June 2015 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products

An algae remover, corrosion-resistant rails and a submersible LED bar stool are just a few of the new products we have this month.

(866) 99-KLEAR

SeaKlear's 90-day Algae Prevention & Remover kills and prevents all types of algae — including blue-green, green, yellow and black algae — from growing in the water for 90 days. This non-foaming, non-staining product is an ideal way to keep your customer's pools and hot tubs algae free this entire summer. In addition, it's perfect for service pros to use when proposing an algae-free service program to clients, the company says.

Clear ComfortClear Comfort

Clear Comfort is pleased to announce its chlorine-free pool sanitation system. This new technology offers complete, non-toxic pool sanitation — both primary and residual disinfection. The system creates powerful, broad spectrum and short-lived hydroxyl radicals that oxidize contaminants on contact, including the chlorine-resistant microorganism, cryptosporidium. As a byproduct, the system also generates a low level of hydrogen peroxide that spreads throughout the pool, providing residual pool protection.

Jack's MagicJack's Magic
(800) 348-1656

Jack's Magic The Filter Fiber Stuff cellulose filter media is a safe, biodegradable and non-toxic alternative to D.E. that filters to 2 microns and is NSF 50 certified. The Filter Fiber Stuff is super concentrated (just 36 ounces charges a 60-square-foot D.E. filter) and significantly extends filter runs, providing great value. Because it's biodegradable and non-toxic, backwashing is safe for the environment and easy for the pool operator. Also compatible with sand and cartridge filters.

Backyard MammaBackyard Mamma
[email protected]
(844) 368-4769

Backyard Mamma provides luxury backyard design consulting to homeowners, pool builders and general contractors. Spearheaded by swimming pool and backyard living expert Stacy Nelson, Backyard Mamma also helps pool builders identify premium outdoor living products and services. Nelson is a strong supporter of the National Swimming Pool Foundation and is working with them to increase awareness of their Home Pool Essentials and other programs. In addition to Backyard Mamma, Nelson also provides professional marketing support to the swimming pool industry through Triquetra Marketing LLC.

Pentair Commercial AquaticsPentair Commercial Aquatics
(800) 831-7133

Pentair Commercial Aquatics offers a complete line of Paragon custom fabricated, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel railings to meet any pool specifications. Custom railings can be used for any pool application including entry, ADA compliant, stairs, deck guards and diving towers. Available in both 1.90-inch OD (outside diameter) and 1.50-inch OD as needed. Design and engineering support readily available.

Envy Pool ProductsEnvy Pool Products
(636) 542-2007

The Pool Stool is a submersible bar stool that creates the look and feel of an island swim-up bar without the expense and commitment of a permanent structure. State-of-the-art screw design provides height adjustability from 24 to 33 inches. Colors include LED, black granite, sandstone and white. The remote controlled LED has 54 LEDS creating an unlimited number of colors; a single charge lasts up to 12 hours of continuous use. Wholesale pricing available.

(866) 889-8765

DeltaUV now offers its low-pressure ultraviolet sanitizer (ELP Series) in a new high density polyethylene material. Unlike schedule 80 plastic pipe, HDPE is fused or welded together — not glued — almost completely removing the possibility of leaky joints. The material is corrosion resistant and will not support biological growth, making it ideal for saltwater pools and very corrosive environments. Flexible, fatigue resistant and UV protected, this new material offers a cost-effective, long-term, permanent service life of 50 to 100 years. The ELP Series in HDPE is a perfect fit for high-end residential or semi-commercial pools with 50 gpm up to 400gpm flow rates.

(855) 514-3370

Rapid Restore from Auraco is a treatment system for pool water that contains high levels of phosphates, copper, iron and debris that create cloudy water. A must for extreme algae cleanup, spring openings and new pool starts, Rapid Restore clears up green/cloudy water in as little as 24 hours, the company says. Available with a hose-end sprayer bottle to make application easy.

(800) 886-5160

Pleatco, the leader in the science of filtration, has launched Pleatco PureStart Pre-Filters, a revolutionary product range scientifically engineered to overcome the problems associated with tap, ground and well water being used for filling and topping off pools and spas regardless of make, model or size. These new disposable sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt-spun filtration technology for depth filtration water purification. PureStart cartridges simply attach to a garden hose and capture dirt particles — filtering the water before it enters the spa or pool.

(914) 235-2200

Bel-Aqua Pool Supply, a distributor serving the pool industry for 60 years, is pleased to offer its new Bel-Aqua mobile app for pool and spa professionals. Created to help pool pros stay competitive, the app can be used to check product stock and availability, place orders and track shipments, all from the convenience of a smartphone, 24/7. Download the app for free by going to the app store from a mobile device.

(530) 205-4520

ControlOMatic is pleased to announce MEGAChlor, a simple, new pool chlorine generator device that supplies spas with continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without separate buttons, control boxes or timers — everything is built into the device. Offers continuous chlorination for water bodies up to 20,000 gallons. The unit makes 100 grams of chlorine per day and can be draped over the edge of the pool or installed inline, allowing the unit to be on the same timer as the main pumps.

(800) 815-6083

Fabcote offers two new products to its line up of stairs and benches for in-ground, vinyl liner swimming pools: new straight and radius in-pool benches. The new in-pool benches provide a place to rest within the pool. Created to meet demand by consumers looking to stay in their pool while relaxing or remain close to children swimming. Available in a straight or a radius curve to match freeform shaped pools. Benches also feature hydrotherapy jets.

Little GiantLittle Giant
(800) 701-7894

The Little Giant Pool Cover Pump Model PCPK-1 Kit includes a pump with an 18-foot cord, garden hose adapter for easy connection and 25 feet of 1⁄2-inch ID tubing with clamp. This 1⁄150 horsepower pump is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Compatible with a standard 115-volt, so no special plugs or converter plugs are needed. Water flow rate: 205 gallons per hour at one foot of head. Pump automatically shuts off at 7.4 feet.

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