Quick Tips: June 2013

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As a retailer, service pro or builder, you know it's often the little touches that make a big difference. At AQUA, we often hear little tidbits of information — the small marketing strategies, a customer service perk or retail display tip, for example — that we know we have to share with our readers.

Check out these tips, and please share your tips with us for future editions — just email [email protected]  

Retail: A Key for Better Customer Service‘We have coded lock boxes outside the store, this allows customers to pick up their products after hours. They simply make their purchase and we email them the locker number and 4-digit code. This allows them to come anytime at their convenience. Anything I can do to compete with Amazon, I will.”Taken from our SOI survey 

Service: Mark Your Territory“We have a habit of putting our name on the filtration system. The idea is that when they have a problem, our name is right there with our telephone number.”Jeff KnappOwner, The Pool DoctorPiedmont, Ala.  

Retail: Beg the Question“Someone gave me one of the best ideas, I thought it was so clever. This girl sells inSPArations, these little packets you put in the spa to scent the spa, and they hadn’t been selling. So she took the little packets and she made a question mark out of them on the floor. People started asking about them, and she sold 10 sets that day. I thought that was brilliant!”Merry WiseCo-Owner, Wise Pools, andPresident, Retrospective PublishingThe Woodlands, Texas

Service: Streamline with SoftwareMany service professionals still opt for paper records instead of electronic systems. Jim Quitugua, software training and support manager for Zodiac Pool Systems, understands that perspective.

“Since most swimming pool service companies do not have computer backgrounds, they usually are not aware of options available to them, and it is scary to make major investments in infrastructure without knowing what the return on investment will be,” he says.

At the same time, however, Quitugua is an advocate for software options because of their ability to streamline operations and save time. 

“Both time and information are very valuable to a service company,” says. “Having access to information without having to call someone is valuable to the service company and the customer.”

For example, Quitugua says service software can track routes, send invoices, manage schedules, maintain records and more. And while making your life easier is one big benefit, Quitugua also suggests you use software as a way of meeting your customer’s needs. 

“Customers today expect more of their service providers and technology can help them accomplish that goal,” Quitugua says.

Jim QuituguaSoftware Training and Support ManagerZodiac Pool Systems

Have a great tip? Share it with us: [email protected]

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