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Every pool and spa owner has one thing in common: they want to enjoy beautiful, clear, clean water. However, the means of reaching that end are just as varied as pool and spa owners themselves — while many are perfectly content with chlorine, others prefer bromine, ozone, UV, minerals and more. These days, choosing a sanitization system is a matter of personal choice, and manufacturers are out in droves with options to please even the pickiest pool and spa owner. Here are just a few. 831-7133

Pentair Commercial Aquatics has improved its popular commercial-grade IntelliChlor for on-site chlorine generation on high-end residential and semi-commercial swimming pools. The new and improved Commercial IntelliChlor electrolytic chlorine generator offers the option of choosing from 2 lbs. per day chlorination output with 1 cell all the way to 32 lbs. per day with 16 cells, the company says.

Gecko AllianceGecko 784-3256

The easy-to-use in.clear system automatically generates and releases bromine into the spa water, rapidly destroying any microbiological contaminants such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter given off by spa bathers, the company says. Because it does not use chlorine, the in.clear system does not produce offensive odors or cause eye irritation. 597-5651

Solar Clear (pictured) and Solar Pur are all-natural solar-powered water purifiers. While the performance of conventional sanitizers can diminish in the hot sun, Solar Clear and Solar Pur were created to thrive in harsh conditions, the company says. The products feature a powerful mineral ionizer that kills and prevents algae growth and reduces chlorine use by 80 percent in any pool up to 32,000 gallons — and does so safely, as customers can swim while Solar Clear/Pur is in use, the company says. No installation is required.

Wailani Natural Purewater SystemsWailani Natural Purewater 519-7073

Since 1977, Wailani has been one of the most advanced manufacturers of mineral purifiers for pools, spas and koi ponds in the United States, the company says. Field help at your site is available; go online to see the company’s product selection.

ClearWater TechClearWater 262-0203

Replace chlorine and other chemicals in your pool water with the Apex VI ozone system from ClearWater Tech. Easy to install, this wall-mounted system is perfect for high-end residential swimming pools, producing 8.0 grams of ozone per hour, allowing homeowners to improve water quality while saving time, money and energy, the company says.

Oreq CorpOreq 420-3255

Chillin’ Charlie is the newest addition to Oreq’s family of chlorinators and brominators. The iceberg-shaped base features an adjustable flow rate canister, and the device tips over to let the owner know it’s time to refill, the company says. 866-1200

The automated ChemSaver Zero Salt and Carbon Dioxide pH control make this active oxygen, ionic copper system the choice for more than 300 pool builders in 121 countries since 1994, the company says. The system is timed in minutes per day, hours per day and hours per week and automatically repeats to simplify pool ownership.

Del OzoneDel 676-1335

The Solar Eclipse Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system uses a combination of Advanced Plasma Gap ozone technology (patent pending) and germicidal UV light to produce hydroxyl free radicals, the most effective oxidation agent available for pool sanitation. With the Solar Eclipse, pool owners can safely reduce chlorine to a lower level than with any other method, the company says. 657-2287

The Hayward Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator, Saline C 6.0, is NSF listed and designed to produce up to 6 lbs. of chlorine per day, the company says. Utilizing a single industrial-grade cell and power supply, the need for daisy-chained cells is eliminated, which lowers your ecological footprint and installation costs. This product affords users the ability to enjoy a natural enjoyable swimming experience with an eco-friendly, low cost chlorine solution.

IPS ControllersIPS

Check in on chemical control activity for all your pools, spas and water features in real time with the IPS Controller M920. The smartphone- and tablet-friendly controller has web-based programming, monitoring, multiple email and testing options for alert notification and optional Wi-Fi. This automated pH, dual ORP controller is NSF certified and compatible with all sanitizing methods, including liquid, tablets, granular and salt chlorine generators. Push-button technology allows for quick, simple operation, and the unit is preassembled on a mounting board, making installation easy, the company says.

Pioneer H20Pioneer 985-2920

ISIS (or “intelligent spa integrated system”) bromine generators are a leader in spa salt bromine generation, the company says. Powered by 120 or 240 volts at 50 or 60 cycles, they have full on-board diagnostics and unequaled technical support for you and your customers.

ControlOMaticControlOMatic 906-8239

The TechniChlor saltwater sanitizing system is designed specifically for spas. The easy-to-use spa sanitation system supplies hot tubs with continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without cumbersome control boxes, separate knobs, buttons or timers — it’s all built-in, the company says. The TechniChlor retrofits to any existing hot tub and is made in the USA.

Delta UVDelta 889-8765

The new BlueLine UV Series by Delta UV offers a new look for its line of sanitizing UV products. Clean Light UV technology removes the smell of chlorine and helps prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair while destroying microorganisms not destroyed by chlorine and salt systems, the company says. Made in the USA, the product fits pools of any size. 646-2224

The ThomsonTec copper silver ionization system blends ancient knowledge with modern technology to purify and sanitize pool and spa water, the company says. Easy to install, the system is ETL listed and certified by Health Canada. Available in 12 models, ThomsonTec says the system reduces chemical use by up to 90 percent.

King TechnologyKing 222-0169

Ideal for customers with aboveground pools, FROG is an easy watercare system with less work and less chlorine, the company says. The product includes a DIY installation video so customers can enjoy the FROG in less than an hour.

Chlorine GenieChlorine 723-0400

Chlorine Genie is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and development in pool purification, the company says. Salt is added to the Chlorine Genie unit, which works independently from the filtering equipment to process the salt into chlorine, which is automatically dispensed into the pool. The product can sanitize pools up to 40,000 gallons using just 100 watts of power.

Aqua Sun OzoneAqua Sun 320-8500

Aqua Sun Ozone offers a complete line of spa ozone products. The XL 30 Spa Ozonator delivers consistent ozone, won’t burn out or corrode and removes impurities and micro-organisms in spa water. In addition, the company’s patented micro-ozone cell provides consistent ozone output with less heat, energy and nitric acid. There are no cartridges, chips or bulbs to replace.

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