Little Giant

Fort Wayne, IN 46809

Company Overview

Franklin Electric (NASDAQ:FELE) is a manufacturer and distributor of products and systems focused on the movement and management of water and fuel. Little Giant is a product brand of Franklin Electric.

When it comes to pool equipment and water garden features, you can count on Little Giant's reputable products to support a variety of dewatering and circulation needs and to deliver powerful water flow for pools, ponds, irrigation systems, hydroponics, aquariums, fountains, and waterfalls.

Leaders in Aqua
Years in business:Over 80 years
Areas Served:Global
9255 Coverdale Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Toll Free:(844) 250-4982

There's a reason Little Giant has been the go-to pump for HVAC, Plumbing, Pool, and Hydroponics professionals for generations: experience. For 80 years, Little Giant products have stood the test of time, pumping a steady flow of proven reliability and superior technical know-how.

Leaders in Pool & Spa
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