Pool Gnome's Best and Worst Cities for Hot Tubs

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Pool Gnome, a leading hot tub servicing company, ranked 2024's best and worst cities for hot tub lovers, but the results might surprise you.

Using seven different metrics, such as the number of hot tub dealers, average utility bills and periods of extreme cold, Pool Gnome compared 500 of the United State's largest cities. It turns out, the best city in the United States for hot tubs was found to be Colorado Springs, Colo., and then on the other end of the spectrum, Edinburg, Texas, was said to be the least compatible hot tub city.

Notable trends that were also found in Pool Gnomes study were that the coldest cities — including Duluth, Minn. and Anchorage Ala. — had fairly low demand, as well as a lack of availability. Additionally, warmer cities like Las Vegas and Reno, Nev., were still partial to a hot soak pushing past much chillier municipalities. Overall, the data showed that the best place for hot tub lovers is near the coasts, particularly near the Rocky Mountains, where one can soak in the cold nights and fluffy snow, but still steer away from the high cost of heating a tub in the winter months. 

It is no surprise that states like California and Texas took up the caboose of the hot tub train, with many cities in those states having both low demand and high temperatures. However, the irony with these states is that they're both leaders in the pool and spa industry, making you wonder if maybe coastal and lone-star residents would much rather go cool off in their backyard oasis than soak in a hot spa.

View the full list of rankings here. 

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