Mechanical Maids: 2013 Automatic Pool Cleaner Roundup

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People often joke about robots taking over the world, but sometimes, we’d be okay with it. Case in point: automatic pool cleaners. Thanks to their advanced technology, these little robots keep pools sparkling clean — and the less time people spend cleaning their pool, the more time they have to enjoy it. To learn more about the APCs out there right now, we asked manufacturers to tell us more about their new or bestselling APC. 730-9880

Headquartered in Lakewood, N.J., SmartPool is a leading manufacturer of pool products, including a variety of robotic cleaners. SmartPool robotic cleaners are known for their many patented technological advances, are recognized all over the world for exceptional value, and are also the most energy-efficient in their class, the company says.

Hayward Commercial Pool ProductsHayward Commercial Pool 657-2287

The TigerShark 2 Plus has a preset 7-hour cleaning cycle that turns itself off when it’s done cleaning. It calculates pool size with an on-board computer and programs itself for the most efficient cleaning pattern. Powerful on-board pumps vacuum dirt and debris while scouring the pool bottom, walls, inclines and steps. It features a patented, removable cartridge that can be simply rinsed with a garden hose. TigerShark 2 Plus includes a wireless remote, making it ideal for spot cleaning, the company says.

Pool Systems USAPool Systems 785-0176

The Avenger Pool Cleaner by Pool Systems USA is designed to clean, climb and vacuum your customer’s pool. The Avenger is compatible with all surfaces, making it an ideal vacuum choice, the company says. Contact Pool Systems USA for information about dealer programs.

Zodiac Pool SystemsZodiac Pool 822-7933

A model of efficiency and innovation, the Zodiac MX8 suction pool cleaner is equipped with Cyclonic Suction, offering maximum vacuuming power and speed. The MX8 works with two-speed and variable-speed pumps and requires 30 percent less flow than any other cleaner in its class, operating at only 22 GPM, the company says. Accessories include X-drive technology for maximum torque and maneuverability and a 36-foot twist-locking hose for greater range. 822-7933

The Polaris 9400 Sport robotic pool cleaner features patented Vortex Vacuum Technology, enabling continuous cleaning power without losing suction. Its 4-wheel drive technology aggressively cleans in all directions and provides maneuverability over steps and obstacles. It incorporates an ActivMotion Sensor that automatically senses position and adapts its path to optimize cleaning and prevent cord tangling. The Polaris 9400 Sport cleans in as little as 1.5 hours.

Water TechWater 298-8800

The PRO 1500 by Water Tech is a battery-powered pool cleaner designed for commercial pools. This unit has two times the cleaning time per charge and twice the suction of Water Tech’s residential vacuums, the company says. Each of the two rechargeable batteries provide up to one hour of run time, according to Water Tech. The unit features a 19-inch industrial grade flexible vacuum head with 12 polyurethane ball bearings and an all-new push button on/off switch with an easy snap latch. 448-2343

Dirt Devil, a recognized name in home vacuuming, brings you the Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Vacuum. This advanced product has the power to clean an in-ground pool in three hours by calculating the size of the pool and programming the most time and energy-efficient pattern needed to make sure it’s clean, all while working independently from the pool’s pump and filter, the company says.

Paramount Pool & Spa SystemsParamount Pool & Spa 621-5886

Paramount, a leader in pool technology for more than 50 years, offers a full line of patented, automatic in-floor pool cleaning and circulation systems. They are manufactured in the USA and designed for concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools. Paramount says their vacuums are guaranteed to keep pools 99 percent clean.

Solar Pool TechnologiesSolar Pool 350-7665

Solar-Breeze is a disruptive cleaning product field tested by thousands of pool owners worldwide. According to Solar Pool Technologies, it is the world’s only autonomous solar-powered robot that continually skims the pool surface to remove dust and debris before they sink. The product also dispenses chlorine while in use to help keep pool water clean. 566-0400

The revolutionary PoolCleaner family from Poolvergnuegen includes two- and four-wheel suction PoolCleaners and an innovative pressure PoolCleaner. They are available in dark bottom colors and made in the United States. They are reliable and easy to install, and suitable for all pool surfaces and shapes, the company says.

Pentair Aquatic SystemsPentair Aquatic 693-0171

The newest Kreepy Krauly cleaner for inground pools is more rugged than ever, the company says. Like all Kreepy Krauly cleaners, it has one moving part — no wheels, gears or diaphragms — meaning it can provide years of service without waning performance or the need for replacement parts. It climbs walls to clean from waterline to pool bottom, and removes debris both large and small. Its regulator valve automatically adjusts water flow to maximize cleaning performance. 221-1750

With an award-winning design, the Aquabot Rapids XLS features two large top access filter baskets to make emptying between cleaning cycles simple and easy. Engineered with strong pumps and fine filtration, the Aquabot Rapids XLS has fixed scrubbing brushes to loosen up stubborn dirt and remove more debris and fine particulate to keep pools cleaner and reduce the amount of chemicals needed, the company says.

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