Float Like A Duck Establishes Water Safety Hero Award

Float Like A Duck, a water safety initiative presented by Paragon Pools Las Vegas established an awards program to recognize Water Safety Heroes across the globe. The introduction of the Water Safety Hero Award is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to enhance a culture of water safety.

The award was established to acknowledge those who embody traits of a Hero; courage, passion, integrity, confidence, honesty, patience, selflessness, caring, supportive and humility, in the name of water safety.

The award is presented in two distinct categories: performance of a lifesaving act and promotion of water safety. These Heroes embody individuals of all ages and skill levels; from first responders to young swimmers.

“We noticed many of our water safety associates and news outlets were posting incredible stories about individuals who assisted someone in distress,” states Paragon Pools President Joseph M. Vassallo. “We applaud the rescuer’s actions. They recognized someone was in trouble, they kept calm and took the appropriate actions preventing a tragedy from occurring.”

“Awareness of others in any water environment is important,” notes Vassallo. “We want to encourage adults and kids to be vigilant, exercise caution and follow recommended rescue tactics when attempting to aid someone. Actions such as calling 911, Reach-Throw-Don’t GO and issuing CPR.”

Performed a Lifesaving Act: Recognizes those who have come to the rescue of others, resulting in a successful lifesaving act. Certificate Inscription: This special recognition is bestowed upon you for your courageous, swift and heroic actions in aiding, someone in aquatic distress.

“We also became aware of a vast contingency of activists who have established water safety education as an on-going movement. Thus, we felt this was also an important group to recognize.”

Promotion of Water Safety: Recognizes those who have actively developed and presented water safety programs to benefit their community. Certificate Inscription: This special recognition is bestowed upon you (your group, or organization) for heightening the awareness of Water Safety through Programming, Training and/or Education.

“By highlighting these Water Safety Heroes and their actions, we hope to encourage and inspire others to be vigilant around all water environments as well as become water safety enthusiasts in their community,” states Vassallo.

Along with the inscription, the official certificate features an image of Duckie, the Float Like A Duck Mascot presenting the specially designed medallion. Water Safety Hero accolades will be posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nomination forms are available for download at Water Safety Hero .

The inaugural group of awards are presented to five Water Safety Heroes. Read the stories of their heroic lifesaving act.

Daviahn Thrasher
Maj. William Easter
Gavin Pike
Casey Humphries and Victor Jordan

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