water testing software to eliminate double data entry in two systems, and it allows users to look up past water test results — saving time both at the water lab and cash register. Customers love that the Water Lab Sync functionality can be combined with our Mobile Live Service app, as service technicians no longer need to bring paperwork back to the office but, instead, use their mobile device in the field. Additionally, the Mobile Live Service app saves techs time because they can use their mobile device to view Scheduled Jobs and optimize their routes, along with being able to access the Customer’s Information, including equipment profile, job notes, directions and pictures on record. Techs have immediate access to all updates done at the office, and the office is instantly updated with the work done by techs. This allows service techs the ability to eliminate service forms, record pool or spa water test results directly into the system, provide digital chemical recommendations to fix water problems, take payments at the job site, and even look up inventory and do physical inventory on service trucks, all on a phone or tablet. 

AQUA: Tell us about your new RB Cloud Solution and how it expands the functionality of your integrated, industry-specific software.

RP: The new RB Cloud gives pool and spa businesses the ability to use their point-of-sale software anytime, anywhere, providing an increased level of accessibility and ease of use that ultimately makes business owners’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. The RB Cloud solution offers the same functionality but offers several distinct advantages — including the ability to connect anywhere in the world, at any time, without hardware upgrades. RB Cloud is quick to install, lowers IT operational costs, and provides unlimited scalability so anyone on the team can use the software.

Developed by pool and spa professionals, our industry-specific software provides the features that are most important to pool and spa business owners. RB is a highly experienced and trusted authority in the industry and its software boosts profitability, competitiveness, work/life balance of owners and employees, efficiency, and the ability to make more informed, data-driven decisions about their business. We offer daily online demonstrations, making it easy to try our software from the convenience of your offices. And once purchased, we provide our clients with extensive training and support to get your team up and running smoothly and quickly. Now is the time to switch from “off-the-shelf” software systems that aren’t integrated. Get our industry-specific businesses software solutions, which have been created by pool and spa professionals for use by pool and spa professionals. 

Thank you to RB Retail & Service Solutions for sponsoring AQUA Magazine's 2023 State of the Industry Retail Report. To view the full report, click here.

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