Remembering Glen “Skip” Greggs


UnnamedThe world of the swimming pool industry mourns the passing of a distinguished figure, Glen “Skip” Greggs, a true legend. His departure leaves a legacy resonating with profound impact. Skip Greggs, originally from Stoney Point, N.Y., was more than a mere presence; he was a beacon of inspiration whose influence reached far and wide.

Skip's professional journey began with a dedicated four-year service in the U.S. Air Force after completing high school. However, it was in 1970, upon relocating to Margate, Fla., that he embarked on an extraordinary career within the pool industry. The establishment of his own pool service and retail establishment, Poogie Pools, marked the beginning of a dedicated 50-year odyssey.

A tireless advocate for the pool industry, Skip's expertise flourished during his three-decade tenure at Team Horner, complemented by significant contributions to Sheer Descent Waterfalls and Jandy Teledyne Laars. Renowned as an expert speaker and trainer, Skip's passion for educating and sharing knowledge on heat pumps and salt chlorine generators reached global audiences, left an enduring mark on swimming pool professionals worldwide.

For Skip, Team Horner was more than a workplace; it was a second family. A pioneer in the swimming pool heat pump industry, he worked determinedly both domestically and internationally, embodying an unwavering commitment to fostering relationships and imparting wisdom. His influence on Team Horner, acknowledged through accolades like the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 and Hall of Fame induction in 2021, solidified his status as a pathfinder and trailblazer within the Team's history.

Yet, amid his distinguished career, Skip held his immediate family as the focal point of his life. Celebrating 58 years of marriage with his beloved wife, Sherry, and raising two children, Skip's dedication to family surpassed all else. Their son, Phil and his wife, Nicole, have three children (Hunter, Charlotte and Sam) who all loving refer to Grandpa as Pop-pop. Their daughter, Heather and husband, Anthony, have a son, Kayden, and another baby on the way. His beloved family stands as living testaments to the love and warmth he cultivated at home.

To those fortunate enough to cross paths with Skip, his contagious passion and joy were unmistakable. For those privileged to be close, he will forever be remembered as a devoted family man, a passionate mentor, and a loyal friend. In the wake of Skip's departure, we not only mourn the loss of an industry icon but celebrate a life that enriched the hearts of all who were touched by his presence. Glen "Skip" Greggs will forever be remembered with deep admiration and gratitude. 

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