What Would You Do: Staying Warm

Ovv 120 Aq Smartwool Tile

Service technicians living in seasonal areas know how important it is to protect themselves from the negative effects of colder temperatures. What do you wear during the winterizing season? Industry pros share their insights.

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What do you wear to stay warm?




Ovv 120 Aq Smartwool Sm

Steve English

"I use the brand Smartwool. It's expensive but worth every penny."



Oss 120 Aq Lined Pants Sm

Jeff Lovelace
Pool Boys Pool and Spa | Hamilton, N.J.

"Carhartt-lined pants really seem to help, combined with toe warmers in your boots."



Ouu 120 Aq Nick Hughes Sm

Nick Hughes
Cal Sparkle Pool | Orange County, Calif.

"These* are nice for when you need to put your hands or arms in the water."

*Long Working Durable Waterproof PVC Knitted Gloves with Cotton Lining (available on Amazon)



Ott 120 Aq Marliesa Garrett Martin Sm

Marliesa Garrett Martin
Field Day Pools | Panama City Beach, Fla.

"We use dive gloves in the winter (we get them from Dive Locker). The key to keeping your hands warm in them is to get them wet, which isn't hard to do considering the job. I wear duck boots, which are warm and waterproof. A coat and a sweatshirt underneath it."



Opp 120 Aq Barn Jacket Sm

Chris Higgins
Black Dog Pools | Austin, Texas

"In the spring/fall, I wear convertible pants, a long-sleeve wicking shirt and crocs or waterproof KEEN hiking boots. In winter, I wear the same shirt and boots, with a pullover if needed. On the off chance it's really cold, I will wear a barn coat. Layering is key outside of summer."



Orr 120 Aq Latex Gloves Sm

Phil Whitman
Proactive Pool Solutions | Raleigh, N.C.

"I find that simple, latex gloves work wonders in the winter. It is the easiest way to insulate your hands from freezing."


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