Spring Forward: 2024 Retail Must-Haves

3 D 424 Aq Protecta Child Fence Lg

Spring is upon us, which means the birds are chirping, the trees are blooming, the clocks have turned an hour ahead, and for the pool and spa industry, it also means pool opening season is right around the corner for those in seasonal areas. As homeowners look to open or simply reevaluate their backyard spaces, help them get inspired with this selection of retail must-haves.



Haviland Pool & Spa
Haviland Pool & Spa offers a new Opening & Closing Kit to help retailers provide their clients with the chemicals they need to both open and close their pools. Designed to decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to either open or close pools, the kit contains a powerful cold-water enzyme cleaner plus a potent sequestrant for metal and calcium control. All the pool operator needs to do is add chlorine. With an attractive, modern design, the kit has a double-sided design that allows retailers to sell them for both seasons.
havilandpool.com | (800) 333-0400





Natural Chemistry
While supplies last and with a minimum purchase requirement, Natural Chemistry offers a beautiful retail display rack for its line of high-end spa water treatment products. With sleek graphics and modern wooden shelving, this retail display rack will enhance any retail store area. Designed for retail operations looking to add a premium line of spa water treatment products, the display rack is available to those purchasing 12 cases of any mix of Natural Chemistry spa products available in the product line, from maintenance and remedy products, to balancing and sanitizing products.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233





RB Retail & Service Software
The new EZ SHOP app provides 'scan and go' shopping to customers within a retail store. This app is easily downloaded from a QR code that can be placed conveniently at the front of the store or at the register. Once downloaded, the app allows current customers to login to their online bill pay to view past orders and transaction history, create shopping lists and allow customers to scan the products they need as they walk through the store. The app will sync with any discounts within the customer's profile and can even be programmed with specials such as BOGO items. All scanned items are quickly pulled up for payment at check out. The app is designed to make shopping fast and easy. The app is a great way to build customer loyalty for your pool, spa and outdoor living business.
rbpoolandspa.com | (866) 933-9099





Water Tech Corp
Water Tech Volt Leaf Vac Recharge easily removes leaves both on the water surface, as well as on pool floors. It works independently from pool filtration systems — no garden hoses or cords needed. An integrated "smart water sensor" detects when a unit is in or out of water, automatically turning it on and off to save battery power. This product includes the Leaf Vac Head with the roller and propeller, two high-capacity leaf bags, a rechargeable, waterproof lithium-ion battery, and a wall charger. It has up to a three hour run time with a two-year limited warranty.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800





Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Co.
Protect-A-Child announces the all-new, patent-pending, modular mesh pool fence. Curved I Beam urethane composite posts help support modular mesh panels that now slide in and out for easy replacement. A low-profile appearance provides maximum transparency, while the post finials cover deck sleeves for a finished, post to ground, appearance. The self closing gates are now 100% composite to meet the National Electrical Code.
protectachild.com | (772) 398-3400





Beluga Pool Solutions
The Beluga Gen2 Solar Pool Heating Device allows users to "heat their pool with a garden hose." Diverting water from your pool 1 1/2 feet return fitting to a garden hose that is exposed to the hot sun saves customers hundreds of dollars on their pool heating bill. The Gen2 model is a field tested version that increases the durability and sustainability of the unit.
belugapool.com | (517) 627-6911





Little Giant
The Main Drain Pump, MDP-1, quickly removes water for easier pool maintenance. Equipped with a 3/4 hp PSC motor, the pump drains water at 4000 gph. The chemical-resistant FKM triple-lip seal endures harsh chemicals found in pools. The pump includes adapters and discharge options, such as a 1 1/4-inch. FNPT discharge, 3/4-inch hose adapter, and 1 1/2-inch diameter hose barb adapter. Finally, it has a 25-foot cord attached to the built-in handle, minimizing the risk of disconnection from the housing.
littlegiant.com | (800) 701-7894





Ultimate Pool Tools
The HyperPole from Ultimate Pool Tools is one of the strongest pool pole's on the market. It reduces user fatigue while simultaneously increasing productivity. This patented technology is easier and faster when making length adjustments, and fits any pool tool without the use of an adapter. The 3K Carbon Fiber weave is high-strength and lightweight, with right angle locking compression speed clamps. It has a unique Stainless Steel Hyper Drain/Fill system and no predetermined set points of extension.
ultimatepooltools.com | (858) 381-7050





Swim Check Fix Phosphate is an innovative and hassle-free solution designed to effectively remove phosphates and maintain crystal-clear water. With its easy-to-use phosphate removing tablets, Swim Check Fix Phosphate ensures a stress-free experience for pool owners, resulting in no liquids, no floc and no cloudy water. Just add directly to a Skimmer Basket.
sensafe.com | (803) 329-9712





An Artificial Intelligence swimming pool alarm designed to detect and alert as soon as a child enters the pool area. With an included alarm for inside the home that has a built-in Wi-Fi repeater and a keypad to arm and disarm the system from outside, there is no other drowning prevention system like SwamCam, the company says.
theswamcam.com | (888) 679-2622





Merlin Industries
The Aqua Staircase is a simple step system for aboveground pools. This staircase features stainless steel hardware and an easy-to-install PVC handrail. Using rotational molding technology, the Aqua Staircase is a one-piece step system manufactured from top-quality PE resins able to support 700 pounds. This technology gave the staircase its smooth bottom edge to make it more liner friendly. The Aqua Staircase comes in The King II and The Duke sizes, and is available in white, gray and blue granite colors.
merlinindustries.com | (609) 807-1000





Kingsley Bate
The Tortola collection now includes a chaise lounge, featuring a raised edge that holds the cushion in place, and adjustable backrest. This addition complements the collection's lounge seating, crafted from rustproof aluminum and all-weather wicker.
kingsleybate.com | (703) 361-7000





Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises offers the new Skim Buddy swimming pool skimmer cleaning tool designed to make cleaning skimmer baskets easier and safer. No more bending over or reaching to pull out skimmer baskets! This tool keeps you from using your bare hands to clean out leaves or other undesirable creatures from skimmer baskets; you will no longer have to touch chlorine sticks, pucks or tablets.
frankwall.com | (800) 488-9146





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers offers a pool cover pump with a 40-foot power cord, allowing for significantly more coverage area. It removes water from pool covers without the need for an extension cord and waterproof connector, helping get pools ready for the swimming season. The APCP-1700-40 pump eliminates risks associated with using extension cords around the pool. Retail display packaging makes it ideal for promotions. ASTM approved.
automaticpoolcovers.com | (800) 878-5789





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools, manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool and spa maintenance equipment, offers a variety of water sports games including soft touch basketballs, two types of water safe footballs, water discs for water tossing and dive sticks. These high-quality water toys promote active play in pools and are ideal to display near the cash register for grab-and-go purchases for clients.
jedpooltools.com | (570) 344-4137





Nature's Care
Nature's Care Instant Cover water surface nano-layer protection instantly prevents evaporation, and therefore, saves energy because it keeps the pool water heated. This environmentally friendly product provides an invisible layer of protection. It can either eliminate or complement cumbersome solar covers in saving water and energy. Perfect to help open pools earlier in the spring so water stays warmer allowing customers to start using their pools sooner. Made in the United States.
naturescarepool.com | (800) 333-0400





HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs
Since 1990, HydroTher Hot Tubs has been a great choice for architects, consultants, designers and facility operators for commercial aquatic applications. HydroTher hot tubs are shipped pre-plumbed and foamed, with a factory installed fiberglass coated support base with all piping labeled for easy connections.
hydrother.com | (905) 890-3111





CCEI USA offers its Vigipool app to provide pool professionals with an easy-to-sell and easy-to-install automation and pool management system for pool owners and service professionals. This app universe uses a simple interface to allow users to automate the temperature, lighting, filtration, pumps and pool water chemistry all from a smartphone. Ideal for pool professionals who want to offer their clients a comprehensive yet intuitive system. Clients and service professionals can access their pool data from anywhere in the world if their Vigipool device is connected to the internet. They can monitor their pool in real-time and receive alerts should their pool equipment have any issues or water chemistry falls out of balance. Pool professionals can now be more proactive with their account, having better customer touch points by providing remote monitoring of their pools and pool routes, providing clients with true 'white-glove' service, irrespective of the pool professional's location.
ccei-pool.com | (424) 800-2191





Rico Rock
The new Jump Rock is made of precast lightweight concrete and provides the simplest, easiest way to provide a spot for kids to jump off the pool edge into the water. Jumping into a pool is one of the most enjoyable things about having a pool and this Jump Rock has a great grip and also encourages safer, feet-first jumping. Easy to display and install.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100





Fountain People
Fountain People's FXPRO Series RGBW12 Spot LED color-changing energy efficient light fixture illuminates underwater, wet or dry locations. Display in retail stores to show light changing effects that can be reproduced in backyard settings. This low-voltage, programmable light fixture has on-board DMX driver for more control and includes an angle adjustable yoke to position the fixture as desired. Unit may be anchored to a finished floor or wall. Freestanding, 3.2-inch diameter, 316L stainless steel construction, 12-watt LED color changing light fixture with (3) RGBW diodes (4000K White). Program with holiday color themes.
fountainpeople.com | (512) 393-5263





SeaKlear Pool & Spa
SeaKlear's popular Pool Opening & Winterizing Kit provides consumers with what they need for easy pool closings and openings in one, easy-to-merchandise box. Each kit includes SeaKlear Free & Klear, a three-in-one product that removes phosphates, reduces oil and controls scum lines. Also includes SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention & Remover and SeaKlear Metal Klear to control metals.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233





SmarterSpa+ now has a smaller control box for its saltwater chlorine generator that includes chlorine control built into the cell; it tests and maintains the chlorine in the spa water. SmarterSpa+ generates chlorine as needed and will never over-chlorinate the spa. The new, smaller control box (2.5-by-4.5 inches) mounts easily to the spa's skirt, then simply add salt and place the electrode into the water. Additionally, the unit comes with an improved, easy-to-use mobile app for automation control.
controlomatic.com | (530) 205-4520





Coral Smart Pool
Meet the world's first AI underwater security camera designed for swimming pool safety, according to Coral Smart Pool. MYLO sits in the corner of your pool, with two cameras that monitor the water from inside as well as out. Pictures from the pool get sent to MYLO's smartphone app, while a built-in alarm system within MYLO emits a sharp audio signal if its AI detects anyone drowning. Moreover, MYLO comes with a separate beacon unit that plugs into your home, too, alerting you when you're inside the house of drowning or any suspicious activity. The two cameras work in tandem to determine who's in your pool, and the AI is trained specifically to identify both struggle drowning as well as silent drowning, alerting you immediately.





One of the widest steps in the industry fits most 5-foot, or larger, spas perfectly. The PowerStep spa step ensures easy access and adds a touch of elegance to any spa. Enjoy seamless entry and exit, eliminating any hassle and discomfort. This step is easy to assemble and can be AccuMatch color paired to match with spa accessories and covers. The durable materials are UV-protected, and the entire step is lightweight at 30 pounds, yet it can hold up to 800 pounds.
powerstep.us | (949) 996-1640





Black Oak Foundry
Black Oak Foundry developed a new line of glass backplates to add that touch of color to any pool or water feature environment. Made from top-quality Bullseye Glass, their glass water features will not fade, tarnish or discolor; they have an indefinite lifespan. Thick enough to be exceptionally strong, available in a rainbow of colors and limited only by your imagination, water feature accessories from Black Oak Foundry give any design the color it deserves.
blackoakfoundry.com | (949) 305-7372





Elevate the spa experience with Spazazz's innovative Hemp Body Soak and Spa Aroma Shock. The chlorine-free Spa Aroma Shock guarantees a clean, chemical-free hot tub soak, gentle on the skin, immersing customer's in an aromatherapy journey. With a unique formulation, it takes just 15 minutes before entering the hot tub to unlock the full benefits, enhancing both convenience and efficiency. The pinnacle of relaxation, the Hemp Soak boasts 1000 mg of hemp per 19-ounce bottle, delivering a potent and rejuvenating spa experience for both body and mind. Spazazz's unwavering commitment to quality positions these products as the epitome of spa essentials, ensuring a top-tier experience for every user, the company says.
spazazz.com | (801) 785-4990





CamerEye is the revolutionary AI smart pool system that's advancing water safety, pool maintenance and alarm inspection, ensuring homeowner peace of mind. CamerEye uses AI visual intelligence to constantly Monitor, Detect and Notify for only people and pets around and in the pool while sending instant notifications and distress alerts when it matters. Provide your customers with a smarter, safer pool they deserve. Contact CamerEye today to become a retailer.
camereye.ai | (800) 906-2810





Cover Butler
In 1994, The anodized aluminum COVER BUTLER Spa Cover Lift was introduced as a unique concept to the spa industry. For over 30 years, this lift has been recognized for its quality, durability and reliability. With recent acquisition change and new marketing strategies COVER BUTLER lifts line has now expanded to six popular models including spa steps. These products represent the most accepted designs with shocks (ShockPro) bottom-mount (Butler), under-mounts (Fulcrum/Rack), top-mount (Pivot/Glide) functions.
coverbutler.com | (800) 940-9497





The Mini Bucket Test is a new and simple do-it-yourself pool leak detector. This replaces the old "Bucket Test" method and the need to explain the process to your customers over and over. Now, store owners can offer a simple solution. Easy instructions are right on the box as well as a "how-to" video on their website. This tool is great to suggest when your customers come in to buy conditioner or salt.
minibuckettest.com | (951) 316-9715



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