What Would You Do: Battling Loneliness

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Service professionals often work in solitude, whether as the sole operator of their business or independently on their routes. This can be isolating. How do you combat loneliness? Industry pros share their insights.

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Victor Gonzalez
Swamp Thing Pool Service | South Pasadena, Fla.

"How do you one-polers navigate around the loneliness that comes from working independently?"



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Billie Scofield
Jason's Pool Service Co. | San Marcos, Calif.

"I use the Audible app to listen to books. It keeps my mind engaged and makes the time pass quickly."


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Kirk Bradley
On-Time Pool Service | Sarasota, Fla.

"Join a networking group like Business Network International. You'll be around other business owners who will help you develop your business and professionalism."


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David Sage
Alliance Pool Works | Tyler, Texas

"Go to your nearest pool and spa show when they come around in the off season. Lots to learn and great people to know. Also, if you see a pool being constructed, stop in and check it out. Meet the subs or builder and ask questions.

Back when I worked alone, I would sometimes call a friend who also cleaned pools and (using our Bluetooth, hands-free devices) we would talk for hours as we each worked on our own pools."


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Tom Benson
Tink's - Smarter Yards & Gardens | New South Wales, Australia

"Raise your prices gradually so that you lose some clients over time but maintain your income.

Pick up a hobby and spend more time socializing."



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