8 Memes Only Pool Techs Will Understand

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You can't get far in the pool and spa industry without a sense of humor, and that's especially true for people in service. Techs do far more than work on pools β€” they also spend their days quelling customer tantrums, managing unrealistic expectations, fixing the "tricks" homeowners swear the internet said would work, explaining how a salt cell works for the umpteenth time...you get it. That list could go on forever.

Because laughter is the best medicine, take a look at these great memes that only true, bonafide service techs can appreciate. Thanks to @Poolguymemes for letting us share these β€” for more, visit facebook.com/poolguymemes and give the page a Like.



1. If you had a dollar for every time a customer tried to blame you for something, well, you wouldn't be working in the pool industry anymore because you'd be LOADED.

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2. Say it after me: "I run a business, NOT A CHARITY."

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3. We all wish unreasonable people would just disappear, right? If only we could get our hands on the Infinity Gauntlet...

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4. No matter how many times you explain it, you know they're never going to get it.

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5. Talking to customers can be like deciphering a foreign language. "What 'thingy' are you talking about again?"

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6. A moral victory that you also get paid for is the best of the best. 

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7. "If I'm not getting paid for this conversation, it's not happening."

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8. Logic fail. 

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