Pkdata Announces Partnership

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Pkdata and H2O Marketing Solutions finalized a partnership late last month that will strengthen the alliance between the two companies and will make Jerry Kisgen, co-founder of H2O, the executive director of Pkdata’s Pool and Hot Tub division.

This deal comes nearly three months after the passing of former Pkdata CEO and President Bil Kennedy, who had been running the company since its inception in 1988.

Says Max Kennedy, CEO and president of Pkdata: “My father is irreplaceable. There will never be another like him. He practically invented pool and spa data language. Losing him, we felt the absence of an in-house expert who had so many decades of industry experience, someone who could ‘talk shop’ with our clients. Jerry is that guy.”

The alliance between Pkdata and H2O will amplify the strengths of each company to supply the industry with market research and digital services. The collaboration is a win-win for both companies, who offer synergistic products and services that align without cannibalizing either business. The partners will collectively market products and services to a broader audience of all types of clientele in the pool and hot tub industry. All sales of data, through reports, consultation or similar, will now be done under one roof at Pkdata.

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