The Heat is On: 2021 Saunas Product Focus

Saunaofen Cilindro 2

Consumers the world over are enjoying the health benefits of saunas, especially this past year amid the global pandemic. We take a look at the newest models, offering a wide range of experience customization, from industry-leading manufacturers.



Pf Sauna Finlandia Sm

The Cilindro heater is the electric version of Finlandia's Legend wood-burning stove. A massive amount of stones are visible from the front, and water can be ladled from the top or splashed on the front to produce humidity. Cilindro can be used with the Xenio Digital Control or F2T wall control and FX contactor. | (800) 354-3342



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Dundalk LeisureCraft
The Pure Cube CU580D Outdoor Sauna DUAL Model has a built-in outdoor shower on one end, with louvered privacy panels and a stainless steel shower fixture. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with the optional semi-privacy panels that still have the double pane glass with a fixed cedar grill on the outside. The Pure Cube CU580D DUAL Sauna comes in easy-to-assemble wall and roof panels with a full cedar floor and EPDM rubber roof. This model comes with the customer's choice of electric heater or Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater and comfortably seats up to three adults. | (888) 923-9813



Www 921 Aq Nordic Sauna1 Sm

Nordic Sauna
With new and modern sauna designs, it's not just about the heat of the room β€” it's about creating a multi-sensory experience. With the ability to adjust and change multiple factors in the sauna, Nordic Sauna is able to create the ultimate escape for each user. Since saunas are now a focal point in homes, hotels and wellness centers, don't settle for an out-of-the-box solution β€” choose a custom kit design by Nordic. | (800) 472-8627



Vvv 921 Aq Finnleo2 Sm

Finnleo's rock tower heater, the Himalaya, combined with digital control via the worldwide SaunaLogic2 mobile app, is a powerful sauna heater/control combination. This product provides the ultimate wellness enhancing home sauna experience, the company says. The Himalaya's unique features include 210 lbs of rock and BWT technology for a multi-layered sauna experience (flexi-sauna or hot and dry sauna). Users are able to operate the Himalaya heater from a mobile phone. | (800) FINNLEO



Xxx 921 Aq Thera Sauna1 Sm

TheraSauna, the highest-rated, most positively reviewed infrared sauna β€” according to the company β€” has been leading the way as the only handcrafted infrared sauna made in the U.S. TheraSauna's "TheraMitters" are the most advanced infrared heating technology on the market. Due to their unique concave shape, infrared is emitted at much wider, more concentrated infrared wavelengths. Therasauna's Patented StableHeat consistently produces far infrared to maximize efficiency and health benefits. This unique technology is like no other, the company says. | (888) 729-7727


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