Everything is Awesome...Especially This Lego Pool Cleaner

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Scott Chapman shows off his Lego creation.Scott Chapman shows off his Lego creation.

People can make just about anything imaginable with Legos, but we've never seen anything quite like this before.

The story behind this creation starts at Zodiac, which held a teambuilding exercise at its corporate offices involving, you guessed it, Legos.

"We decided to pass out Lego pieces to two groups and demonstrate how one piece is not much, but joined together these pieces can make something interesting and functional," says Simone Chapman, technical writing supervisor at Zodiac.

Naturally, playing with Legos led the team to wonder just how elaborate their creations could get. "What if someone made a pool cleaner out of Legos?" one team member wondered aloud.

Chapman knew someone who could do exactly that: her 11-year-old son, Scott.

"I said, 'He can make anything out of Legos.' And I wasn't joking — he can!"

Sure enough, the next day Chapman arrived to work with an almost to scale replica of the MX8, Zodiac's best-selling cleaner.

"My son had done this just from a photo of the cleaner downloaded from our company website. It was definitely a hit at the presentation," Chapman says.

Zodiac CEO Bruce Brooks was so impressed by the creation that he asked for permission to keep the model for display purposes. The budding engineer readily agreed.

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