Seasonal Shutdown: 2023 Winterizing Product Focus

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It's hard to believe the end of pool season is sneaking up on us. To make sure your customers' pools and spas endure the cold winter months ahead, browse this wide range of products. From safety covers to helpful chemicals, a stress-free close β€” and, by extension, a stress-free spring β€” is possible.





The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs and "E-Z adjust" locking pieces for quick installation. For extra durability, The Cover Company uses Tenara thread made by Gortex in high-stress points. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles, are handled with ease. The company asks that builders looking for a quote fax or email a drawing. | (908) 707-1122





Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
Tara Pool & Outdoor Products' Regular and HD Mesh Safety Covers are now available in gray. This modern and versatile gray mesh fabric complements any outdoor setting. The Regular Mesh offers easy installation, quick water drainage and convenience. The HD Mesh provides 99% shade factor, preventing algae growth and ensuring a clean spring opening. Both covers are built to last and feature heavy-duty springs, stainless steel springs, solid brass anchors, and double-layer webbing for durability. | (866) 725-8272





Latham Pool Products
Latham offers a range of winter pool covers, including mesh pool covers for maximum drainage and inground, solid safety pool covers that block 100% of sunlight in a variety of material weights and colors, says the company. All solid and mesh pool covers can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails. | (800) 833-3800





Closing pools with a quality winter kit can help keep water clear until it's time to open in the spring. Taking steps to properly close your pool means an easier spring opening that can help save effort, time and money when it opens! Available in both 12-K gallon and 24-K gallon kit sizes, BioGuard's Arctic Blue Winter Kit contains Arctic Blue Shock to oxidize and clarify through the off-season, and Arctic Blue Algae Protector to prevent algae growth during winter months. | (800) 932-5943





Natural Chemistry
Using Natural Chemistry's Pool Magic + Phosfree at closing is your secret weapon to set pools up for success at opening. This dual-technology product contains broad-spectrum enzymes to break down non-living waste through the winter, meaning fewer off-season scum lines and a faster turnaround time at opening! Pool Magic + Phosfree also contains a phosphate remover to remove problem-causing phosphates. Add one bottle per 25,000 gallons of pool water at closing to make openings easier than ever before! | (800) 753-1233





Imagine opening your pool in the spring and having it look almost as clean as when you closed it. That's what you can expect from LOOP-LOC's Aqua-Xtreme "Virtually Solid" mesh covers. Aqua-Xtreme covers are tough, built to last and have superior weight-bearing capacity. With ultimate light-blocking fabric, algae growth is deterred and up to 80 gallons per minute can drain without clogging, eliminating the possibility of a standing water hazard. Available in vibrant colors, all covers are supplied with a 15-year, pro-rated warranty. | (800) 562-5667





When pressure is applied to the Aqua Group blow plug, the bungee strap stretches to allow water or air to flow freely. When pressure is relieved, the bungee strap instantly retreats and seals with a unique triple O-ring seal. The technology is reliable enough that it can be used as a hydrostatic relief valve at any depth, the company says. | (800) 492-9569





Water Tech Corp
Cordless and hoseless, with versatile top-side and bottom skimming, the Volt Leaf Vac Recharge is now enhanced with new technology for increased convenience and functionality. The Smart Water Sensor feature, a technology that detects when the unit is in or out of water, automatically turns the Vac on and off, saving battery power and time. To prevent injury, Safe Blade Technology retains the Vac's maximum leaf-capturing ability while decreasing propeller speed and power when rigid objects pass through the intake. | (800) 298-8800





Merlin Industries
Merlin's exclusive patented mesh lets water through while providing 100% shade to significantly reduce algae growth and provide unmatched debris filtration, says the company. SmartMesh offers the highest abrasion resistance, tear strength, burst strength, and sunlight shading around! SmartMesh is backed with a 15-year limited warranty. | (609) 807-1000





Jack's Magic Products
The Magenta Stuff is a multi-purpose sequestering product that has been formulated to prevent and help remove metallic stains and scale in swimming pools by allowing for the filtering of metallic contaminants out of the water. This fast-acting product helps fight stains and scale and is long-lasting to help protect all pool finishes from staining and scaling. | (800) 348-1656





SeaKlear Pool Opening and Winterizing Kit is a high-performance kit that treats up to 20,000 gallons of pool water. This kit contains one quart of 90-Day Algae Prevention & Remover for algae prevention, 1 quart of Metal Klear to help prevent water discoloration and staining, and 1 quart of Free & Klear. Free & Klear is a triple-action formula containing enzymes plus chitosan clarifier to enhance water clarity and a phosphate remover to help maintain low levels of phosphate in the off season. | (800) 753-1233





Little Giant
Water remaining on pool covers for an extended period of time adds extra weight and can cause ripping or tearing, resulting in costly repairs or replacement. Little Giant's APCP-1700 pool cover pump automatically removes water from pool covers, providing added protection from the prolonged accumulation of precipitation. Designed to move 1700 gallons per hour, this pump easily attaches to a standard garden hose for effortless water removal. It boasts an extra-long, 25-foot cord and a three-year warranty. | (800) 701-7894





Anderson Manufacturing Company
Duck Plugs make it fast and easy to winterize plumbing without draining water. They feature a patented duckbill valve that allows a large flow of air and water to be blown from return plumbing while simultaneously preventing water from getting back into the lines. This eliminates the need for draining water below returns and "burping" the lines, making blowing out plumbing a one-man job. The heavy-duty rubber valve is resistant to antifreeze and other chemicals. | (800) 348-1316





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers offers an exclusive pool cover pump with a 40-foot power cord, 15 feet longer than others on the market, allowing for significantly more coverage area. The pump removes water from pool covers and other applications to prevent standing water damage, often without the need for an extension cord and waterproof connector, eliminating the risks associated with using extension cords around the pool. The APCP-1700-40 pump is designed to remove water faster than safety code standards. ASTM approved. | (800) 878-5789





Nature's Care
Nature's Care Open-Close is an environmentally friendly concentrated enzyme formulation ideal for use during pool closings. This product naturally treats water to prevent waterline rings and staining that may form during the off season. Open-Close also helps keep liners supple and protects other vulnerable surfaces from decay. Biodegradable and non-toxic, this product is compatible with all sanitizing systems and water additives. Made in the United States. | (800) 333-0400





Waters Choice
Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate is an NSF-tested and approved, highly concentrated, non-toxic enzyme pool water care treatment. Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate allows for no closing chemicals, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and making winterizing pools simple and affordable. Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate is compatible with all systems, including salt generators. Choose from 16-ounce or 32-ounce, 1-gallon, or 5-gallon options. | (208) 949-2800





Haviland now offers its Blue 22 Winter Mix. This product uses Sub-Zero crystals that are added to protect against common winterizing problems and provides water softeners that make pool openings easier. Compatible with all sanitizing systems, this simple, one-step product was designed to help protect pool surfaces from staining and scaling over the winter β€” making it an ideal winterizing product, the company says. The improved product can treat up to 22,000 gallons with a single application. Available in a 30-pound box. | (800) 333-0400





Aquamatic Cover Systems
Since 1980, Aquamatic Cover Systems has provided peace of mind to families around the world with both the Hydramatic hydraulic automatic and EZ-Cover manual safety swimming pool and spa covers. Both covers are third-party verified (by UL) to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety and satisfy pool barrier codes throughout the United States and Canada. | (800) 262-4044





ProTeam Winter Mix offers a simple, one-step product to help protect pool surfaces from staining and scaling over the winter. The new-and-improved formula features ProTeam Sub-Zero Crystals for added protection against common winterizing problems and provides added water softeners that make pool openings easier. With a single application, it can treat up to 15,000 gallons. | (800) 333-0400





Baleco's Winter Guard Anti-Freeze was created to provide an affordable anti-freeze solution for pool plumbing and equipment. This product is formulated specifically to provide the same freeze-burst protection provided by glycol and glycol-alcohol-based anti-freezes. Ideal for use when winterizing pools, this product can be added directly into pool water without any adverse effects. Made in the United States. | (877) 353-3002





Meyco Pool Covers
Meyco's original MeycoLite mesh covers can fit pools of all shapes and sizes. From small backyard pools to Olympic-sized water parks, MeycoLite covers have a generous weave that eliminates the need to pump off dangerous surface water. MeycoLite allows water to drain through the cover so leaves simply dry up and blow away. Requiring minimal care over the winter, MeycoLite covers are available in five different colors: green, blue, black, mocha and gray. | (800) 446-3926





Garrett Liners & Safety Covers
Garrett safety covers provide a tamper-resistant barrier to help pool owners protect their children, pets and wandering wildlife. Designed to conform to stringent safety performance standards, Garrett's safety covers offer the strength and security that provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind. All safety covers are triple stiched and use a double-webbing system throughout the entire cover for added durability and strength. Offering 14 fabric types and colors, the company uses the highest quality fabric, and every safety cover is custom fit. | (800) 222-3650





Rayner Covering Systems
Rayner offers free measuring and will install safety pool covers for a nominal charge. Rayner guarantees a perfect fit. The dealer simply bills the homeowner direct while Rayner takes all of the responsibility for measurements, fabrication and fit. | (800) 648-0757



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