Quick Tip: Preserving Portable Spa Covers

photo of hot tub coverPortable spa covers are a maintenance item, like tires on a car, and they must be replaced occasionally, yet consumers don’t look forward to the expense of a replacement cover any more than they look forward to coughing up $500 for new tires.

There are certain things customers can do to prolong the life of their cover: use a lifter, keep the water balanced and don’t let kids jump on it. “Customers will ask me, ‘How long should a cover last?’” says Troy Derheim, owner of Tubs of Fun in Fargo, N.D. “I have some people who have bought the least-expensive cover and it has lasted them seven years.

“In general, I tell clients: A cover will last as long as you take care of it, just like anything in life,” adds Derheim. “If you put marine-grade protectant on the vinyl and add a bubble cover below the spa cover, which stops some of the abuse from the water below it, it’ll make your cover last longer. So I’ll upgrade them to buying a $29 floating cover to go on the surface of the water and that will protect the bottom of the larger, more-expensive cover better.”

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