IPSPE 2012 Show Products

Walking the trade show floor can be a little daunting — after all, there are hundreds and hundreds of booths to visit and a slew of cool products to see. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below, check out what major manufacturers will offer at this year’s Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in New Orleans.

Plastimayd/ VynAll/ CoverLogixPlastimayd/ VynAll/ CoverLogixwww.plastimayd.com, www.vynall.com, www.coverlogix.comBooth 3149

Plastimayd, VynAll and CoverLogix offer precision-crafted inground vinyl pool liners and advanced custom safety cover systems manufactured in four locations nationwide, and do so with the fastest delivery and service, the companies say. In particular, look out for the Ultra-Mayd extended life liners, exclusive new mesh and solid material options for safety covers, as well as Xtreme padding for cover protection.

PoolifePoolifewww.poolife.comBooth 631

Poolife is excited to announce the redesigned Exclusive Pool Care Collection. With a vivid new color palette, eye-catching illustrations and a user-friendly legend for their 3-step system, poolife says their collection sets the tone for poolside fun.

Gecko AllianceGecko Alliancewww.geckoalliance.comBooth 1655

Move over, boombox. According to Gecko Alliance, the In.stream allows users to stream music to the spa in a new way. With Bluetooth technology, digital media players and internet radio can be paired with the In.stream system, which Gecko Alliance says easily installs under the skirt of the spa for easy listening.

LaMotte CompanyLaMotte Companywww.lamotte.comBooth 600

According to LaMotte, their WaterLink Spin Lab can analyze a customer’s pool or spa water in just 60 seconds. To use this photometer, the user fills the spin reagent disk with water, inserts the disk into the reader and runs the test. Sixty seconds later, the results are transferred to DataMate 10 software and analyzed. LaMotte calls the system groundbreaking and says anyone can use it successfully.

RB Control SystemsRB Control Systemswww.rbcontrolsystems.comBooth 445

RB Control Systems, known for their selection of pool and spa business management software, has added new features to make business go smoothly. Such features include return goods orders, RB Mobile Live, RB online bill pay and more. Stop by the booth for a demo and show specials.

AdvantisAdvantiswww.UltimaPoolSpa.comBooth 631

Ultima’s line of specialty pool and spa products has a new look. Thanks to the new label design, the Ultima brand is now easier to recognize, recommend and sell, says Advantis.

Natural ChemistryNatural Chemistrywww.naturalchemistry.comBooth 101

This year at PSP, Natural Chemistry is featuring a new technology: Scale Free. This product, compatible with all pool surfaces, protects pools from the damaging effects of scale buildup due to excess calcium, iron, copper and other minerals — and does so without phosphates or harsh acids, the company says.

PristineBluePristineBluewww.pristineblue.comBooth 1700

PristineBlue is a non-chlorine chemical system of six products. Its formula is EPA registered in every state and certified as a drinking water additive, making it possible for users to treat their pool water with the same chemical used in many US drinking water supplies, PristineBlue says. In addition, the company says PristineBlue requires attention just once every two weeks.

Magic PlasticsMagic Plasticswww.magicplastics.comBooth 1151

New from Magic Plastics are the Retro Replacement Smart Check valve bodies. According to the company, the product is ideal for upgrading center-popped springs or older Swing Check Acme threaded valves, and there’s no need to purchase the entire valve assembly and discard the union fittings. Sold separately as a replacement body in 1- and 2-inch sizes, the company says the valve maintains the same full-flow design as the Smart Check valves.

L.A. SpasL.A. Spaswww.LAspas.comBooth 1069

At PSP, L.A. Spas will feature six new models that the company says have the look and feel of premium models without the premium price tag.

King TechnologyKing Technologywww.kingtechnology.comBooth 813

FROG Minerals, from King Technology, provides cleaning solutions for the portable pool market with 50 percent less chlorine. Available January 2013, the FROG Pop-Up Pool Sanitizer is a long-lasting, disposable product that sanitizes pools from 2000 to 5000 gallons. The minerals last six months or one pool season (whichever is shorter), and the chlorine lasts two to four weeks, the company says. When the sanitizer is empty, the sanitizer alerts the user by flipping over.

Clearwater SpasClearwater Spaswww.clearwaterspas.comBooth 2615

Clearwater Spas offers multicolored LED stainless steel jets for the perfect mood lighting, the company says. These jets, with graphite accents, provide more than seven color transitions that can be programmed to a variety of settings. In addition, the company offers a new Bluetooth sound system and clean light technology, which uses UV-C ultraviolet light to help destroy microorganisms, bacteria and help reduce chemical usage with spa water maintenance.

Latham InternationalLatham Internationalwww.pacificpools.comBooth 1121

Latham is excited to announce a new corporate identity and mission statement at PSP. Learn more about how the company will stand behind dealers with innovative products and industry-leading support at booth 1121.

Anderson Manufacturing CompanyAnderson Manufacturing Companywww.leaktools.comBooth 2051

Anderson Manufacturing Company’s LT2200 “Wireless” Vinyl Liner Leak Detector takes the company’s LeakTrac technology and melds it with the latest in wireless convenience. The result? A product that finds the source of leaks in minutes without dye, draining, getting soaked or unruly cables. Quick setup and operation will save your time and make leak detection more efficient, the company says.

Cover-PoolsCover-Poolswww.coverpools.comBooth 2029

With 50 years of experience, Cover-Pools says their job is to create a pool cover that complements your design by providing safety, low-maintenance and energy savings. The latest technologies at Cover-Pools include a 110,000-cycle ultimate rope; additions to Corr-Resist technology, which the company says is the most corrosive-resistant product in the pool cover industry; and integration with Zodiac’s iAquaLink.

Caldera Spas/Watkins MfgCaldera Spas/Watkins Mfg.www.calderaspas.comBooth 1611

Caldera Spas says they’re all about “pure comfort, pure performance and pure style.” With their Cantabria spa, Caldera focuses on therapeutic healing. The spa features a spacious interior and fluid forms that allude to natural healing pools, as well as the UltraMasseuse System, which has customizable settings to allow users to create their own hydromassage, the company says.

UnicelUnicelwww.unicelfilters.comBooth 1351

Unicel offers a full line of replacement filter elements and DE grids. They include replacement pleated elements for all makes of pool and spa cartridge filter systems; replacement rectangular DE grids (center port, top port and offset top port) and replacement vertical DE grids for both up-flow and down-flow filter systems made to exact OEM specifications.

SeaKlearSeaKlearwww.seaklear.comBooth 640

SeaKlear, which offers natural, eco-friendly water treatment products for pools and spas, introduces Rescue Klear, a new product designed to quickly clear cloudy pool water. The company says the product is perfect for cleaning up spills, excess mud, paint and algae, or cleaning after heavy bather loads. The company is also set to debut a new product delivery system Nov. 7 at 2:15 p.m.

Pentair Aquatic SystemsPentair Aquatic Systemswww.pentaircommercial.comBooth 1101

Pentair Aquatic Systems offers pumps, filters and heaters designed to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. New to the product family is the IntelliZone Ozone generator, which disinfects water and reduces chlorine consumption by up to 50 percent. In addition, Pentair offers the ADA-compliant AquaTRAM handicapped lift and a complete line of deck equipment for commercial pool needs.

PoolvergnuegenPoolvergnuegenwww.thepoolcleaner.comBooth 427

Made in the USA, Poolvergnuegen’s product line includes 2- and 4-wheel suction PoolCleaners and the innovative Pressure PoolCleaner. With the patented power-adjusting turbine and tire tread design, these pool cleaners overcome obstacles in their path, the company says. In addition, the suction cleaners are now available in dark bottom colors. Visit the booth for show specials.

Aquamatic Pool CoversAquamatic Pool Coverswww.aquamatic.comBooth 2831

Stop by the Aquamatic Pool Covers booth to see four fully-functional displays of pool and spa covers.

Splash-A-Round PoolsSplash-A-Round Poolswww.splasharoundpools.comBooth 2151

Just in time for the 2013 season, Splash-A-Round Pools offers the Mighty Vac automatic pool cleaner. Designed to work with the smallest pumps, ranging from 1,000 gph to 2,500 gph in size, the Mighty Vac has only one moving part and can be installed in minutes — no tools required, the company says. The user-friendly product is compatible with most Intex-size pools.

LOOP-LOCLOOP-LOCwww.looploc.comBooth 2020

LOOP-LOC introduces IMAGE-LOC, a revolutionary new way to measure for safety covers in that no point-to-point measurements are required, the company says. Instead, the user takes photographs and submits them to LOOP-LOC for highly accurate measurements — all of which can be done with just one person.

Pegasus ProductsPegasus Productswww.pegasus-products.comBooth 1250

Since 1982, Pegasus Products has manufactured vinyl pool liners for inground and aboveground pools. They can craft custom liners for any pool regardless of shape or size. Drop by the booth to see their pattern options.

Byron OriginalsByron Originalswww.ByronOriginalsInc.comBooth 1750

Byron Originals introduces the new UltraLift cover lifter. With patented sliding mounting brackets, the cover lifter can adapt to nearly any spa size and configuration. With a stock manual lifter and hydraulic assist or undermount accessories packages, there’s no need to stock three separate lifters. And the company says the UltraLift, made with aircraft-grade aluminum/cold-rolled steel brackets, which are e-coated and powder coated, is built to last.

Coast SpasCoast Spaswww.coastspas.comBooth 1369

According to Coast Spas, it’s possible to bring the foot massage to the spa with their AquaSole Massage jets. These two large jets in the foot well of many Coast Spa models provide gentle and rhythmic massage from the heels through the arch and to the toes. The user simply presses his feet against the jets and can feel the swirling water action work on all areas of the feet.

FinnleoFinnleowww.finnleo.comBooth 521

Finnleo says their InfraSauna combines the best of both worlds: traditional and infrared saunas. If your clients are split between a traditional and infrared sauna, or if your clients like both and don’t want to compromise, the InfraSauna is an ideal suggestion, the company says. The InfraSauna is available in custom and modular plans.

Cover ValetCover Valetwww.covervalet.comBooth 1521

At PSP, Cover Valet will feature their full line of spa accessories. Stop by the booth for show-only promotions, including the new bundle, which includes a spa cover lifter, step and fragrance for one low price — or mix and match products to create a package that works for your spa store.

FilburFilburwww.filburmfg.comBooth 1363

Filbur says their Pure ‘n Clean product is a professional-grade cartridge and D.E. filter cleaner. The product melts away calcium, minerals, dirt and oils, which saves cleaning time and restores efficiency and flow rate to your filter. The spray-and-rinse formula is environmentally friendly and won’t harm grass or plantings. And the product also works to clean patio furniture, pool equipment, acrylic spas and boats, Filbur adds.

BioLabBioLabwww.biolabinc.comBooth 1120

BioLab says their new Angry Egg is a powerful, chlorine-free formula that cleans cloudy pool water on contact and is ideal for fighting impurities like rain, sweat, body oils, spills and pet dander. With sink-to-float technology, the Angry Egg sinks to the pool bottom for a deeper clean and rises to the surface when finished. No measuring, pouring or testing is needed, and the no-chlorine formula means there’s no way to overdose, the company says. The Angry Egg is compatible with all pool sanitation systems; one egg treats up to 15,000 gallons.

inSPArationinSPArationwww.insparation.comBooth 2133

InSPAration’s top 24 liquids are all now Rx-enhanced with natural extracts and vitamins and are available in 9 oz. liquid bottles and ½ oz. liquid pillow packets. The 24 scents are also available in a crystal Rx formula, which includes Epsom salt, solar sea salt, vitamins and natural extracts, the company says.

AquaChekAquaChekwww.aquachek.comBooth 2038

AquaCheck’s TruTest digital test strip reader does the work for you by providing automated color matching, the company says. Improved functions include auto-timer, color-matching controls and a new instruction guide. Visit the booth to see the improved TruTest and other new products for 2013.

Haviland Pool & SpaHaviland Pool & Spawww.havilandpool.comBooth 2221

Haviland Pool & Spa manufactures six brands of pool and spa chemicals as well as hose products in the U.S.A., including ProTeam, Clear Result, Haviland Durachlor, SpaPure, Caribbean Blue, Ocean Breeze and Haviland Contoured Plastics. Visit the booth to learn more.

Tallman PoolsTallman Poolswww.tallmanpools.comBooth 1851

Tallman Pools manufactures custom one-piece fiberglass pools, offering 35 models in Diamond Tech colors backed with a 50-year warranty, the company says. Visit the booth to see a full-size pool display.

Baker HydroBaker Hydrowww.waterco.usBooth 1809

Baker Hydro is back at PSP with their line of products for pool retailers, service companies and builders. Visit the booth to see their selection.

APIAPIwww.apiwater.comBooth 1640

API announces a redesigned EZ Spa brand. With new packaging design, color-coding by product and simplified label directions, the company says the new look improves shelf presence and the user experience for the retailer and spa owner alike. In addition, API offers a new boxed kit that includes everything spa owners need for startup and maintenance, the company says. Stop by the booth for a chance to win a year’s supply of EZ Spa’s 7-in-1 formula, which the company says treats spa water with fewer chemicals.

Allied InnovationsAllied Innovationswww.alliedinnovations.comBooth 2056

Allied Innovations invites you to join their team and distribute products by Len Gordon, Spa Builders, Brett Aqualine, Gecko and Aqua-Flo among others. The company says they provide real-time pricing, frequent inventory updates, same-day shipments and freight programs for stocked items in an expanded warehouse of parts. Visit the booth to see the new products and take advantage of specials and giveaways.

Diamond SpasDiamond Spaswww.diamondspas.com

Diamond Spas’ stainless steel spas are fabricated with the highest quality of stainless steel available, the company says. Guaranteed not to blister, crack or fade, the company says stainless steel is an ideal material for spa construction. The spa seats up to six and comes with a spillover water sheet feature, two-level bench seating and 16 massage jets.

Jack’s MagicJack’s Magicwww.jacksmagic.comBooth 2330

New from Jack’s Magic is The Magenta Stuff, which the company says is an advanced start-up and stain-fighting product for a beautiful, stain-free pool. The fast-acting, long-lasting sequestrant helps protect all pool finishes from staining and scaling, and is compatible with all systems, salt included.

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