This KFC Bucket-Shaped Hot Tub is Not a Joke

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Editor's Note: As of this article's online publication, the KFC Hot Tub campaign has closed. It surpassed its campaign goal of $46,683 to raise a total of $53,909. The hot tub is available to purchase (so far, only three are available) at $13,311.

Like a deep-fried piece of chicken, you might soon have the sensation of sitting in a chicken bucket. That's right β€” KFC is boiling over into the hot tub market with its invention of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket-Shaped Hot Tub.

The hot tub is part of KFC's new initiative, the KFC Innovations Lab. The Lab is an Indiegogo site that asks for crowdfunding donations to get more KFC-branded products into production. Products are a bit unusual, ranging from a production of "Colonel on Ice" (the story of how Colonel Sanders went from a sixth grade dropout to the founder of a fried chicken empire) to the Little Colonel Locator β€” the world's first location-tracking necktie.

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Though the hot tub's theme is unconventional, it is fully functional. It features a wood frame, a vinyl liner, molded seating and a vinyl cover. It includes an aluminum wood heater that utilizes thermosiphoning heating technology and a stainless-steel chimney with a spark guard. The tub also comes with a two-step platform, so chicken-lovers (up to five) can get in and out of the bucket with ease.

The campaign has a fixed-goal of $46,683. So far, the public has only raised $335. If the project does not meet its goal, not only will the hot tub never reach the commercial market, donations will be fully refunded. KFC does offer swag incentives to those who choose to donate, including branded sweatpants, T-shirts or 3-D puffy stickers.

You might be wondering why the multi-billion dollar company is asking the public to support the project. To answer that question, it says, "We created this crowdfunding campaign to bring people into the process of selecting and supporting new ideas, so they can be a part of the process and we can keep focusing our business on making the world's best fried chicken."

The tone of the campaign is humorous, but the company is completely serious. Your showroom could soon be filled with KFC buckets. Is that finger-lickin' good? That's for the public to decide.

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