SOI Hot Tub Report: Strong Sales

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The hot tub industry reported strong numbers in 2019, before the Coronavirus pandemic: 82% of survey respondents said revenue either increased or stayed the same. Dealers remain optimistic that the health and wellness benefits of portable spas (they reported 52% of customers purchase a hot tub to enjoy hydrotherapy and 20% to cope with physical conditions) will lead to further growth.

For the first time ever, survey takers were asked which age group makes up most of the portable spa clientele, with hopes to create a target consumer profile for dealers. We found the large majority of spa buyers (51%) are between the ages of 45 and 54.

Year after year, technology continues to evolve and the demand from customers to have an interactive showroom experience grows. This year, we asked how dealers are incorporating technology into their showrooms, specifically, if they are utilizing a hot tub design studio to heighten the customer experience. We found that the majority of dealers (85%) are simply not there yet.

We also threw a fun question in the survey, asking dealers how they would spend $200,000 on their spa business. A few answers included sales training, updating the showroom and building a wet test room. One survey taker said they'd simply "pocket the money and run."

For more on the state of the hot tub industry, read on.

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