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The legendary Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy and PoolGal Award Ceremony looked a little different this year, but there was no shortage of celebration to be had. The winners were announced in a live broadcast from Pleatco’s brand-new production facility in Louisville, Ky., on the evening of Nov. 19. The event was the first of its kind in the pool and spa industry, with candidates, sponsors and presenters joining from all over the country to recognize the winners of our industry's most prestigious service honor. This year’s Perfect PoolGuy and Gal received prize packages worth thousands of dollars, flush with products from sponsors and free training.

Meet the 2020 Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy and Gal below.



 2020 Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy

Jesse Gist
Gallagher Pools
Westminster, Md.

Jesse Gist entered the industry 20 years ago as a crew helper with Gallagher Pools and Spas. Over the years, he’s done nearly everything there is to do in the service field, working his way through the ranks to become the skilled service technician he is today. The Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Award is a monumental capstone commemorating his time within the industry and his company.

Gist expertly balances his role as a family man with the heavy demand required during peak season. He treats his customers like family, too — they recognize him as a trustworthy face.

“The most rewarding part about working with my company is knowing that no matter what the job is, I’m going to go into somebody’s backyard and get it fixed,” Gist says. “And every customer here has faith in me to be able to get the job done and get it done the right way.”

A true leader, Gist is the recognized source of knowledge for any issue. If he somehow doesn’t have an answer, he works tirelessly to find one. He says one of the unique challenges he faces as lead service tech is knowing that there’s nobody behind him to get jobs done. It’s up to Gist to be a “finisher” and find the solution, all while making sure things get done safely and correctly.

“Jesse maintains the highest standards technically, and is loved by his customers,” says Seth Soltow, chief operating officer at Pleatco. “He works for the next generation of owners in a company that has an extraordinarily deep history in the industry.”

“Jesse is a humble backyard hero who puts everyone including his family and customers before him.Most importantly, he’s a role model and a mentor for the young team that he works closely with.”

Gist accepted the 2020 Perfect Pool Guy Award in a live ceremony broadcasted from Pleatco's new production facility in Louisville, Ky.

“I want to thank all of the sponsors for this, and I also want to thank my boss, Randy Gallagher, who is a phenomenal person,” Gist says. “Thanks to Josh Resh, Dan Davis, and of course, my family. My wife Samantha sacrifices so much to give me the ability to achieve something like this.”



2020 Pleatco Perfect PoolGal

Shannon Sellers
Jeff’s Pool and Spa
New Brunswick, Ga.

Shannon Sellers, queen of customer giveaways, finally took home a well-deserved prize for herself: Pleatco’s Perfect Pool Gal.

Always on the pulse of the latest products and trends, Sellers is a creative force to be reckoned with. She is full of great ideas and never hesitates to share them with others.

“Whether I’m out in the field servicing a pool or behind the counter helping customers, I’m doing exactly what I want to do,” Sellers says. “After being in the industry for almost a decade, I still can’t see myself doing anything but swimming pools.”

Her dedication to and enthusiasm for the industry is evident across her work. Sellers takes pride in what she does, and goes the extra mile to spread positivity in her pool community.

“This has been the most satisfying and rewarding job skill I’ve ever done. I really look forward to what the future in the pool industry holds for me.”

“Shannon is an amazing leader. She’s a very strong, powerful woman that has worked her way up from the bottom, all the way up through the ranks,” says Battista Remati, chief marketing officer at Pleatco. “It’s without a doubt that she’s completely deservant of this award.”

“One of the amazing things about Shannon is the fact that she really is the heart and soul. She makes sure that she trains people and hands her knowledge down to all the people that are coming up through her company.”

Shannon accepted the honor in a live ceremony broadcasted from Pleatco's new production facility in Louisville, Ky.

“Thank you to Pleatco for recognizing this side of the industry, I really appreciate it,” Sellers says. “Thanks to Genesis, and to Lamott for the awesome SpinTouch, I can’t wait to use that. Thanks to the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, thanks to all my coworkers at Jeff’s Pools and Spa, to my customers, and to my daughters Laura and Alanna.”

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