What's New in the Sauna Market?

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Manufacturers say consumer interest in saunas is on the rise. Thinking about adding a model or two to your showroom? Below we share just a sample of new and bestselling saunas on the market.

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The Finnleo Terrace Sauna with Rento Sauna accessories is the perfect addition to a backyard or patio. Available in 4-by-6- and 5-by-7-foot sizes with integral roof kit, the Terrace sauna fits many smaller spaces β€” and with an economical design rich in features, it also fits more budgets. Paired with Rento Accessories, the Terrace sauna is a beautiful and healthful addition to the backyard.
finnleo.com | (800) 346-6536



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Scandia Manufacturing
Scandia Manufacturing's latest innovation is the first engineered panel method of adding pure Himalayan pink salt into any new or existing sauna. Incorporating these salt panels (with or without plug-and-play LED lighting) is as simple as putting together building blocks. This system requires no mortar and the panels are removable for easy maintenance and repair. Halotherapy (salt therapy) has long been known for its positive effect on the respiratory system; it also helps reduce stress, increase energy and boost mood.
scandiamfg.com | (877) 467-2862



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The new Amerec AX Generator and A6 Control with amerecConnect smartphone app brings steam bathing to a new level of luxury, the company says. Combining simplified generator sizing with a more advanced, yet intuitive, control makes it easy to add a steam shower to a home. From within the home Wi-Fi network, the amerecConnect app enables a smartphone to control most features of the steam shower, including temperature changes.
amerec.com | (800) 331-0349



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Saunacore has been in the sauna industry since the early '80s, and with more than 30 years of experience producing quality products, it has become one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. Its extensive line of products, manufactured in Canada, are enjoyed worldwide, the company says. Saunacore prides itself on its quality, competitive prices and customer satisfaction.
saunacore.com | (800) 361-9485



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Health Mate
Health Mate's Enrich is a luxurious two-person unit that features exterior lighting, mirrored glass windows and low-EMF Tecoloy heaters. It is equipped with LED Color Light panels, dual touch-sensitive control panels and sound system. A leading creator of infrared wellness for over 35 years, Health Mate Saunas are crafted from 100 percent FSC-certified Western red cedar.
healthmatesauna.com | (800) 946-6001



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Clearlight Saunas
Clearlight Saunas manufactures technologically advanced infrared saunas beautifully handcrafted out of both Western Red Canadian Cedar and Nordic Spruce. The patent-pending low-EMF infrared panels surround the customer with penetrating heat to remove toxins and relax muscles and joints.
infraredsauna.com | (800) 798-1779



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Quality is important to TheraSauna, which is why its units are handcrafted domestically in Dewitt, Iowa. TheraSauna is one of the few infrared sauna manufacturers in the United States that does not import saunas from international suppliers. All saunas are handcrafted with Aspen hardwood and packed with several features.
therasauna.com | (888) 729-7727



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Almost Heaven Saunas
The Grandview Rustic Barrel Sauna is ideal for that remote vacation home or rural hunting lodge. The sauna is made from top-notch Western red cedar at our West Virginia factory, and it comes with a high-performance wood-burning stove that comes from Harvia in Finland. The sauna seats up to six people and includes wide benches and full-length back supports made from clear red cedar. Two individuals can assemble the Grandview in about a day.
almostheaven.com | (888) 355-3050



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Finlandia Saunas
This outdoor sauna is made with clear Western red cedar inside and out with a 12-by-30 inch sidelight for enhanced view. Other features include a Finnish sauna heater with stones for water application, a clear acrylic "Starline" roof for viewing the sky and more. This outdoor prefab sauna can be installed in half a day and can even be moved to a different location in the future with the company's step-by-step DVD instructions. Various sizes available.
finlandiasauna.com | (800) 354-3342


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