Well-Equipped: 2021 Pool Equipment Product Focus

Pool equipment encompasses a wide range of products — everything from pumps to inline chlorine feeders to pre-filters. This section is all about circulation and chemical management, eliminating pathogens and particles and more. Browse this selection of tools and accessories that can help make your job easier.



Hayward Industries
XE Series Ultra-High Efficiency Pumps are built to deliver maximum energy savings, while cutting equipment costs by more than a third. Not only do they far exceed DOE benchmarks — and the performance of many competitive VS pumps — they also offer six convenient speed selections with the touch of a button. And because they include flexible dual-voltage capability (230V/115V) and standard CPVC unions (2 inches x 2.5 inches), XE Series Pumps are just as easy to install as they are to use.




The Pentair NSF-approved BioShield Commercial UV Disinfection System helps improve swimming pool water and air quality while reducing chemical usage — lowering operational costs and providing an affordable solution for aquatic facilities. This system helps protect against harmful waterborne pathogens and neutralizes bacteria and pathogens that cause Recreational Water Illness (RWIs) in pool water. The low-pressure UV lamp offers up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation and reduces chlorine usage.

pentair.com/commercialbioshield | (800) 831-7133



AquaStar Pool Products
AquaStar's Ultimate Ozone is simple to install, requires minimal space on the equipment pad and needs almost no maintenance. Its unique patented corona discharge injection system dispenses up to one gram of ozone per hour, without relying on system pressure. This drastically reduces energy cost compared to traditional injection methods, the company says. The ozone is diffused into a unique AquaStar Ozone Compatible FlowStar Skimmer for maximum contact, treating the water immediately as it is drawn through the skimmer by the pump.

aquastarpoolproducts.com | (877) 768-2717



The BADU Pro is a drop-in replacement design for the Hayward Super Pump and Pentair SuperFlo pumps. The pump is easily serviceable with a 4-bolt design and handle for carrying. It also comes with the company's patented lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user with a convenient way to easily remove the lid without needing tools. The BADU Pro is available with the following motors: single-speed or two-speed motors (0.75 to 3.5 HP) and variable-speed motors (1.1 THP, 1.65 THP and 2.7 THP).

usa.speck-pumps.com | (800) 233-8538



Powerclean Salt from CMP saves time at every single service call, the company says. Easily clean the salt cell by hand without harsh chemicals using the included cleaning tool. Powerclean Salt has smart features that dynamically adjust conductivity at low temperatures, extending the life of the cell and improving performance. This chlorine generator enables techs to make up to 2 lbs of chlorine a day themselves.

c-m-p.com/saltyswitch | (800) 733-9060



Blue Square Manufacturing
With a unique, sleek, circular design, the Eclipse virtually disappears in the pool floor by blending into any pool surface. The revolutionary circular channel provides maximum flow and efficiently removes debris, the company says. Use in conjunction with the Blue Square In-Floor System and Abyss Canister to maximize performance.

bluesquaremfg.com | (480) 612-6880



Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises offers the Roll-n-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum, ideal for sand filter cleanouts in commercial equipment rooms. This convenient vacuum removes soil and water around buried pipes. Sand filter changes take less than five minutes, the company says. The vacuum fits all standard two-wheeled construction grade wheel-barrows. At only 42 lbs, this product collects large volumes of material quickly and navigates pump rooms easily.

frankwall.com | (800) 488-9146



Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. offers the Powertouch eTL automatic pool cover controller. This product features a one-finger electronic torque limit adjustment, making it 100% tool-less. PowerTouch allows one person to adjust torque in less than 20 seconds. Installers and end users no longer need to lift auto cover stone lids to adjust the torque on the cover motor. This system is more reliable than mechanical torque limiters, the company says, and is proven to lessen wear-and-tear on cover ropes and drive components.

automatIcpoolcovers.com | (800) 878-5789



Natare Corporation
MicroFlo vacuum sand filters offer durability and minimal maintenance with maximum energy and water savings. These commercial pool filters are constructed from stainless steel and furnished as complete circulation and filtration systems that are engineered to specific pool volume and turnover requirements. Vacuum sand filter modular construction eliminates costly site installation and offers quick installation with 25-year warranties. MicroFlo's vacuum sand regenerative filtration removes particles far smaller than typical pressure filters, the company says — meaning cleaner, clearer water and cryptosporidium control.

natare.com | (800) 336-8828



Thursday Pools
The Double-O7 Round skimmer provides a worry-free system to cut skimmers into fiberglass pools with a common, affordable hole-saw. This round skimmer saves time, money and requires far less skill than traditional cutting of rectangular skimmers, the company says. It allows a rectangular weir to be used in the skimmer assembly, and makes installation easy even for novice installers. This product was designed with a 7-degree angle and a special mounting plate to provide a more polished look that also matches LED lights, returns and other round features in the pool.

thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-POOL



FAFCO offers high-performing solar systems that can heat swimming pools beyond the few warm pool days of summer. Homeowners won't have to pay a dime in swimming pool heating bills, the company says. The company offers a wide range of panel sizes for all styles, shapes and sizes of inground swimming pools.

fafco.com/october | (800) 994-7652



Water Tech Corp
Water Tech has once again improved its popular commercial-grade, Precision 2.0Li battery operated pool cleaner. A new pressure-fitted clamp system with locking pin protects the battery in the motor box. The reinforced battery and motor compartment provides increased durability for service pros by protecting the motor and battery against water damage. This product features an easy push-button on-off switch and two powerful rechargeable lithium batteries with wall and car chargers to ensure commercial cleaning power throughout the day. Completely cordless — no hoses or hookups.

watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800



The Aqua-Rex WK1P is an electronic water conditioner that gets rid of calcium scale on pool tiles, the pool walls, the heater and the salt water chlorine generator. It saves on doing a bead blast and keeps the pool looking its best, the company says. It also reduces phosphates so the water is clearer, and helps chlorine work better. This unit does not require any servicing, chemicals or maintenance.

aqua-rex.com | (702) 304-2170



JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools offers a lightweight pump designed to quickly remove unwanted water from winter pool covers. The unit pumps away 350 gallons per hour to keep the pool safe from the elements while using a standard garden hose connection. This cover pump is heavy duty and fully submersible, making it ideal for water that accumulates rapidly on winter covers. Equipped with a specialized pre-filter to prevent clogs caused by debris. Complete with a 25-foot flexible power cord and a standard hose adapter. UL listed.

jedpooltools.com | (570) 344-4137



The PoolWarden is a water chemistry and feed control system with capabilities to control the pH, sanitizer and temperature on up to two bodies of water at the same time. Water measurements are taken continuously, and PoolWarden's internal relay programming determines if chemical adjustments are needed. With optional gold ORP probes and TrueDPD Colorimetric sensors, this product includes pH and ORP relays along with two auxiliary dry-contact relays that can be used to control a heater and a backup sanitizer. Title 22 compliant.

controlomatic.com | (530) 287-4538



Cardinal Systems
The Retro R10 is a 10-inch vinyl replacement pool light designed to retro-fit all major brand 10-inch niches and pool controllers. This model is exclusively equipped with Adapter Plates to protect a pool's vinyl liner. The Retro R10 can be easily installed with Cam-Lock or Standard method utilizing the Quick Connect Plug to avoid changing existing pool cables. The external heat sink harnesses the full cooling potential of the pool, the company says. Retro R10 provides a bright LED appearance with over 3,000 lumen output.
cardinalsystemsinc.com | (570) 385-4733



Blue Devil by Valterra Products
The King-Fin Wall Brush by Blue Devil has 10 times the scrubbing force of a regular wall brush, the company says. The Dual Action provides the same force on the forward and backward stroke, and it's simple enough for single-handed use. Brush your pool in half the time and half the effort. Available with poly bristles, nylon bristles and combo nylon/stainless steel bristles.

valterra.com/pool-spa-products | (818) 898-1671



Nidec Motor Corp / US Motors
Have you heard the myth that your entire pool pump system needs to be replaced to get variable-speed efficiency? Why replace your whole system when all the efficiency gains are from the motor? Meet the Neptune Variable-Speed Motor from U.S. MOTORS. With an integrated UI, users will find the efficiency savings of replacing the entire system with a variable-speed solution (up to 90%) while saving up to 50% on upfront costs by keeping the current pump, electric and plumbing, the company says.

usmotors.com/pool-spa | (262) 488-1426



Fountain People
Fountain People's new FXPRO Flush-Mount LED underwater light is designed in a niche-housing that is poured flush with the fountain floor or wall, making it ideal for illumination of fountains and splash pads with foot traffic. Made completely of 316L stainless steel, this LED lighting system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the new lighting provides an on-board DMX driver that is individually addressable with a DMX controller. UL/cUL listed,CSA, IP68 and RoHS compliant.

fountainpeople.com | (512) 393-5263



Franklin Electric
Little Giant pool cover pumps help safeguard and protect the pool cover from prolonged accumulation of rain or melting snow. The APCP-1700 features an integrated float switch for reliable automatic operation and activates in 2 inches of water. It offers a 25-foot power cord for convenient installation, and a built-in handle for portability and ease of placement and removal. Little Giant pool cover pumps all connect to a standard garden hose for easy water removal.

littlegiant.com | (260) 824-2900



Chlorine Genie
Chlorine Genie creates the ultimate pool water with a chlorine generator that keeps the corrosive effects of salt out of the pool. The patented electrolytic cell generates organic chlorine to create pool water soft as silk and easy on eyes, skin and hair, the company says. No more damage to plaster or equipment from salt. Sanitize safely without chemical irritants and reduce the frequency of electrolytic cell replacement.

chlorinegenie.com | (800) 970-7616



HIDE introduces the HIDE inlay Lid system. All HIDE Covers create a visually appealing hardscape by covering access points in pools, patios and outdoor living areas, the company says. Users can install their chosen hardscape material into the cover, so it blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Designed for all hardscape installations and renovations, the HIDE 316L stainless steel system comes in various sizes to suit inlay material depths, ranging between 3/8 inches and 2 1/2 inches.

skimmercovers.com | (949) 942-4905



Blue-White Industries
The new FLEXFLO A1A Acid and Liquid Chlorine Feeder is a peristaltic metering pump designed exclusively for commercial aquatics users, particularly those who require higher chemical feed capability for sanitizing and pH adjustment. Additional A1A benefits include remote start/stop, precision-machined squeeze rollers for optimum squeeze and tube life, energy-efficient variable-speed DC motor and built-in tube failure detection. The wide feed range of the A1A — 0.01 to 100 GPD — makes it possible to standardize on one pump for several installations, the company says.

blue-white.com | (714) 893-8529



A brand of Fluidra

Fluidra has updated its high-performance ePump with an advanced new motor, engineered to enhance power and efficiency and make installation and maintenance easier for pool professionals. The Jandy ePump is designed to save electrical costs while providing peaceful operation with "Quiet Pump" technology. Equipped with a large-capacity smooth surface basket for reduced maintenance, the ePump also offers greater flexibility with pool pad setup by providing a variety of installation possibilities. Available in 2.2 and 2.7 THP models, the ePump includes a RS485 Quick Connect port for faster installation and service and is powered by an auto-sensing dual voltage variable-speed motor.

fluidrausa.com | (800) 822-7933


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