The Industry Showcase

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The pool and spa industry is entering the new year following a momentous season β€” the best in history. Amid the success were obstacles hindering traditional communication methods, but, thanks to some creative adaptation, the industry found new ways to connect and share invaluable information.

We're striving to keep that innovative spirit alive by continuing our newly-minted Industry Showcase section.

This new platform is a space for building connections and sharing the latest and greatest from pool and spa manufacturers. Peruse the following entries for the lowdown on new products, upcoming plans and company updates.



7 C 1120 Aq Alps1 Prod

Alps Manufacturing | (404) 661-2283

The ALPS Vanishing Edge spill over spa is the only one available today where almost the entire front lip spills beautifully into the pool, the company says. Enhance the beauty of your pools and offer your customers hydrotherapy enjoyment for their family. Twelve jets create the perfect hot spot for hot water therapy.

Alps says it has recently patented the only printed liner pattern onto an acrylic step. The new Rebellion step will be available as a limited edition in 2021. Save time and money vs. liner over a steel step. If you need stadium seating, take a look at the new Endless Step. Call for details or visit the company's website.

For 2021, Alps is ramping up even more to meet the new demands of its customers. Early buy orders are being entered now. In-season orders will ship inside two weeks β€” guaranteed.



Ouu 1120 Aq Anderson Prod

Anderson Manufacturing Company | (800) 348-1316

Get started with leak detection with a complete equipment package. Each specially priced package includes a selection of advanced equipment and essential tools to find leaks in all types of pools. Custom packages are also available. Need training? Check out Anderson's free online resources or in-person course.

Anderson Manufacturing draws on its 30-plus years of experience to develop solutions that solve problems for leak detectors around the world. Connect with the company this season via a video visit to see its products up close and access show season specials.

In the coming year, the company's focus will be on enhancing its equipment and developing mobile technology to help its customers improve their process and professionally communicate with customers.



Mmm 121 Aq Aqua Creek Product Prod

Aqua Creek | (888) 687-3552

Aqua Creek is excited to introduce the Mighty Voyager Pool Lift. The innovative new design of the Mighty Voyager is based on the recently released and very successful Mighty Lift. The new design replaces the long-time selling Patriot line of lifts to provide a sleek, quiet, versatile and robust ADA-Compliant and UL-Certified portable lift.

The Mighty Voyager has many of the same features as Aqua Creek's other popular lifts, including a 325-lb weight capacity, the ability to clear short walls and curbs, a choice of colors and many other helpful and unique options.



Oqq 819 Aq Aqua Grp Prod

AQUA Group | (800) 492-9563

AQUA Group says this is the only blow out plug you'll ever want. When pressure is applied, the bungee strap stretches to allow water or air to flow freely. When pressure is relieved, the bungee strap instantly retreats and seals with a unique triple O-ring seal. The technology is so reliable, it can even be used as a hydrostatic relief valve at any depth, the company says.



Ozz 1120 Aq Aquamatic Prod

Aquamatic Cover Systems | (408) 846-9274

Since 1980, Aquamatic has made strides in innovation and design with both the Hydramatic All-Fluid Hydraulic Drive Safety Covers and the HydraLux Trackless Energy Covers. The Hydramatic exceeds the ASTM standard for safety. The HydraLux can cover any converging shape and has excellent insulating value, the company says.

Aquamatic has recently added 10,000 sq. ft. to accommodate a machine shop and fabrication with the latest laser and CNC machines.

2020 was a record year for Aquamatic. The company has implemented procedures, people and equipment to serve its growing client base.



Oww 1120 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Invis A Rope Apc Mfg Img 0553copy 3 2 Ratio Prod

Automatic Pool Covers | (800) 878-5789

Automatic Pool Covers is pleased to now offer Invis-A-Rope on all of its automatic pool covers. Unlike the industry's white and multi-colored ropes, the powerful Invis-A-Rope is made from shadow gray fibers that blend and hide inside its low-profile track, the company says. Consumers cannot see the rope from as close as 4 feet away, making it 10 times less visible than competitor's ropes.

Invis-A-Rope comes with a five-year warranty when purchased with the new system.

Automatic Pool Covers has integrated SmartMotion technology into all of its new pool cover systems. SmartMotion patented technology includes forward, reverse and water-load sensing damage control that senses when the cover is open or closed and immediately shuts off power to the motor to prevent mechanical damage. SmartMotion is integral to new pool construction and allows Automatic Pool Covers to provide a five-year warranty on ropes for its covers when purchased as a new system. This product is available with specific systems for vinyl-liner and fiberglass pools and is made in the U.S.

This year will bring new innovations to help pool professionals install and sell automatic pool covers.



Ddd 1120 Aq Blue Squareimage Prod

Blue Square Manufacturing | (800) 277-4150

The Vivid 360 Replacement LED is engineered to replace most existing pool and spa lights with its innovative plug kit to deliver more colorful and vivid lighting than ever before. Cut the cord, don't pull it, the company says.

Blue Square has some big new things coming soon, and asks its customers to stay tuned.

Eclipse Drain is proudly made in the U.S.

Industry professionals can find the company's all-new training program online and in person.



Lll 1120 Aq Cmp Del Aop 40 Print 3x2 01 Prod

CMP | (800) 733-9060

CMP announces two new models to its DEL AOP product line. Design updates make AOP technology readily available and easier to implement for service professionals. New systems are simple to install, operate and service. Next-Gen AOP from CMP can lower overall chemical use to help beat chlorine stock-outs.

CMP is very excited about 2021. In preparation for what's expected to be one of the most epic pool seasons this industry has ever seen, the company is making key changes in production and supply. This will help them adjust to market demand and improve overall functionality in operations.

On the production and warehouse levels, CMP is going above and beyond to add capacity and personnel. The company is "pushing all the levers" to max out production and meet demand. In addition to ramping up production, CMP is working proactively by improving warehouse processes and identifying bottlenecks. The company is adding shipping stations and optimizing storage capacity and shelf space.

CMP is working closely to identify reputable secondary and tertiary component makers to broaden its supply chain and develop multiple back-ups. This will keep them up and running as industry demand expands.

Since CMP acquired DEL Ozone and other sanitizer makers, it's been the company's desire to take the next leap in making advanced technology accessible to everyone in the industry. The company believes that's possible with their new AOP products and is excited about the future of pool and spa water disinfection.

This year, CMP will continue its laser-focus on advancing pool and spa water sanitizer technologies along with continued improvements in supply chain, production and operations. Implementing more tools and resources to support pool professionals is also a top priority at CMP.



Ttt 121 Aq Confer Product Prod

Confer Plastics | (800) 635-3213

The Edge Step by Confer Plastics is the latest and greatest addition to the company's popular line of spa accessories. With a sleek and modern design in four colors, the Edge Step provides customers with the quality they desire, the company says.

Confer Plastics is answering the call of unprecedented demand in the backyard leisure industry. The company has added a new machine, upgraded and modified existing machines, and enhanced its shipping department to meet demand for the 2021 season.



Ott 812 Aq Th Cvr Cmpny Prod

The Cover Company | (908) 707-1122

The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs and "E-Z adjust" locking pieces for quick installation. For extra durability, the Cover Company uses Tenara thread made by Gortex in high-stress points. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote fax or email a drawing.



Rrr 1120 Aq Cover Pools Prod

Cover-Pools | (800) 447-2838

Create a more seamless pool design with the versatile T4 Versa β€” requiring only a 12 1/4-inch offset. Available for use with cutting-edge stainless steel cable or durable Ultimate Rope for pools up to 50-feet long.



6 L 1120 Aq Easy Care Prod

EasyCare Products | (559) 299-7660

EasyCare Products proudly introduces the ultimate spa water experience with Spatec and Beautec for Spas. Both products perform well in all types of spas and hot tubs, the company says. EPA-approved Spatec keeps spa water pristine and crystal clear, while Beautec for Spas keeps surfaces and equipment free of calcium deposits and grime.

With COVID still active in everyone's life, it is the company's pleasure to introduce its spa line and help its customers relax and enjoy time at home with their families.



4 K 1020 Aq Evosus Prod

Evosus | (360) 735-9510

LOU is cloud ERP business software, built specifically for the pool and hot tub industry. The Evosus team has taken 19 years of best practices with 500 businesses to create business software that is 100% cloud and 100% awesome. LOU spans Retail - Service - Inventory - Route Optimization - Scheduling - Reporting and Financials that integrate with QuickBooks Online. Find out more today at



5 M 121 Aq Sc1000080 Prod

G&P Tools | (573) 431-6998

This two-way level offers both a horizontal level and bull's eye level with a threaded nylon base that screws into fittings for ease and accuracy. The Sur Check Level is made of nylon to prevent damage to fittings. Use to level all 1 1/2-inch wall fittings (i.e. SP1022), spa jets, bubblers and umbrella stands or any other application where you need horizontal level and plumb.



4 A 121 Aq Garett Product Prod

GARRETT Liners & Safety Covers | 800-222-3650

For over 55 years, Garrett has been manufacturing vinyl swimming pool liners. The company continues to only use vinyl that is manufactured in the U.S. and Canada for all of its inground and aboveground liners.

The folks at Garrett know that every pool is unique in size and shape. That's why every liner and safety cover that leaves its production facility is custom-made by the company's team of professional designers and craftsmen to customer specifications. Nothing comes off a shelf at Garrett.

2020 started out like any other year but quickly became unfamiliar territory. Together, the pool and spa industry worked through it. Garrett manufactured over 500 non-medical masks, donating them to a local hospital and to customers.

Everyone at Garrett is excited to be offering nine new vinyl liner patterns in 2021, including "Hope." The unique design of "Hope" incorporates rich blues and magentas β€” providing a sense of warmth and calm in any backyard β€” all while contributing to the fight against breast cancer. A portion of every "Hope" liner purchased helps to support early breast cancer detection, prevention and research.

When customers want quality and a perfect fit, let the Garrett team design and produce a beautiful, durable, great-fitting liner or safety cover, the company says. "Gotta Getta Garrett!"



Xxx 121 Aq Dimplex Product Prod

Glen Dimplex Americas | (800) 668-6663

Dimplex's premium indoor/outdoor heaters are an ideal solution for extending the outdoor patio and dining season in commercial and residential settings. The powerful and stylish DSH and DIR series heaters offer flexible installation options and provide heat in just seconds.

While the company says demand has been very high for its outdoor heaters, they are replenishing stock and are excited to offer the full range of DIR heaters, from 1500W to 3000W. The DSH heater offers wall-mount, ceiling-mount and permanent stand options for great flexibility in designing outdoor spaces.

In 2021, Glen Dimplex Americas is excited to support pool, spa and patio dealers with its premium outdoor heaters designed to extend and elevate outdoor living experiences in any climate.



4 C 1120 Aq Hayward Hydra Pure Prod

Hayward Pool Products | (888) HAYWARD

HydraPure from Hayward combines UV, ozone and hydroxyl radicals. Together, these three sanitizers destroy chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

HydraPure works with chlorination systems, reducing chlorine demand by 60% while creating incredibly clean, crystal-clear pool water. This product features an intelligent, all-in-one design perfect for new or existing pools.

2021 is going to be a massive year for sanitization, especially for Hayward. The COVID situation has elevated consumer demand for salt pools to unprecedented levels, and this is expected to increase further next year. As the top salt brand, the company says Hayward AquaRite is in hot demand worldwide.

Next season will see the arrival of key new Hayward sanitization systems, including the next generation AquaRite S3 Series featuring built-in pool control. To compliment its market-leading salt line, Hayward is also introducing HydraPure: an affordable, all-in-one solution combining UV, ozone and hydroxyl radicals.



4 E 1120 Aq Hfs 1 Prod

HFS | (877) 255-1730

HFS is now offering 20-year loans and is proud to be the "preferred financing partner of thousands of home improvement contractors nationwide."

The company is growing contractors' businesses by offering their customers great loan programs and 100% funded loans with no stage funding, enabling you to get paid on your terms.

Join HFS and start offering your customers the best financing on the market, the company says.

"Are you tired of stage funded loans and having to submit pictures of the project and certificates of completion? If so, learn more about offering HFS to your customers at"



4 F 1120 Aq Homestead Avalon Prod

Homestead Structures | (877) 272-7252

The Avalon Pool House makes the perfect poolside accessory. An easily customized pool house and pavilion combo, the Avalon is perfect for outdoor entertaining with all the comforts of home. Add a bar, kitchen, bathroom or whatever a homeowner needs for poolside fun.

Homestead Structures says that it is just blown away by the huge interest this year in outdoor living spaces. The company loves working side-by-side with pool builders to design the perfect shade structure to go with their pool designs.

The company is excited to be designing three to four new pool house and pavilion models to launch in 2021, giving its clients even more design options to choose from.



4 C 121 Aq Hydro Ther Product Prod

HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs | (905) 890-3111

HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs are manufactured from ultra-thick, one-piece acrylic. These fiberglass-reinforced hot tubs are designed to withstand the demands of heavily-used commercial installations.

With the unique self-cleaning floor, wide mouth skimmer and automatic water level controller, maintenance and cleaning are virtually effortless. Multiple safety suction fittings provide maximum circulation and safety.

HydroTher is proud to announce its expanded warehouse and manufacturing facility. The company's expansion allows them to fulfill multiple orders at one time, increasing capacity for shipments and decreasing lead time.

More warehouse expansions are coming: The company is adding a brand-new foaming station to its warehouse.



Insparation 121 Prod

inSPAration | (800) 882-0037

Just Soft Spa is a fragrance-free water moisturizer now enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural product the body produces that helps retain moisture in the skin. This new enhanced blend boosts the effects of the moisturizers and extracts for a true therapeutic soaking experience. This Rx formulation softens both skin and hair as you soak. It is the perfect addition to your favorite inSPAration liquid, SpaBomb and crystals, or it can be used on its own as a fragrance-free water moisturizer. With just 3 ounces it will treat a 500-gallon spa for three to five days.



4 E 121 Aq Its Productcopy Prod

ITS | (803) 329-9712

The new eXact iDip Pool Pro + Test Kit was awarded the best new service industry product at the 2019 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. Two handheld waterproof meters use reagent strip technology paired with a smart device / eXact iDip app for results. The company invites you to stop counting drops and crushing tablets and learn how the new eXact iDip Pool Pro + Test Kit can help your business achieve accurate water success results with minimal time and effort.

The eXact iDip Pool Pro+ Test Kit combines two water quality test instruments and now the ORP Probe. The first is the Level 1 NSF/ANSI-50 Certified eXact iDip Smart Photometer System, which integrates two–way wireless communication with any compatible iOS or Android smart device and has the potential to test over 40 water parameters. The second is the new eXact pH+ Smart Meter system, which capitalizes on electrochemistry technology combined with Bluetooth connectivity. The ORP Probe is now included with this kit, allowing users to measure ORP within water samples.

Both meters work in conjunction with the eXact iDip app, allowing users to track, share and store results on compatible smart devices. When paired with the eXact iDip photometer, users have the capability to perform automatic calculations of forumulas, such as the Langelier Saturation Index in the eXact iDip app.

ITS U.S. manufacturing is stocking up for a big 2021.



4 G 121 Aq Jack Magic Product Prod

Jack's Magic Products | (800) 348-1656

Super Pacs is a natural multi-enzyme that performs in up to 50ppm of chlorine and improves filtration and water clarity. Just 1 ounce treats 20,000 gallons of pool or spa water for two weeks. Super Pacs' convenient, pre-measured pacs are easy to use.

Jack's Magic recently celebrated 30 years of being the original "Just Like Jack's" brand, and the company is proud to have been a part of keeping so many pools and spas stain-free and looking their sparkling best.

Jack's Magic looks forward to offering the ongoing education of pool professionals and pool owners in the areas of pool stain identification, removal and prevention.



4 I 121 Aq Jacuzzi Productcopy Prod

Jacuzzi | (909) 815-8619

The VersaStep System is now shipping to Jacuzzi and Sundance dealers. Features include slip-free step treads with recessed traction pads made from surfboard tread and a sturdy aluminum frame rated to 500 lbs. These versatile spa steps are easily assembled and perfectly matched to Jacuzzi hot tubs and Sundance spas. Compact shipping dimensions make it an exceptional complement to your hot tub offering.

Jacuzzi is excited to grow its genuine parts and accessories programs to provide Jacuzzi hot tub and Sundance spa owners truly complementary solutions for increased enjoyment.

In addition to the VersaStep system, the company has added Jacuzzi and Sundance umbrellas and cover lifts.



6 U 1120 Aq Jandy Fluidra Prod

Jandy, A brand of Fluidra | (800) 822-7933

Fluidra has updated its high-performance ePump with an advanced new motor, engineered to enhance power and efficiency and make installation and maintenance easier for pool professionals. The Jandy ePump is designed to save electrical costs while providing peaceful operation with "Quiet Pump" technology. Equipped with a large-capacity smooth surface basket for reduced maintenance, the ePump also offers greater flexibility with pool pad setup by providing a variety of installation possibilities. Available in 2.2 and 2.7 THP models, the ePump includes a RS485 Quick Connect port for faster installation and service and is powered by an auto-sensing dual voltage variable-speed motor.



Bbb 717 Aq Prod

Kelley Technical Coatings | (800) 458-2842

Olympic Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating is a long-lasting finish that provides up to eight years of service from a single, one-coat application, the company says. Zeron cures to a very hard, non-porous finish that is not sensitive to pool chemicals, pH imbalance and automatic pool cleaners. Its ceramic-like qualities create a fresh appearance that is extremely durable and easy to clean. Zeron is an economical alternative to re-plastering and an excellent choice for fiberglass.



4 O 1120 Aq King Technology Prod

King Technology | (800) 222-0169

FROG @ease is a breakthrough sanitizing system for hot tubs that uses minerals and a unique self-regulating chlorine. The result is cleaner, clearer and softer water that's easier to take care of. Users benefit from up to 75% less chlorine, shocking only once a month and no cyanuric acid that can lead to problems. FROG @ease is found built-in on many spa brands and is available as a floater for all hot tubs. Consumers return for their replacement cartridges regularly and provide three times the profit of dichlor, which helps build after-market business, the company says. Learn more at

This year, FROG turns 25. The company is celebrating 25 years of innovation with gratitude for all who have been a part of FROG over the years. Join the company in its Circle of Celebration at



4 P 1120 Aq Kona Prod

Kona Pools | (888) 419-1901

Kona Pools are now 52 inches tall in rectangle sizes. Round sizes are 50 inches tall. Kona Pools has always offered a best-in-class, soft-sided pool with a "built-to-last" 20-year warranty which includes a five-year guarantee, the company says. The exclusive interconnected frame design and high-quality liner material come together for a rock-solid pool that will last for decades. Kona Pools offer the unique features and quality necessary to compete with lower price pools sold through the mass merchants. Kona Pools is looking to expand their network of dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company offers territory exclusivity, marketing materials and advertising co-op.



4 R 1120 Aq La Motteimage Prod

LaMotte | (410) 778-3100

LaMotte now offers the ColorQ 2x PRO 7 Kit. The new waterproof Bluetooth ColorQ 2x PRO 7 (Code 2086) is a handheld pool and spa professional photometer that directly measures free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD), pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid directly on a digital display.

The compact meter is easy to use and features economical liquid reagents that measure 144 tests per test factor for free chlorine, total chlorine (bromine) and pH. The alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid tests are measured with the LaMotte TesTabs tablet method and include 100 tablets for each test.

The ColorQ 2x eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations using a dual-optic design with a wider path-length, thus taking the guesswork out of poolside water analysis, the company says. The Bluetooth feature allows test results to easily transfer into the WaterLink Solutions PRO app. The photometer, testing reagents and photo-diagrammatic trilingual instructions (English, Spanish, French) are packaged in a convenient carrying case for on-site testing.



5 L 121 Aq G3 Collage Prod

Latham Pool Products | (800) 833-3800

Latham's unique and bold pool colors have a huge impact on how your pool looks and how well it complements the rest of your backyard.

Be the standout in a neighborhood of lackluster designs with the company's patent Latham pool enhanced finishes. And with Latham's radiant Crystal G3 colors, you can add an extra sparkle to family fun.



4 O 4 P 121 Loop Loc Prod


LOOP-LOC is a dealer-direct company committed to servicing swimming pool professionals like you. Founded in 1978, the company's drive and dedication remain as strong as ever. Customers can count on LOOP-LOC for high-quality products on the market today, along with outstanding customer service and technical support.

LOOP-LOC's complete lineup can help satisfy the most discerning customers, the company says. LOOP-LOC offers:

  • LOOP-LOC Luxury Liners with over 24 elegant designer patterns manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material in durable 20 and 28 mil.
  • LOOP-LOC Mesh Covers with a super-dense weave that blocks sunlight but still lets rain and melting snow easily drain through.
  • Aqua-Xtreme Mesh Safety Covers for light blocking and quick drainage.
  • ULTRA-LOC III Solid Safety Cover combining the light weight of a mesh pool cover with the light-blocking benefits of a solid cover.
  • CABLE-LOC Raised Wall Treatment for much faster installation, exceptional quality materials and the sleek new look homeowners will love.
  • PROTECT-A-GAP, a safe and simple way to close gaps created by raised spas, waterfalls, rises or any obstructions higher than nine inches.
  • AQUA-LOC Zipper Treatment to safely meet the challenges presented by large commercial pools with non-removable, raised obstructions and rails.



4 R 121 Aq Nordic Product Prod

Nordic Sauna | (800) 472-8627

The new American-made Modern Vista 67 Outdoor Sauna series is available in both indoor or outdoor versions and can range in size. Upgrades to this model can include an adjustable upper bench, salt wall feature, sound system with subwoofer and heater type.

Nordic Sauna is continuing to release new models throughout the year, but more importantly, the company is better set up than ever to accommodate the ultimate custom sauna experience for customers. With over a dozen different wood types available, it can accommodate almost every design.

Nordic Sauna has some amazing sauna projects lined up for 2021, and the company says it will continue to push the envelope on design and performance more than ever moving forward. The whole team at Nordic is looking forward to working with customers on their next sauna projects.

View Nordic Sauna's latest work on Instagram: @nordicsauna



4 T 121 Aq Only Alpha Product Prod

Only Alpha Pool Products | (260) 637-0141

The Alpha Evolution Pool is a three-part system that consists of componentized fiber-reinforced composite wall panels, a concrete bottom and Evolution Pool Coatings by Eco Finish.

Only Alpha is excited to announce the addition of new capital investments to its factory.

This equipment was purchased to ensure the quick turnaround that the company prides itself on. It was also to return to Only Apha's turnaround goal of five business days from PO placement to available shipping.

Only Alpha is also excited to announce the new face of the company, Carter Oosterhouse. Carter Oosterhouse is one of America's most recognized lifestyle experts. Known for his start as a carpenter on TLC's hit show Trading Spaces, he has morphed his passion and skills to help improve the quality of people's lives by enhancing their surroundings.



5 G 1120 Aq Pentair Prod

Pentair | (800) 831-7133

Layering sanitation tools maximizes pool enjoyment. ChemCheck Water Quality Monitoring System helps by monitoring pH, sanitizer performance and temperature, displaying status and alerts in real time so pool owners can catch water quality changes before they become problems. ChemCheck works through the Pentair Home App, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Homeowners are turning to their backyards more than ever as waterparks and other typically crowded recreational facilities close or greatly limit access and crowd size. People are redirecting their travel budgets to home and pool improvements. Pentair continues to offer the innovative and reliable products needed to keep pool and spa water sparkling clean and ready to enjoy.

Also, Pentair recently acquired A&A Manufacturing, a leading developer of innovative, time-saving and eco-conscious solutions for pool cleaning and circulation. The addition of A&A Manufacturing's automatic circulation and self-cleaning systems, purification solutions and water features further expands Pentair's pool and spa equipment offerings.

Pentair will continue to educate the industry on the impact of the new Department of Energy regulations for pool pump efficiency, which will go into effect in July of 2021. All pumps manufactured or imported for use in the U.S. starting July 19, 2021 will need to meet the new standards. Most single-speed pumps on the market today will become obsolete.



4 B 1120 Aq Genesis Prod

PHTA/Genesis | (703) 838-0083

Genesis is the most comprehensive technical education in the industry. By focusing on best practices, code compliance and real-life examples, the company educates to elevate you and your business. Accredited by IACET, Genesis maintains the highest level of educational management practices in the pool and spa industry for you. Register now and join Genesis Education at these upcoming events.

Genesis is offering multiple courses, virtually. It is providing students the opportunity to manage their business and operations during the day and obtain Genesis education in the evenings. Visit for a complete listing.

Watch for additional Genesis educational offerings in early 2021.



4 Q 1118 Aq Pleatco Advanced Ultra Filter Cartridges Prod

PLEATCO | (800) 886-5160

Pleatco continues to push the boundaries of filtration technology with the Pleatco Advanced Ultra, band-less filter cartridges driven by the revolutionary patent-pending technology of Pleatco Pure Pleat. Pure Pleat is a new feature that keeps the pleats of the cartridge rigid and evenly spaced to enhance flow dynamics and optimize performance. The flow is systematically distributed by evenly spaced rigid pleats with no bunching up, using the maximum available filtration fabric. Additionally, Pleatco Advanced Ultra delivers ultra long cycle times, requiring less maintenance than competitive cartridges.



4 V 121 Aq P4l Book Product Prod

Poolbook | (954) 247-4858

Instant swimming pool plans with over 100 pools, new designs, ideas and concepts. Select a pool and print a complete set of plans, including design, layout, site plan, piping, lighting, structural, electrical, equipment and details.

Features include:

  • Instant plans
  • Research β€” free information
  • Source contractors and subcontractors
  • Contractor's kit with contracts and sales aids for new contractors
  • Advertising platform for new contractors



Oee 812 A Qxx Prod

Prestige Spa Covers | (800) 343-7661

Prestige Spa Covers produces covers in all shapes and sizes with quick turnaround times and competitive prices. Covers are custom made to your specifications with a wide variety of densities, tapers, upgrades and 14 color options to choose from.



4 X 121 Aq Pro Team Productcopy Prod

ProTeam Pool & Spa Products | (800) 333-0400

ProTeam Supreme Plus uses a new formula that requires no pH adjustments after application. This once-per-season pool additive can reduce overall chlorine usage and inhibit equipment corrosion, all while reducing eye and skin irritation and maintaining a more stable pH and alkalinity environment. Compatible with all filtration systems, sanitizers and oxidizers, including salt chlorine generators. For use during pool openings and startups.

To make 2021 a little easier on pool and spa owners, as well as pool and spa retailers and service professionals, Haviland's John "Legend' Bokor has launched a campaign to help the industry by providing: 3 Ways to Use 30% Less Sanitizer This Season. "Don't ask what your chlorine can do for you. Ask what you can do for your chlorine!"



5 P 1120 Aq Sr Smith Prod

S.R. Smith | (800) 824-4387

"A great revenue generator in the off-season and my customers are always so happy with the results!"

Are your customer's pools going dark? Update fading fiber optic lighting to vibrant LED with the PT-6001 or PT-6002 Fiber to LED Conversion Kits. This high-value upgrade uses existing conduit, which helps you save time and money.

S.R. Smith sees improved production and delivery capabilities in 2021 with its new flagship 160,000 sq. ft. production facility located in Orlinda, Tenn. This new facility offers increased production, storage and shipping capacity that will bolster its 2021 customer delivery capabilities.

In spite of the current COVID challenges, the S.R. Smith new product pipeline remains strong. For the 2021 season, S.R. Smith just launched two new in-pool furniture products: a new Destination Series Rocking Lounge Chair and a new line of rotomolded loungers dubbed the R-Series. Additionally, the newest addition to the award-winning Mod-Lite family is called Mod-Lite MultiWhite, which is an all white LED light offering three distinct shades of white in a single unit. Rounding out the early 2021 additions, will be the new 66-inch Sentry Life Guard Chair, which can be used in both freestanding and deck mount applications.



4 Z 121 Aq Solar Sun Rings Product1 Prod

Solar Sun Rings | (866) 765-2704

Add free heat to your pool with the power of the sun with Solar Sun Rings, a swimming pool cover which is unlike most other covers. Their patented heating technology allows for sunlight to be absorbed and converted into usable and sustainable solar heating for your customer's swimming pool.



Onn 121 Aq Spa Electrics Product Prod

Spa Electrics | (800) 708-5545

Spa Electrics designs, manufactures and supplies the swimming pool industry with high-quality pool lighting products. With a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, the company's mission is to find new ways to delight its trade partners and their customers and deliver on their promise of service excellence and product reliability. Customer support and after-sales service are a cornerstone of Spa Electrics' proud 40-year history designing, manufacturing and selling lights worldwide.

The company is excited to announce expansion of its operations into the U.S. Spa Electrics previously manufactured and sold LED Pool Lights through an OEM exclusive distribution arrangement under the Paraglo brand with Paramount Pool & Spa; however, that six-year partnership concluded in October 2019.

In 2019, the company established its own sales and distribution centre out of Ringgold, Ga. The location was chosen for its access to prime distribution channels, enabling the company to provide customers with timely product shipments and customer service across the states.

While Spa Electrics continues to sell the same model lights previously sold under the Paraglo brand, the company has now expanded its lineup with some exciting new products.

New Products Coming Soon:

Retro R10 - Replacement LED Light
The new Universal Retro R10 replacement LED light with Cam-Lock technology attaches to any 10-inch in any condition. Connect to existing cables for rapid light replacement. Featuring over 3000lm brightness for superior illumination. Available in single color or Multi-Plus.

ARGON – Purposefully Built for Vinyl Pools
The Argon has a 3-inch niche for strength and convenient cable storage. A purpose-built winterization system designed to significantly reduce winterization times and improve durability. Forward-facing heatsink harnesses the full cooling potential of the pool, for maximum LED brightness and longevity.



5 D 121 Aq Spa Parts Plus Product Prod

Spa Parts + by Allied | (800) 237-9937

With more than 10,000 items in stock, β€” exclusively for professionals of the warm water industry β€” is a one-stop source for control systems, keypads, pumps, jets, accessories and replacement parts for spas and hot tubs. Featuring cool marketplaces where customers can find the products they need from the best brands in the spa and hot tub industry, the company says. Spa Parts + by Allied's same-day shipping promise is exactly what it sounds like: If an order is received before 4:30 p.m. (Mountain Time), it ships out on the same day β€” and customers are provided with accurate and timely information on orders, stock, shipment tracking and much more.



2 F 121 Aq Prod

Spazazz | 844-SPAZAZZ

As the leader in the Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Industry, according to Spazazz, the company's products are all-natural and of the highest grade and quality. Spazazz Spa Lab Collection includes four fragrances of crystals infused with CBD oil, with focus on relaxation and calmness: Passage-Calm, Bloom-Love, Balance-Well and Native-Wood. These blends of crystals are made with 100% natural hemp-based CBD (naturally assists with pain and calmness), vitamins A C E K, arnica, calendula, minerals, aromatherapeutic oil, aloe, and dead sea salts. Spazazz products have been found to elevate and energize mood, hydrate and exfoliate skin, reduce inflammation and pain, and lessen stress. Spazzazz says its products will enhance your customer's spa or bath aromatherapy experience to the next level, while the therapeutic benefits last even longer. The company says that its products will add profit to your store.



5 I 1118 Aq Speck Pumps Pool Products Inc Prod

Speck Pumps-Pool Products | (800) 233-8538

The BADU Pro is a drop-in replacement design for the Hayward Super Pump and Pentair SuperFlo pumps. The pump is easily serviceable with a 4-bolt design and handle for carrying. It also comes with the company's patented lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user with a convenient way to easily remove the lid without needing tools. The BADU Pro is available with the following motors: Single-speed or two-speed motors (0.75 to 3.5 HP) and variable speed motors (1.1 THP, 1.65 THP and 2.7 THP).



5 R 1120 Aq Tara Visualizer 1 Prod

Tara Liners & Safety Covers | (866) 725-8272

Tara will soon offer a new tool that makes choosing a liner pattern much easier for pool owners. The new pool visualization tool guides homeowners from inspiration to realization. The simple, interactive format lets pool owners see how each liner pattern looks in the water and in various conditions.

Tara is proud to announce that it has recently opened a brand new manufacturing facility this year. The new 60,000 sq. ft., energy-efficient building is primarily dedicated to safety cover production. In addition to increased capacity for production and inventory, the company also added new state-of-the-art equipment for both safety cover and liner production. This expansion will give Tara the ability to provide its customers with faster lead times and more efficient production.

Tara has a number of exciting new changes for 2021. It has a new line of patterns inspired by contemporary pool trends. These patterns incorporate fresh new colors and textures not found in traditional patterns. To go along with this fresh new pattern collection, Tara is creating a new branding for the entire company. It has plans to expand its product line beyond vinyl liners and safety covers, and this new branding will help encompass a broad range of offerings.



5 V 1120 Aq Unicelprintphotocopy Prod

Unicel | (800) 345-6650

Unicel offers a full line of replacement filter elements and DE grids made to exact OEM specifications. They include replacement pleated elements for all makes of pool and spa cartridge filter systems, replacement rectangular DE grids (center port, top port and offset top port) and replacement vertical DE grids for both up-flow and down-flow filter systems.



5 F 5 E 121 Vac Care Prod

VacCare | (818) 701-6200

VacCare's Automatic Air Relief Safety Valve AR300 is designed to guard against possible serious injuries due to the accidental blow-offs of pool filters. The product makes the filter run efficiently, cuts filtration time and saves money.

This automatic air relief safety valve provides immediate release of entrapped air inside a pool filter. It eliminates the presence of compressed air, which prevents the water from being fully engaged with the filtration media/element. It is easily retrofittable to existing filters. Installs in minutes, and no tools are required.

Features include:

  • High-strength thermoplastic materials
  • Debris purge system and filter-cleaning vent plug
  • Self-cleaning rotating mechanism
  • No need for site adjustments or calibrations
  • Automatic reset
  • Universal pipe fittings that adapt this valve to any filter



Z Poolform Aquamatic2 Prod

Z Poolform | (570) 587-3799

Z Poolform is now available for use with four major Auto Cover Tracks including Cover-Star, APC, Cover-Pools and Aquamatic. Z Poolform is also available for use with Radiant Pools Universal Base. Industry professionals can visit the company's website for more information.

In 2021, Z Poolform will continue adding more SKUs to the Z Poolform line to extend its compatibility to even more pool manufacturers.


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